5 Catholic/Christian coffee Brand Alternatives to Starbucks(Explicitly Christian Coffee Brands Alternative to Starbucks)

Everybody has a right to worship freely and feel comfortable in every aspect of life. While Starbucks might be a favorite brand to many, I found out that its values do match the Christian faith. As a Christian, I like to associate myself with brands that are affiliated with my faith. In the ‘war against Christians’ in America, Starbucks got rid of its Christmas theme and anything that represented the meaning of Christmas. It also supports gays and abortion and even covers this in its health cover. If this is a misrepresentation of your Christian faith, this post will give you great Christian alternatives to Starbucks.

5 Catholic/ Christian Coffee Brands Alternatives to Starbucks

You do not need to ditch your favorite drink just because some company misrepresented what you believe in. I am here to show you great alternatives and even if there are no nationwide christen coffee chains; you can always look for these; Guadalupe Roastery, Abbey Roast Catholic coffee, Mystic Monks Coffee, Lifeboat Coffee, and River road coffee.

All these are Catholic and Christian brands that uphold the values of Christianity. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Guadalupe Roastery

Explicitly Christian Coffee Brands Alternatives

This roaster is a mission-driven Catholic initiative. The coffee store is on a mission to be an example to the world of what it is like to support the common good of people. The founder Brad Fassbender started this mission in Honduras after he observed the exploitation of coffee farmers. This great missionary teamed up with Rolyn Garcia and Lorena Garcia, a couple of local farmers, and together founded the Guadalupe roaster. If you thought that Guadalupe roastery is just an upcoming coffee brand, you thought wrong. Their coffee beans are ranked in the 3% top beans worldwide. You will get their dark and medium roasts sourced from Brazil and Nicaragua for the perfect Christian cup of coffee.

Mystic Monks Coffee

This missionary-driven coffee roasting company was born in 2007 in the State of Wyoming, United States. A group of monks wanted to support their community and after much prayer and deliberation, they started roasting and selling coffee online. The first batch was roasted in the monastery kitchen. Heir 100% Arabic dark roast is a must-try. It might interest you to know that the mystic monks’ coffees are marked as fair trade meaning that developed countries trade with producers from developing countries in a trade that pays the producers fair prices an initiative that eliminates farmers’ exploitation. A company like this is pro-life and does not hate Christmas. Try it!

Abbey Roast Catholic Coffee

Explicitly Christian Coffee Brands

This is a creation by the monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in South West of New Mexico. The high-altitude roast makes this the perfect flavor for your Christian morning. These monks have an online store where you can get the coffee of your choice. I’ll have you know that these are what you would call traditional monks who strictly adhere to the Catholic foundational faith. This gourmet coffee is 100% Arabica sourced from Brazil. These are not amateurs my friend; Abbey Roast coffee is an award-winning coffee roaster. Their coffee collection comprises French roast, espresso blend, Black and white, Irish Blend, and so much more. This is a great Christian coffee brand and you still maintain your values while enjoying your coffee.

Lifeboat Coffee

This brand is best known for its pro-life stand. It is famously known as the ‘Official coffee of the people who love life’. The Lifeboat coffee is ethically sourced and of superior taste and quality. The founder John Lillis being a survivor of abortion himself is passionate about life. John’s mother was a teenage victim of rape and she gave birth to him months after the California Therapeutic abortion bill was passed in 1967. Though he was abandoned as a newborn in a San Francisco hospital, he was given a chance to live. John Lillis opened an all-exclusive pro-life coffee shop in Phoenix Arizona in 2017.

River Road Coffee

Christian Coffee Brands Alternative

The River Road dark roast is every morning’s dream. You will forget all about Starbucks and all their wacky values with this roast. This local coffee supports all the Christian ministries in the Baton Rouge area. The River Road coffee even supplies free coffee for the Catholic Community Radio and the men of the Immaculata Catholic men’s conference. This is 100% catholic coffee for all of us who are fed up with supporting a brand that deliberately misrepresents our faith.


This post has given you all the power you need to dissociate yourself from Starbucks coffee. All these brands are available online and can be delivered to your doorstep. If you still go to Starbucks for your coffee after this, it is all up to you.

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