What white chocolate does Starbucks use? (Does Starbucks sell their white chocolate? +More information)

It is impossible to go wrong with white chocolate whipping in your latte or mocha. White chocolate syrup is a common ingredient at Starbucks. So, what white chocolate does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses its brand of white chocolate sauce but like most if its syrups and sauces, it is believed to be manufactured by Fontana. I was as surprised as you could be when I learned that they do not the common Torani sauce. In my search for the mocha that best suits my palate, I realized that Starbucks’ white mocha was unusually sweeter compared to other coffee stores’ mochas. I later came to know that they have their special brand of white chocolate sauce. I am sweet-toothed, so the extra sugar is a plus for me.

Does Starbucks Use White Chocolate Sauce or Syrup?

Yes, Starbucks uses white chocolate sauce in its white mocha not syrup. It wouldn’t be a complete white chocolate mocha without the white chocolate sauce. The sauce results in a sweet, smooth drink called iced white mocha which is a favorite of many. The Starbucks mocha is made using espresso, Fontana white chocolate sauce, and, milk and ice.

What Brand of White chocolate Does Starbucks Use?

What Brand of White chocolate Does Starbucks Use?

As mentioned above, Starbucks uses its brand of white chocolate sauce manufactured by Fontana. This special product is slightly sweetened. Starbucks has its reasons for using a specific product. It could be attributed to their uncompromised quality assurance. The white chocolate sauce is a signature product of Starbucks’ white mocha.

What is in Starbucks white chocolate sauce?

The white chocolate sauce contains 11 grams of sugar/pump. This is much higher than the average white chocolate which contains only 5 grams. The white chocolate sauce is made from white chocolate and heavy whipping cream. Did you know that white chocolate contains no cocoa? It is simply made from cocoa butter syrup, vanilla syrup, natural flavors, coconut oil, condensed skimmed milk, and sugar.

Does Starbucks Sell their White Chocolate?

Does Starbucks Sell their White Chocolate?

Yes, Starbucks sells its white chocolate sauce to customers. It is retailed in the Starbucks outlets, Amazon, or any Wal-Mart. It is also easy to order a bottle of Fontana white chocolate cream for the same homemade Starbucks experience. The pumped bottle of Fontana retails at around $ 45 and is available in 63fl oz.

Final Thoughts

The white chocolate ingredient is arguably the best addition to any cold coffee flavor. Starbucks widely uses its white chocolate sauce for its products and sells its syrup to consumers who prefer to make their coffee in the comfort of their homes. Some people use the terms white chocolate mocha and white chocolate sauce interchangeably. From the information above, white chocolate sauce is one of the ingredients in white chocolate mocha.


What does Starbucks use for white hot chocolate?

Starbucks uses its white chocolate syrup from Fontana, milk, and foam at 2%, and whipped cream.

What is the calorie content of the Starbucks white chocolate mocha sauce?

It contains 60 calories in 523g(1 pump).

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