10 best 5-cup coffee maker (best 5 cup coffee maker reviews and more information)

A 5-cup coffee maker is just the right size for a household of two coffee lovers. It will brew just enough coffee, so no one has to do it again, and there will be no waste.

I like it when I find a ready pot waiting in the morning, whether made by someone else or by a programmable pot. Not to mention, I find making just enough quite economical. My sister and I upgraded from single-serve makers a few weeks ago and discovered a whole array of excellent 5-cup coffee makers in the process, all suited for a household of two coffee lovers. A few stood out for us, which we decided to tell you about in this post, so read on! But first, some information about 5-cup coffee makers.

Here are our 10 best 5-cup coffee maker:

How many ounces does a 5-cup coffee maker make?

Typical five-cup coffee makers can only brew 25 ounces, which is 700 milliliters of coffee at a time. Some brew 20 ounces. This is because, unlike a regular cup, a cup of coffee typically contains only 4 or 5 ounces.

How much coffee do you put in a 5-cup maker?

To make strong coffee, you will need to use 5 scoops of ground coffee in the 5-cup coffee maker. Each scoop is equivalent to 10 grams of coffee. If you are using a tablespoon, remember that a tablespoon holds 5 grams, and you will need about 10 tablespoons for the 5-cup brewer. However, you can use less to suit your taste. It is also important to note that different coffee grinds and types may weigh differently in a scoop. For instance, a scoop of light roast may weigh as much as 14 grams, using fewer scoops. A dark roast may weigh much less.

Are 5-cup coffee makers easy to clean?

Yes, most 5-cup coffee makers are easy to clean. All removable pieces can be cleaned by hand. Wash them in warm, soapy water at the sink after each use. Frequently, though, you will find that the pieces are dishwasher-safe, which makes the job much simpler. Don’t forget to clean up spills on the warming plate on the outside as well. Always keep the reservoir’s top open after each use and rinse so it can thoroughly dry out.

Your machine’s internal workings may become clogged with hard water minerals over time, which may cause your pot of coffee to brew more slowly. In this case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to decalcify. You should do this every 3 to 4 months if you use your coffee maker daily.

How we choose the best 5-cup coffee maker

The 5-cup coffee makers on this list were chosen based on several criteria, including their availability, how easy they are to use and clean, their durability, and their uniqueness. Availability was used as one criterion because we realized some of the excellent coffee makers might prove challenging to find. We noted that being user-friendly was one of the essential buyer considerations and that they were attracted to features that made the brewing experience interesting. We reflected on the value and whether the features justified the price of a coffee maker compared to others with similar offerings. You can trust this list as it is a short list of the best of the tens of 5-cup coffee makers and includes the opinions of real users on all these factors and about the taste of the coffee made by each machine. We have also included an Amazon link for every product in the list.

10 best 5-cup coffee maker

1.  KRUPS Simply Brew 5-Cup Coffee Maker

best 5-cup coffee maker 
KRUPS Simply Brew 5-Cup Coffee Maker. Image source: KRUPS

The sleek and contemporary design of this KRUPS coffee maker is among the first things we noticed. The coffee maker is designed so that you can pour a cup of coffee while it’s brewing. The glass carafe has an ergonomic grip and a no-drip spout that prevents coffee spills. Because it features an auto-shutoff feature, you won’t need to worry if you forget to turn the device off. The set comes with a dishwasher-safe coffee spoon, a reusable coffee filter, and a glass crate. This coffee maker is compact, has a huge opening for easy filling, and is easy to use. It is simply the most user-friendly and, we dare say, one of the prettiest compact coffee makers on this list. View the price for this coffee maker here.

2. Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Coffee Maker 

best 5 cup coffee maker reviews and more information
Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Coffee Maker. Image source: Mr. Coffee

To ensure durability and longevity, Mr. Coffee’s 5-cup coffee machine is made from the highest quality plastic. It includes a power switch that is conveniently located and can accommodate 25 ounces of coffee. You may interrupt the machine and pour a coffee cup whenever necessary. The carafe’s ergonomic grip makes handling it simple and easy to use. We found cleaning this coffee maker easy, especially because of its lift-and-wash filter basket. Its glass carafe allows you to see the coffee brewing. However, we discovered that you need to use more coffee grounds to make a strong cup of coffee compared to some of the models on this list. View the price for this coffee maker here.

3. Mixpresso 5-Cup Coffee Maker

5 cup coffee maker reviews 
Mixpresso 5-Cup Coffee Maker. Image source: Mixpresso

One of this coffee maker’s advantages is that it can accommodate paper filters and work with reusable basket-style paper filters. The Mixpresso coffee maker’s one-touch on/off switch makes operating it incredibly convenient. The glass carafe includes an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to pour a cup of coffee and is long-lasting. We liked that this coffee maker is dishwasher safe, features an auto-warm carafe plate and a lighted power button, and is relatively compact. View the price for this coffee maker here.

4. AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter

best 5-cup coffee maker
AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter. Image source: Walmart

This AmazonBasics Coffee Maker, which costs a fraction of what most 5-cup coffee makers do but has many of the same components and hardware, is a perfect illustration of how the Amazon Basics business strategy works in action. Its high position on Amazon’s list of best sellers demonstrates that consumers like it. According to our evaluation, this coffee machine is one of the best deals available. We liked that it is sleek, has a modern look, and has a simple construction that is highly robust and easy to operate. Additionally, this coffee maker allows users to pour coffee in the middle of the brewing process. However, we did not like that it only has a simple on/off switch and no timer or automatic brew feature. Additionally, they could have designed the carafe a little better. View the price for this coffee maker here.

