6 Best Starbucks blends (Starbucks Ground Coffee Flavors: options for all palettes + All you need to know)

You can enjoy you’re best Starbucks coffee from the comfort of your home. Try out the best Starbucks blends of Ground Coffee flavors, read on to learn more.

It’s normally a hustle for us to go to a Starbucks store every time we need a quick fix of good coffee. But with the Starbucks coffee blends, we’ve been able to enjoy a great cup of joe anytime we crave it. Starbucks has a variety of amazing blends and flavors to select from that allowed us to enjoy the rich and familiar flavor of their coffee without leaving the house. The only problem is deciding on which is the flavor for you, given the wide range they provide. Not to worry, in this article, we have taken the liberty to narrow down this list to the all-time favorite blends we know you’ll just love.

Where Can I Buy Starbucks Coffee Blend?

The beauty of Starbucks is its convenience. Their products are easy to find not just in their physical stores but online platforms and other retail stores. With that being said, you can easily purchase their various coffee blends from their physical stores, online platforms like Amazon, or large retail stores like Target and Walmart.

There is, however, speculation that the coffee blends bought at Starbucks stores are not the same as those bought in grocery stores. Some believe that Starbucks blends coffee blends in other stores are produced by a different company that pays Starbucks Royalties for the brand.

But according to those working from Starbucks, this is highly unlikely and there isn’t any different. The only concern may be that the coffee blends bought from grocery stores come pre-ground while those bought at Starbucks are freshly ground for you upon request. So, the blends from grocery stores may lose their freshness quicker but they are cheaper.

How To Order Starbucks Coffee Blends.

Starbucks Ground Coffee Flavors

It depends on where you order the coffee blends from but the process is usually pretty straightforward. If it’s in-store, you can walk into any local Starbucks store near you and ask for your preferred blend. You’ll need to specify the quantity and whether you want it as whole bean or ground.

You can also make the order online through the app or their official website. While on the app/site, go Menu> At Home Coffee> Whole Bean and choose your preferred blend. Under customization, you can select the grind option, add the pick-up location and proceed to place the order.

Alternatively, you could walk into any retail store near you that sells Starbucks products and buy your preferred Starbucks coffee blend from there. If you are unsure of which store to go to, you can find the closest store by going to Starbucks At Home and selecting the blend>Buy Now. It will show you the closest stores and online platforms selling the blend you want, plus additional information like the store’s operating hours and contact details, where applicable. Lastly, you can always order the blends online via amazon.

How We Choose The Best Starbucks Blends

Now that you know where and how to order the Starbucks coffee blends, let’s get into which blends are the best and worth trying. But before that, you must be wondering how we picked out the best from the variety. It’s simple, our criteria are based on the following:

Caffeine content – each of the blends listed in this article promises decent to high caffeine content, depending on how you love your coffee.

Taste and Flavor – the blends listed here each bring unique taste notes and balanced flavor to the table. Whether you are looking for something light and soft or bold and full-bodied, there’s an option for every palate.

Roast level – the list contains the best out of each of the three roasts you’ll find at Starbucks, that is, the best blonde, medium, and dark roast. So, you can be sure there is an option for you whether you like your coffee mild or strong.

The article aims to provide an all-rounded list of the best Starbucks coffee blends that can be enjoyed by almost everyone based on their different preferences.

6 Best Starbucks Coffee Blends.

Caffe Verona

Starbucks Ground Coffee Flavors

At the very top of the list is a popular choice for those who enjoy their coffee strong and full-bodied. This dark roast offers everything you would need from it including the strong aroma, high caffein, and balanced flavor. The best part is that it has no overwhelming bitterness for a dark roast and low acidity. Its flavor also comes with the chocolatey hints of cocoa, making it the perfect drink if you are looking for the sweet warming flavor of hot chocolate with the energizing effects of coffee and all at a great price.

Breakfast Blend

Starbucks Coffee

For an all-rounded blend, there is no better choice than the breakfast blend. It is in between a blonde and medium roast, so it’s perfect for you if you are looking for something light but not too mild. It offers smooth balanced and approachable flavors with a citrus twist that is well complemented with brown sugar. The taste is not easily overpowered and can cut through any other flavor, so you can happily eat your bacon and eggs along with this coffee, without losing its flavor. If you are used to really strong coffee, however, then this may be mild for you and some have complained that it is slightly more acidic than other blends.


French Roast

Starbucks options for all palettes

Another popular Starbucks dark roast choice is the French roast. It is said to be the darkest roast of the bunch and is loved for its bold smoky flavor, although this is can be an acquired taste. Some haven’t appreciated the flavor describing it as rather burnt, so you may want to start with a small batch to test if it is the flavor for you. Being the darkest roast, however, you can expect that it has the lowest acidity although overly oily, which shouldn’t be an issue if you enjoy dark roasts. Just remember to clean your coffee machines after you’re done.


Starbucks Coffee Flavors

This is another popular choice that stands out from other dark roasts. It is full-bodied, offers rich flavor, low acidity, and very little oil content for a dark roast. But what we love most about this blend is the unique taste notes it brings to the table. Its flavor offers hints of earthiness with a beautiful combination of spicy and chocolatey tastes.

Pike Place

Starbucks blends

When we are looking for that familiar Starbucks coffee taste, this is the blend we turn to. It’s the best of the medium roasts you’ll get from Starbucks and probably why they use it for most of their coffee drinks. For a medium roast, this blends full-bodied and strong, with high caffeine content to give you that jolt you need to wake up in the morning. Its sweet aroma of chocolate and toasted nuts makes it all the more appealing, not to mention its smooth and balanced flavor. All in all, we’d say this blend has an all-rounded taste perfect for most if not all preferences and at a great price.

Veranda Blend

Starbucks blends

We can’t end this list without mentioning the best blonde roast blend that Starbucks has to offer. Since its release in 2012, Veranda has maintained its position as the go-to blonde roast coffee blend when you want to enjoy mild coffee with a light and mellow flavor. Its cocoa and toasted nut aroma only add to its sweetness. It is the perfect blend whether it is for mild coffee or coffee-based dessert drinks.

Informative Section

Where is Starbucks coffee gotten from?

Starbucks gets its coffee beans from over 30 countries in the world found in the three major coffee-growing regions including, Africa, Asian Pacific, and Latin America.

Do Starbucks coffee beans come from China?

Yes, China is one of the countries from which Starbucks gets some of its coffee, specifically from Yunnan.

Does Starbucks coffee go bad?

Starbucks coffee and coffee, in general, don’t go bad but it does lose their freshness if left for too long, hence the stale taste.

Do coffee beans expire?

Roasted coffee beans have a long shelf life because there are no chances of bacterial, mold, or yeast growth unless stored in a humid environment. But they do lose their flavor if kept for too long.

How long does Starbucks ground coffee last after the expiration date?

Ideally if stored properly the ground coffee should last for months even years past the specified date, but keep in mind the quality will not be the same and the coffee will not be as fresh.

How does Starbucks process its coffee beans?

Starbucks coffee beans are taken to a tried and tested standard of roasting and blending based on the origin of the coffee beans before they are well packaged and distributed all over the world.

Where are Starbucks coffee beans processed?

Starbucks coffee is processed in their specialist roasting plants including those located in Nevada, Washington, South Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Are Starbucks coffee beans ethical?

Yes, through Starbucks Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E), a coffee buying program, whose practices ensure the quality of the coffee while promoting the living standards of the coffee growing communities where the coffee is grown.

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