5 Starbucks Sweet Cream alternatives (Ways to make Starbucks Sweet Cream alternatives at home)

I love Starbucks sweet cream because it adds a uniquely sweet taste to my coffee and latte orders. However, I also understand the predicament of lactose-intolerant people, who are seeking to live a healthier lifestyle and avoid its high-calorie content or choose to make it at home instead of buying the respective drinks every day.

The good news is that there are alternatives that are simple to make and order, and that is what I will delve into in this article.

5 Starbucks Sweet Cream alternatives

The Starbucks sweet cream topping goes well with almost any drink you can think of, but there are alternatives you can explore if you do not want it. These alternatives are coconut cream and maple syrup, vanilla nutpods and cold brew, sweetened vanilla nutpods and cold brew, milk and butter, and evaporated milk.

I will look into each alternative in this section.

Coconut cream and maple syrup or honey

 Sweet Cream alternatives

Coconut cream is among the creamiest lactose-free milk options you can get, and whipping it gives a similar result to the heavy cream used in Starbucks sweet cream – especially if it is a full-fat variety of coconut cream. The maple syrup or honey will add some sweetness that is similar to vanilla pods.

It only uses four ingredients, so it is easy to make at home, and you can substitute the classic milky taste of sweet cream by using plant kinds of milk such as almond and soy milk.

To create it, start by putting coconut cream in your freezer for a maximum of 8 hours, then transfer the cream to a bowl. In the bowl, add maple syrup or honey, your plant milk of choice, and vanilla extract, then beat it until its texture smoothens out.

Vanilla nutpods and cold brew

For people who want a dairy-free alternative that offers a lower calorie count, this is the best alternative you can try. It will only require the use of three things: cold brew, vanilla syrup, and vanilla nutpods.

It starts by getting or making a cold brew and adding ice if you want, add the vanilla syrup and nutpods in a frother. Froth this mixture until it achieves a smooth texture, then add it to your cold brew for the same effect. If you want a milky-like taste, you can also add plant milk types in your cold brew, although this is an optional addition.

Sweetened vanilla nutpods and cold brew

Ways to make Starbucks Sweet Cream alternatives

I am among the people that love my iced coffee, but I do not want to repeatedly consume artificial sweeteners all the time. If you prefer this approach, this is the best choice for you as it is a sugar-free option. It is not a dairy-free alternative, however, as it uses heavy cream among its ingredients.

The ingredients are unsweetened almond milk, cold brew, sweetened vanilla nutpods, and heavy cream. To create it, put cold brew and ice in a glass, then put the nutpods, almond milk, and heavy cream in a frother. Froth them until their texture becomes smooth, then add this to the cold brew.

Milk and butter

This is not a dairy-free choice, but it is among the easiest ways to achieve the thick texture of the sweet cream without using heavy cream, and it also has less fat. Use a beater to combine unsalted butter and milk until it forms a thick paste, then add other ingredients for a sweetened taste.

Evaporated milk

Ways to make Starbucks Sweet Cream alternatives

If you do not have heavy cream, this works well as a substitute due to its creaminess and thickness. Additionally, its lower calorie count is healthier than the heavy cream present in sweet cream, so you will not need to worry about your health.


As this article reveals, there are several alternatives to the Starbucks sweet cream that you can easily make at home without needing to order them from your local Starbucks café. Enjoy!

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