Can you get food poisoning from a Starbucks drink? (How to deal with Starbucks food poisoning plus more)

Have you been feeling nauseous after consuming a Starbucks drink? I can relate. I once took a Starbucks drink and started experiencing diarrhea. My condition got worse after three days, and I had to go to the hospital. I was diagnosed with food poisoning.

A Starbucks drink can cause food poisoning if it is contaminated. Germs such as salmonella and listeria find their way into such drinks causing this illness. We came up with this post to help you learn why a Starbucks drink can cause such effects and what you can do if you have food poisoning. Read on!

Why do I feel sick after drinking Starbucks?

Can Starbucks coffee cause diarrhea?

Though Starbucks has been working on improving its safety standards, food poisoning is a common condition reported from time to time. If you start experiencing diarrhea after taking a drink from Starbucks, it could be a case of food poisoning. Caffeinated beverages from Starbucks also cause nausea in some people. This can also happen due to food poisoning.

The most common contaminant that causes food poisoning from such drinks is salmonella or e.coli. Salmonella is a common virus that can find its way into Starbucks dairy products such as lattes. Some report feeling bloated or vomiting after taking Starbucks drinks.

You may also lose your appetite or feel weak after taking a contaminated drink from Starbucks. Sometimes, a Starbucks drink that should be kept cool but stays unrefrigerated can also cause food poisoning and make you feel sick.

What is food poisoning?

This form of illness can cause excessive discomfort due to its symptoms. The main symptom is usually diarrhea. A Starbucks customer once reported experiencing diarrhea for three hours after taking a drink from one of its stores.

Food poisoning can make your stool quite loose. Some people even start noticing mucus or blood in the stool. This indicates that the drink you may have consumed from Starbucks was infected.

It can get worse since you may experience pain every time you try to pass stool. Starbucks food poisoning also causes tummy problems and vomiting for more than a day in some people. This can begin a few days or hours after drinking a Starbucks drink. Other common symptoms of this infection include high fever and cramping.

The symptoms of food poisoning can either be mild or severe based on the specific bacteria or virus that could have caused it. Food poisoning sometimes affects a single person or group exposed to contaminated Starbucks drinks.

How to deal with Starbucks food poisoning

Seek medical help

How to deal with Starbucks food poisoning

Though not every food poisoning case warrants a trip to the hospital, severe cases do. If the symptoms fail to subside within 48 hours and you are experiencing blood in the stool, you should go to the hospital. You can go through a blood test to help the doctor assess whether a bacteria caused the food poisoning. A doctor may also ask for your stool sample to figure out the specific germ that may have caused food poisoning.


You should also ensure that you take a lot of water if you are experiencing diarrhea. You can tell that your body is dehydrated if you are passing very little urine and feeling extremely thirsty after a short duration. Taking water can help replace the fluids the body is losing. Besides water, you should also take other forms of liquids like broths or soups.

Doing this can prevent you from dehydration which can lead to worse problems. Liquids also help your body fight most of the food poisoning effects. If you are having difficulties increasing your liquid intake, you can try sucking ice chips. You can also look for a good sports drink that has electrolytes to keep you hydrated. You should avoid tea or dark sodas when dealing with food poisoning since dehydration can worsen.

Take bland food

Give your stomach some time before you start eating. You can wait for the vomiting or diarrhea to pass before you try any solid foods. Once you are ready, start paying attention to the type of food you eat during this period. You can avoid Starbucks foods for a while until you get better.

This company was once reported for listeria contamination in its food following routine testing. Continuing to buy foods or drinks from the company would be risky if you already experienced food poisoning. Instead, consider taking home-cooked meals rather than ordering foods from local stores.

Take bland food

Stick to bland foods that are gentle on the stomach, such as egg whites, cereal, and bananas. You can also eat foods like rice, plain potatoes, and oatmeal. Take foods that have low fat since fatty foods are harder to digest when the stomach is not settled. Avoid substances such as spices, alcohol, dairy products, or coffee when dealing with food poisoning.

You can also avoid a recurrence in the future by washing vegetables and fruits thoroughly before consuming them. Find out other customers’ experiences before buying your favorite drinks or foods from Starbucks. Looking at the comments that customers leave online can prevent you from such occurrences. You should also avoid taking drinks or foods that have gone for long without refrigeration.


Food poisoning is a common condition that affects one in six people in the US. This can happen after consuming a Starbucks drink that contains germs like e.coli, listeria, or salmonella. When these products are present in Starbucks dairy products, they cause food poisoning symptoms in customers. If you are one of them, try the tips we have shared above as you monitor your progress.


Why do Starbucks drinks hurt my stomach?

Your stomach could be cramping if the drink you took was contaminated. You may experience stomach issues from food poisoning.

Can you get food poisoning from drinking Starbucks?

Yes. This happens to some Starbucks customers. Sometimes, germs get into Starbucks drinks, leading to nausea and diarrhea in some customers.

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