Can You Use Your Starbucks Birthday Reward One Day After It Expires? (Starbucks Rewards Terms of Use + All You Need to Know)

My birthdays are special to me – and I am sure you love yours too. On the day, you may be used to getting ‘Happy Birthday’ posts, a simple card, or flowers, but there are many food establishments like Starbucks that offer birthday rewards to enjoy on your special day without spending a dime.

That brings up an important question: whether you can use these birthday rewards after they expire, or whether they become invalid after a set time; after all, you do not want to prepare to pay for birthday treats and then discover the rewards already expired.

The Starbucks birthday reward is only available on your birthday, so you have a time limit of 24 hours to use it. It expires immediately after your birthday is over, so you will not be able to use it after it expires. The validity of these rewards also depends on the Starbucks terms of service, which I will also elaborate on later in this article.

That is bad news for people who were lifelong customers of Starbucks, as the company changed the validity times of these birthday rewards.

Previously, it was on your birthday, the date before, and a day after, but they changed it to the actual birthday date around 2018.

What are the Terms of Use of Starbucks Rewards?

Starbucks Rewards Terms of Use
Starbucks Rewards. Source: Starbucks

Starbucks Rewards are one of the methods that the company uses to thank you as a loyal customer and repay you in some way for the money you spend at their stores.

However, you must sign up for the Starbucks Rewards service for you to be eligible, as well as earn ‘Stars’ – points that you can redeem at some point to receive some benefits at a participating Starbucks store.

The reason why I say ‘participating Starbucks store’: not all Starbucks locations participate in these programs. If you are unsure of whether it does, you can visit the Starbucks locator website and see if your chosen store is on the list of participating outlets.

The benefits you can get when signing up for the service and accumulating stars include:

  • Birthday rewards on your birthday. To qualify for them, your registered Starbucks Card must have a minimum of one Star-earning transaction.
  • Free refills on your tea or coffee orders (except for certain orders) in participating outlets, as long as you purchase the original order through the Starbucks app or pay through your Starbucks Card.
  • Special offers through the Starbucks app and your email.
  • Rewards beginning from 25 stars
  • Protection of your Starbucks Card Reward balance in case your card is stolen or lost
  • Double star days, where you can earn double the number of stars you would usually get on an in-store purchase at participating stores on select days.

Additionally, you must join the Starbucks Rewards program a minimum of 7 days before your birthday to access the birthday reward, make a minimum of one Star-earning transaction before the date, and provide your birthday in your account’s information when signing up.

You will receive a notification through your email two days before the date, and Starbucks will tell you about your free food item or birthday drink.

Starbucks will gift you a Birthday reward on the date, and it will only be valid on the day. To redeem the reward, you will need to present your registered Starbucks Card at a participating store or scan the member barcode in the app.

You can also check the status of the rewards by going to your account in the app or the Starbucks website.

If you want to join and stand a chance to win a Birthday reward, you can register on the mobile app or the Starbucks website. The site will require your birthday date, your first and last name, password, and email address.

Once you finish signing up, you will receive a digital Starbucks card with a balance of $0.00. You can then add money through the in-person process at a participating store or the app.

How long do Starbucks Rewards take to expire?

In most cases, the Reward tokens you get on Starbucks expire after 6 months after you get them, such as expiring on January 1st if you get them in June.

Birthday rewards are different though, as they are only valid on the date of your birthday, and will expire 24 hours after you get them.

Can I use my Starbucks Rewards on the day it expires?

Yes, you can use them on the day they expire, as they will expire at midnight of the following day. For instance, if your rewards are set to expire on July 4th, you can redeem them at any time on that date until midnight of July 5th.

How long does your Starbucks birthday reward last?

Can You Use Your Starbucks Birthday Reward One Day After It Expires?
Starbucks Birthday rewards. Source: Starbucks

The Birthday rewards last a shorter time compared to other rewards, and as I mentioned – you can only receive them if you have a Starbucks Rewards account.

On the day itself, Starbucks gifts you one of these rewards:

  • A complimentary beverage that comes with your order and is hand-crafted
  • A complimentary food item that comes with your order
  • A complimentary beverage that is ready to drink and bottled

You can only redeem your birthday reward at a participating store, and it will exclude multi-serve beverage or food items, packaged coffee, merchandise, alcoholic beverages, and items you can purchase from Princi and Starbucks Roastery locations.

Final thoughts

If you love Starbucks and the possibility of getting a reward, then the Starbucks birthday reward is a good day for you to treat yourself.


How can I check my stars and rewards on Starbucks?

You can do so by logging into your account on the Starbucks app or website, which will allow you to see the stars you have, your eligible rewards, and your purchase history.

Can you get a free drink at Starbucks on your birthday?

Yes, you can. Drinks are an option, as well as a complimentary food item.

How long do I have to redeem my Starbucks birthday drink?

You have until the end of your birthday to redeem your package, as it will expire by midnight of the next day.

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