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Starbucks offers a myriad of products and services, some of their offerings are seasonal and others are specific to the locality store. The chain of restaurants is also famous for its handcrafted beverages and has remained dedicated to its mission which is to inspire and nurture the human spirit.

Hello, My name is kai Jordan and I have been working as a food journalist for over a decade. Am also a passionate food critic, and love to sample and review some of the famous restaurant’s delicacies. I have been visiting Starbucks since I was 5 but only got to really understand some of the foods that they offer when I was 10.

Starbucks does offer a lot of custom-made products more so the beverages and it is for this reason that we decided to help you understand more about the leading chain of restaurants. At StarbMag we have consolidated actionable and relatable information that you can retrieve to gain a deeper understanding of the services and products offered by the restaurants.

Starbucks has a decentralized system of operation a feature that presents it to a wider audience, while also enabling it to cater to its customers in different regions. And despite owning various stores both locally and internationally, Starbucks transitioned to the online platform to efficiently execute its operations.

Over the years Starbucks has ventured into other niche markets, it has subtly transitioned from being a strict coffee store to offering food, tea, smoothies, and refreshers among other delicacies. A move that has seen it derive huge income from most of its stores. And while most people prefer getting their servings in-store, the service provider also allows its clients to make orders online, pay for them and use the drive-through to pick their items.

Starbucks also offers other coffee-related accessories and equipment in more than 35 countries across the globe. What’s more, is that its partners are eligible for a free pound of coffee or box of tea every week, and they also get up to 30% discount on the beverage, food, and merchandise that they purchase. The company also recognizes partner contributions at all levels of achievement and that is through the formal and informal programs.

While Starbucks happens to be the most famous coffee restaurant across the globe most of its clients have not been able to comprehend its modus operandi. And will, therefore, stick to the foods and drinks that they enjoy. The above is the reason why we have Starbmug your one-stop shop for everything Starbucks.


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