5. BLACK+DECKER Coffeemaker, CM0700BZ 

best 5 cup coffee maker reviews 
BLACK+DECKER Coffeemaker, CM0700BZ. Image source: BLACK+DECKER

As opposed to using paper filters, this Black + Decker coffee machine contains a washable filter that will end up saving you money. Additionally, it has a reliable brew-pause mechanism. We loved that we could make a small, mess-free cuppa before the brew cycle was complete and that the coffee flavor was really good. Even though it’s not a feature that everyone wants, the carafe’s ergonomics are a benefit.

Sadly, it doesn’t have an automatic shutoff. It’s also not a good option for keeping coffee hot all day because the heating plate runs hot, and this appliance is more prone to scorching coffee than others. Additionally, we thought it was pretty bulky for a model of its capacity. View the price for this coffee maker here.

6.  Capresso 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker 

cup coffee maker reviews 
Capresso 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker. Image source: Capresso

This small pot is programmable. This means that you can configure the pot to begin brewing at a set time in the morning, which is good news. The hot plate has an auto-shutdown feature that will cause it to switch off two hours after the coffee is brewed.

Additionally, Capresso brewers promise higher brewing quality due to their usage of hot water. You may use this coffee maker without purchasing additional paper filters thanks to the reusable GoldTone filter.

The coffee maker is quick and has a drip-stop feature that lets you enjoy a cup while it’s brewing. We were really impressed by this one, and the only drawback was the higher price; also, we thought it was noisy.

Its features and build quality more than makeup for any shortcomings, though. Get the Capresso if you desire a well-engineered product made of stainless steel and constructed to last. View the price for this coffee maker here.

7. Holstein Housewares Coffee Maker

best 5-cup coffee maker
Holstein Housewares Coffee Maker. Image source: Holstein

Do you need a daytime boost? Well, a cup of java from this 5-cup coffee machine from Holstein will enable you to accomplish that. The auto-pause option on this coffee maker also makes it possible to pour a cup before the brewing process is finished. You can add the appropriate amount of water based on the number of cups of coffee required because the glass carafe contains a water level indicator. The anti-drip carafe’s handle is roomy enough to fit an adult’s hand and is designed to facilitate pouring. To help you determine how much ground coffee to add, the manufacturer also provides a measuring spoon with this product.

We liked that it comes in various colors and features a retractable cone filter, has a one-touch operation, and has a non-stick heated plate. However, we learned that many common filters might not work with this device.  View the price for this coffee maker here.

8. BLACK+DECKER Coffeemaker, DCM600B

best 5-cup coffee maker 
BLACK+DECKER Coffeemaker, DCM600B. Image source: Pinterest

This 5-cup coffee maker is compact and portable, ideal for offices, small condos, and apartments. The simple design is one of its major selling points; it is easy to use and includes a light on/off switch. The glass carafe that comes with it is well-positioned and has a strong handle. This coffee machine is dishwasher-safe, making clean-up simple. This model by BLACK+DECKER might be the one for you if you’re searching for a dependable 5-cup coffee machine with basket-style paper filters. Its retractable filter basket, coffee markings, non-stick carafe plate, and water window are features we adored.

However, you may find the power cord too short if the wall socket in your kitchen is far from where you plan to station the coffee maker.  View the price for this coffee maker here.

9. Zojirushi 5-Cup Coffee Maker

best 5-cup coffee maker 
Zojirushi 5-Cup Coffee Maker. Image source: Zojirushi

This coffee maker from Zojirushi is made of the best quality plastic and comes with a cone basket that is placed inside the glass carafe. It is also one of the few in the 5-cup range that operates with a charcoal water filter, which filters the water for better-tasting coffee and can last up to 2 years with normal use. The machine incorporates a water window with a gauge to help you add just enough water for the required number of coffee cups. The glass carafe’s design and long handle make it simple to grip and pour. We liked how simple and user-friendly the one-switch process was. This coffee maker also has an automatic keep-warm feature and an easy-to-replace water reservoir.

The only frustrating aspect about this coffee machine is that it occasionally leaks.  View the price for this coffee maker here.

10. Bonavita 5-cup coffee maker

5 cup coffee maker reviews and more
Bonavita 5-cup coffee maker. Image source: Bonavita

One of the top-quality coffees produced by a 5-cup coffee maker is that produced by the Bonavita 5-cup coffee maker. However, there are two reasons why it is not at the top of this list: first, it is pricey, and second, its functionality is extremely limited, especially for the additional cost.

On the positive side, it includes pre-infusion, as a matter of course, to give the coffee time to bloom before brewing. The water is maintained at a relatively constant temperature for an excellent cuppa during the extraction process. Since the carafe is made of thermal stainless steel, there is no risk of scorching the freshly brewed coffee, and it will maintain its heat for around two hours. We also found it to be easy to use and clean.

Its “push button and go” nature is a drawback. It lacks a delay timer, a pause feature, and a hot plate for keeping the coffee warm. It is also not programable. Additionally, it has a poor aesthetic appeal, is larger than much of the competition, and uses paper filters, which is an additional expense.

However, if you’re looking for a coffee maker that swiftly prepares excellent drip coffee, this is it. View the price for this coffee maker here.

Informative Section

What is the most popular brand of a 5-cup coffee maker?

BLACK+DECKER is the most popular brand of 5-cup coffee makers. You will be hard-pressed to find a list that does not have it, perhaps because it is an old brand that has been tried and proven to be reliable.

Do all 5 cup coffee makers filters?

Yes, all 5-cup coffee makers have filters. However, some use cone-shaped ones, while others use flatter filters. Filters can also be reusable or made of disposable paper.

How long do 5 cup coffee makers last?

Quality coffee makers will last at least 5 years on average. They can serve you for 10 years or more, depending on use and maintenance.

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