How long do Starbucks cake pops last? (Do Starbucks cake pops need to be refrigerated + How to store Starbucks cake pops)

I have always loved cakes, but I have been trying to portion what I eat to control my weight. Since I discovered Starbucks cake pops, I started buying a few of them every time I ordered coffee. If you are like me, you are probably wondering how many days you have to consume your cake pops. 

These cake pops can stay fresh for up to 10 days at room temperature. We came up with this post to help you figure out how long these cake pops stay fresh and how else you can store them. Enjoy!

For how long do Starbucks cake pops remain good?

Starbucks is famous for selling delicious drinks and bakery products that you can enjoy. One of the popular treats that many customers have been buying from this company is cake pops. Since cake pops from Starbucks are quite irresistible, most customers buy them in batches in large quantities.

If you don’t finish your cake pops at a go, you don’t have to worry since they will remain fresh for a couple of days. The company makes cake pops so that they can last for at least a week without getting bad. Ensure that you eat the cake pops within ten days to avoid safety issues.

How to store Starbucks cake pops

How long do Starbucks cake pops last?

For you to enjoy your favorite treats for a while, you have to store them properly. This ensures that the cake pops remain moist and fresh. Here are some of the storage options for these cake pops.

Store at room temperature

These cake pops don’t have a complicated storage process since you can leave them at a normal temperature. Since they come with a candy coating, such cake pops can remain fresh for a week. You can ensure that they remain more protected by wrapping the cake pops with plastic.

Are you planning a party in your home and would like to include cake pops? If yes,  consider buying some small bags that you can use to wrap the Starbucks cake pops, then tie a ribbon around the stick.

The small treat bags offer an extra layer of protection to the cake pops before storing them at normal temperature. They can also simplify the process of serving many cake pops at such an event. Most people also use ribbons and treat bags to display the cake pops. Note that cake pops are better and safer when they are still fresh.

Once you wrap the cake pops, you should store them in a dry and cool area. Keep them away from the direct sunlight. You can place the cake pops on a table or a shelf. If you have young ones and are trying to store them later, you can place them at a higher place.

Do Starbucks Cake Pops Need To Be Refrigerated?

Before choosing this storage option, you should find out the ingredients used to make them. Starbucks makes cake pops by mixing cake with frosting. It then shapes the mixture into small cake pops and coats them with different forms of sprinkles and icing.

Before refrigerating cake pops, you should focus on the frosting. Only refrigerate cake pops that include pastry cream, whipped cream, or cream cheese. Such ingredients can easily make the cake pops spoil without refrigeration.

This storage method can help cake pops remain fresh for longer than a week. It also helps to preserve the moist consistency and taste of the cake pops. Place a paper towel at the bottom part of a container before placing your cake pops in it. The paper towel can absorb any excess moisture as you refrigerate them.

As you arrange the cake pops in the container, ensure you leave some space between them. Be gentle to avoid damaging some of them before storage. Once you arrange them, cover them with an extra paper towel to add an extra protection layer, then seal the container.

Ensure that you place the container in a completely dry spot inside the fridge. This prevents them from any excess moisture during storage. Cake pops with pastry cream can remain fresh for between two and four weeks with refrigeration.

When you are finally ready to consume the cake pops, you should remove them from the fridge and give them at least 30 minutes. This can prevent you from consuming them when they are too cold.


How long do Starbucks cake pops last?

Would you like the cake pops to last for a month? If yes, you should consider freezing them. Storing them in the coldest area in a fridge keeps them fresh for up to three months. You need wax paper to cover the cake pops before freezing them. Once you do this, you should get a large plastic bag and a sheet of bubble wrap.

Put the bubble wrap inside the plastic bag before placing the cake pops in it. Once you fill the bag with cake pops, seal it, then place it in the freezer. Once you are ready to consume them, get them out of the freezer and allow them to sit for a couple of hours beforehand.


Having a couple of Starbucks cake pops around your home is nice since they can help you fulfill your cravings at any time. You can even serve them to your visitors. Cake pops come in different flavors that you can pick from. They remain safe to consume for up to 10 days at normal temperature. Would you like the cake pops to last for weeks or months? If yes, check their ingredients, then consider the alternative options that we have discussed.


Do Starbucks cake pops come frozen?

No. No, these cake pops come ready to be consumed. You can, however, choose to freeze them if you wish to store them for more than a month.

Why do some cake pops leak oil?

This can happen if the cake pops are wet. Adding excess frosting or using very dense recipes can make cake pops leak oil.

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