Does Starbucks give free coffee on national coffee day? (How do I get a free Starbucks coffee on National Coffee Day? + More information)

Coffee has a national holiday, and rightfully so since many Americans wake up to a cup of coffee without fail. So, does Starbucks give free coffee on National Coffee Day? Read more on what to expect.

Coffee memes perfectly capture my spirit and how I feel about my coffee- I cannot begin my day without it. My morning routine has been the same for years; you won’t miss me with a coffee cup in hand, whether on a workday, weekend, or holiday. That’s why every September 29th, I join Starbucks in celebrating the national coffee day, and like many others, I line up for a free cup of coffee. Let’s explore more ways you, too, can celebrate the holiday this year.

What is the difference between National Coffee Day and International Coffee Day?

The National Coffee Day in America is a holiday that celebrates the country’s favorite drink since many people cannot go a day without their morning cup of coffee. There isn’t a significant difference between National Coffee Day and International Coffee Day, as they are often get used interchangeably. International Coffee Day differs from country to country, while the National Coffee Day is specific to the country.

September 29th marks the coffee holiday in the US, and they share the day with other countries such as Canada, Iceland, Ethiopia, South Africa, and the Philippines. Countries like the UK, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1st.

How does Starbucks celebrate national coffee day? – Is Starbucks doing anything for National Coffee Day?

How do I get a free Starbucks coffee on National Coffee Day?

To celebrate the national coffee day, you can make your way to a Starbucks location you’ve never been to before, and it’s even better if it makes for a fantastic Instagram post. The purpose is to break the routine and visit a new town or part of town you haven’t been to. Ditch your go-to drink and try something you’ve never had. Check out secret menus online and find something that will tickle your taste buds.

Starbucks does it differently when it comes to celebrating the holiday. Starbucks fills it up for free with Pike Place coffee if you bring a clean reusable cup. However, it is not about getting free drinks; it is about paying for someone else’s drink. The pay-it-forward concept means that you purchase coffee for the person behind you, and they do the same. Not everyone would be on board, but you’re sure to spread happiness during this coffee holiday if you can. The other option is gifting a loved one with a coffee gift card or signing them up for a coffee subscription.

Final thoughts

The national coffee day is a favorite for Starbucks users, and it’s not all about the free Pike Place coffee. It’s about celebrating a beverage that gets many in the country ready for the day. Thankful, it’s unlikely that we and our fellow coffee lovers would ever miss out on our favorite coffee, thanks to Starbucks.

FAQ Section

How do I get a free Starbucks coffee on National Coffee Day?

To get free Starbucks coffee for National Coffee Day, make your way to your local Starbucks store with a clean reusable cup. The baristas will fill it with Pike Place coffee for free.

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