How to order red eye on the Starbucks app (can you order red eye on the Starbucks app?)

Do you need a cup of red eye to pick you up and are wondering how to order it via the app? Here is how to order red eye on the Starbucks app.

Go to the menu bar on the Starbucks app and click on “Hot Coffees”, and select the type of coffee you prefer. Customize by adding a single shot of espresso to it and proceed to pay.


I cannot afford to miss my morning cup of coffee since I discovered the Starbucks red eye. However, I love the convenience of ordering this drink ahead via the Starbucks app. This discovery has been a game changer to me as I save a lot of time and get to work quite early as compared to before. Since the red eye is a secret menu drink, many people are not aware you can order it ahead via the app. I decided to write this article and share extensively on how you can order this espresso-based coffee on the Starbucks app. Keep reading to learn more gems.

Can you order red eye from the Starbucks app?

Of course! Red Eye is simply a blend of drip coffee and an espresso shot, and you can easily order that on the Starbucks app. 😂The problem comes if you do not know your preferred coffee type. Starbucks offers several brewed coffees like the Green Apron Blend, Medium Roast-Pike Place Roast, Decaf Pike Place Roast, and Dark Roast coffee. Dark Roast coffee often has a bold and strong coffee flavour compared to the rest. However, I believe the only way to know what you like is by trying it yourself. So, good luck 🫶.

How to order red eye from the Starbucks app – Step-by-step guide

can you order red eye on the Starbucks app?
Starbucks red eye. Image source: Starbucks

🤔Wondering how exactly to order the red eye on the Starbucks app. This is not something you need to scratch your head about, as the process is pretty simple.

  • Just log into the Starbucks app, go to the menu and click on “Hot Coffees.”
  • You will find a variety of brewed coffee, and tap on the one that you prefer (hint: I love the Green Apron Blend as it has sweet notes😉).
  • Customize your selected coffee by adding a shot of espresso and proceed to pay.

Can you customize the red eye order on the Starbucks app?

Definitely! If you love playing around with different ingredients to create a unique drink, this is your time to shine😄. I also love customizing the Starbucks red eye. I play around with different syrups to add some flavour to it. I mostly love how classic syrup and vanilla syrup complements this drink and makes it a bit sweet. You can also garnish this drink with cinnamon powder to make it spicy or sweeten it with your favourite sweeteners.

What drink sizes are available when you order red eye on the Starbucks app?

Starbucks red eye is available on the Starbucks app in four sizes; short (8 ounces), tall (12 ounces), Grande (16 ounces), and Venti (24 ounces). I would recommend you order this beverage in a tall or Grande. This is because these two cup sizes are not that small or large, therefore, you won’t intake too much caffeine (which can be harmful to your health), but you will have just the right amount of it to give you the energy kick you desire.

How do you order red eye in-store?

Ordering the Starbucks red eye physically is literally a one-minute task. Though this beverage is on the Starbucks secret menu, many baristas are familiar with its recipe. Therefore, you can order it by asking your barista to make you the red eye. If the barista is unfamiliar, simply ask for brewed coffee and add a shot of espresso, and you will have your red eye.

FAQ Section

How much does red eye cost on the Starbucks app?

The price of Starbucks red eye depends on the store and the type of coffee you go with. For example, if you go with drip coffee, you will be charged around $2.25 for the coffee and an extra $.75 for the espresso shot.

Can you pre-order red eye via the Starbucks app?

Yes, you can order ahead via the Starbucks app.

Can Starbucks deliver red eye when you order via the app?

No, you can only use the Starbucks app to order ahead. However, if you want your order delivered, you can place it via third-party delivery companies.

How many shots of espresso are in a red eye?

Starbucks red eye is made with one shot of espresso.

Do you pay for extra espresso shots when you order red eye from the Starbucks app?

Yes, Starbucks charges between $.5 and $1.25 for a single shot of espresso, depending on the Starbucks store.

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