Why does my coffee taste like cereal? (What makes coffee taste like cereal? + More information)

Coffee needs to have a floral and bold flavor that is slightly bitter. However, what if your coffee has an unpleasant cereal taste? Why does coffee sometimes taste like cereal? Keep reading to find out.

Coffee might taste like cereal for many reasons, such as using poor-quality beans or simply the incorrect brewing method.

Though cereal taste is relative, I cannot withstand such taste in my cup of coffee. I love coffee with a rich and robust coffee flavor that is slightly bitter with some sweetener.

However, just because that is what I love does not mean I have never brewed a cup of coffee, and the result was a cup of coffee with a cereal taste rather than a bold coffee taste. I almost thought my coffee beans had expired or it was time to bid my coffee maker goodbye. However, after intensive research, I discovered that my unclean coffee maker is what gave my drink a cereal-like taste. Since then, I always ensure my coffee maker is clean before brewing coffee. Keep reading for more reasons why your coffee tastes like cereal and what you should do.

What makes coffee taste like cereal?

What makes coffee taste like cereal? 
Coffee maker. Image source: Pixabay

Unclean coffee maker

If your coffee maker has not been cleaned properly, the residues from the previous use might be absorbed in your coffee, resulting in a cup of coffee with a cereal taste. The buildup of oils and residues in your coffee maker can completely turn the taste of your coffee into something unpleasant, even worse than cereal.

Flavored coffee

Some coffee shops use flavorings to cover up poor-quality beans; hence after brewing, you will get coffee that has a cereal-like taste. Sometimes the flavor of such coffee is quite complicated, and it might be pretty flavorful when drinking but with a cereal aftertaste.

Incorrect brewing method

An incorrect brewing method or specific brewing methods like French press and cold brew sometimes result in coffee that has a nutty or cereal-like taste if the brew goes sideways. An Incorrect brewing method might be a result of using incorrect temperature and pressure during brewing.

Poor-quality beans

Poor-quality coffee beans result in coffee with a variety of unpleasant flavors, including a cereal-like taste. Such beans are roasted for a long time and under high temperatures and hence may taste burnt-like or pick up off flavors like that of cereal.

What should I do when my coffee tastes like cereal?

Why does my coffee taste like cereal?
Coffee brewing. Image source: Pixabay

Change your brewing method.

As mentioned earlier, an incorrect brewing method might result in coffee with a cereal-like taste. Therefore, you might opt for a completely different brewing method or adjust the brewing parameters of your machine and see if this fixes the issue.

Clean your machine

The reason why your coffee tastes like cereal might be easy, just like an unclean coffee maker. Therefore, always ensure your coffee maker is clean and free from previous oils and residues. If you are cleaning it thoroughly with cleaning agents, always rinse your coffee maker with water to ensure no residue of the cleaning agent is left on it.

Opt for high-quality beans.

Organic beans made with no artificial flavors often have a rich and bold taste with a fragrant aroma. Therefore, you might want to look for such beans that have been freshly roasted if you cannot withstand beans with a cereal taste.

FAQ Section

Do I need a new coffee maker when my coffee starts tasting like cereal?

Most of the time, when coffee tastes like cereal, it does not indicate that the coffee maker is bad. The issue might be because it is unclean, or you are just using poor-quality beans. Therefore, you do not need a new coffee maker when your coffee starts tasting like cereal.

Is coffee that tastes like cereal bad for you?

No, coffee that tastes like cereal might be unpleasant, but it is not bad for your health unless the cereal taste is from chemicals that might affect your health if you consume it regularly.

Should I drink coffee that tastes like cereal?

Whether to drink coffee that tastes like cereal or not is relative. If you do not love the taste, do not drink it and fix the issue to get a cup of coffee that meets your specifications.

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