Is Starbucks passion tea keto friendly (how can I order keto passion tea from Starbucks + more information)

When on a keto diet, it is important to have low-carb or carb-free foods and drinks to support your weight loss journey. If you are a tea lover, you may wonder; is Starbucks passion tea keto friendly?

Yes, Starbucks passion tea is keto friendly since it has zero calories and zero sugars. I was on a keto diet early this year, which required me to be on a low-carb diet and limit my sugar intake. For this reason, I had to navigate the Starbucks menu beyond the high-carb and sweet drinks. Read on if you are on a keto diet and wondering if Starbucks passion tea is good for your journey.

What is in the Starbucks passion tea?

Starbucks passion tea, referred to as iced passion tango tea on the Starbucks app, is an appealing combination of apple, lemongrass, and hibiscus, that the barista handshakes with ice to create a vibrant, colorful and refreshing tea. It is mixed with the color of passion for appeal.

The main ingredients making up iced passion tango tea include water, citric acid, cinnamon, hibiscus flower, apple, fruit juice extract, natural flavors, lemongrass, licorice, and ice. A blend of these ingredients makes the drink delicious, and when you add the infusion of passion color, it becomes even better and more vibrant.

What is the nutritional value for Starbucks passion tea?

Is Starbucks passion tea keto friendly

Starbucks iced passion tango tea has 0 calories, 0g sugar, and 0g fat in a Grande 16 fl oz serving. The nutritional information is based on the standard recipe and does not account for any customizations that you may add when ordering the drink.

The total fat, which constitutes saturated fat and trans fat, amounts to 0 grams. There are 0 milligrams of cholesterol and only 10 milligrams of sodium which is insignificant as it represents 0 percent of the daily recommended value.

The total carbohydrates, that come from sugars and dietary fiber amounts to 0 grams. The drink also contains 0 grams of protein and 0 milligrams of caffeine.

It is important to note that the beverage comes as a lemonade as iced passion tango tea lemonade. The variation has the same ingredients as the iced passion tango tea, with lemonade added to it. The addition of lemonade gives a Grande 16 fl oz serving 50 calories, 11g sugar, and 0g fat. Iced passion tango tea lemonade has 12 grams of carbohydrates, which is approximately 4 percent of the total recommended amount every day.

Therefore, if you want a carb-free drink, then the iced passion tango tea is the best option as it has no carbohydrates. If you do not mind a few carbs, the iced passion tango tea lemonade is okay since it only has 12 grams of carbohydrates and 50 calories which is a fraction of the 2000 calories recommended for daily intake. However, for a completely keto-friendly diet, the iced passion tango tea is recommended.

How do I order keto passion tea from Starbucks?

Ordering keto passion tea from starbucks is pretty easy. If ordering from the starbucks app, you choose the iced teas option and find iced herbal teas. Under iced herbal teas you will find iced passion tango tea and iced passion tango tea lemonade.

For a carb-free drink, choose the iced passion tango tea. The starbucks app offers the customization option, so you can customize your drink to suit your taste preference. The flavor customization option has different syrups and sugars you can choose.

Since you want a keto-friendly beverage, you can choose sugar free vanilla syrup, which will add sweetness to your tea without loading it with unnecessary sugars. To ensure it remains keto-friendly, do not include many customizations to your drinks that could increase the carbs.

If you are getting your drink from the store, you simply ask the barista for iced passion tango tea. You can have the tea as it is or you can request for sugar free vanilla syrup to sweeten it.

FAQ Section

Does keto passion tea have sugar?

Keto passion tea does not have sugar. If you love your tea sweetened, you can ask for sugar free syrup, which will make your tea sweet without adding any sugars to it.

Is passion tea from Starbucks healthy?

Passion tea from Starbucks, iced passion tango tea, is very healthy as it contains 0 calories, 0 sugars, and 0 fats, making it people on idea for weight loss journey.

Is Starbucks passion tea safe for pregnant women?

Starbucks passion tea is safe for pregnant women since it packs 0 calories, 0 sugars, and 0 fats, thus, will not trigger gestational diabetes or other related problems due to high sugars.

Does Starbucks passion tea contain caffeine?

Starbucks passion tea does not contain any caffeine.

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