Can you cancel a Starbucks mobile order? (Is there a procedure for canceling a mobile order? Plus all you need to know about Starbucks mobile order)

I always order healthy lunch meals from Starbuck and my favorite is Chicken and Quinoa Protein Bowl with black beans. However, on this fateful day I made a wrong order and instead placed an order for Chickpea bites and the avocado protein box. I fumbled on the app trying to cancel the order and re-order my regular without success. So, I quickly went online did a few searches and discovered that the Starbucks app doesn’t have a provision for canceling orders.

So, on whether you can cancel a Starbuck mobile order, the answer is no, you cannot cancel a Starbucks mobile order, neither can you modify your Starbucks mobile order. But for as much as you will not be able to cancel your Starbucks mobile order, the corporation does run a return policy where customers are allowed to return packaged tea or coffee and other merchandise. This should however be done within 60 days of the purchase and with the original receipt.

A guide to Starbucks Mobile Ordering

Starbucks has developed an application that can be downloaded on both IOS and Android phones. The app allows their customers to skip the line by ordering before going to the store to pick up their order. The application has also been configured to enable customers to customize their orders before placing. And to encourage the use of the app, clients can also earn stars with the purchases that they make through the application.

Starbucks Mobile Ordering

So, once you have downloaded and set up the application, you will open the app and set location services. The next step is to tap on the order icon located at the bottom of the screen and then select your order and add it to your shopping bag. The application has been configured to estimate the wait time but after you have selected the store from where you will pick up your order.

And by ordering through the mobile app, you can also use the contactless digital payments, or add funds to your Starbucks card. Starbucks customers can also save a Paypal account including their credit/debit card. Payments can also be done by scanning the QR code, and then the client will pay separately using either a debit or credit card. They can also pay for their orders using cash or better yet use their mobile wallets.

Another method of paying for the mobile Order from Starbucks is through the contactless debit or credit card and all that must be done is to tap the card on the payment terminal. Important to note is that not all cards have been configured for this form of payment. So to know if the respective card has been enabled for this type of transaction check for the special logo with increasing lines at the back of the card.

Starbucks Order and Pay

Can you cancel a Starbucks mobile order?

The Order and Pay feature has been configured to allow customers to easily find a store from their map view. The feature also enables Starbucks customers to choose and customize the beverage or foods that they would like to eat. The feature will then provide a breakdown of the time frame that the order will be ready. This option requires for the client to pay before the order is prepared.

Can someone else pick your Starbucks Mobile Order?

Anytime a Starbucks order is made, the deductions are made from the respective Starbucks card. The order will then be made and placed. And since the payments will have been made, and the customer doesn’t have the time to swing by the store to pick it up. They can send a different person to pick up the order for them.

How to know when your Starbucks mobile order is ready

Once the Starbucks order has been completed, the customer will receive a push notification from Starbucks through the mobile app. Alternatively, they could work with the estimated pick-up time and go to the relevant store to pick up their order.

Does Starbucks run refunds on the Starbucks mobile order?

Starbucks does provide refunds and which will be in the form of the client’s original payment. If the customer however, uses the Starbucks card or PayPal for their original order then they will not be able to get a refund. The above does not however mean that the customers will not get a refund instead they will be refunded, only that it will be in the form of the Starbucks store credit.

How to change your Starbucks mobile order location

change your Starbucks mobile order location

Open the Starbucks app and then click on the order icon, you will then be redirected to the choose store page option and here you will be at liberty to select the closest participating Starbucks store. Customers are also at liberty to change their region on the Starbucks mobile app. To customize this feature they will first navigate to the settings option, and then retrieve the payment methods option.

They will then be required to select either their debit or credit card from where they can input their current billing address. Customers should be sure to provide a mailing address and then they can save the new card, the client must also remember to update their country information.

Can the Starbucks mobile orders be turned off?

Stores that offer Starbucks services are allowed to turn off mobile orders temporarily. For this to happen however, the store must first get approval from the manager and a confirmation from the company.


Why is my Starbucks mobile order app not functional?

Your Starbucks mobile order app is not functional because you might be using an outdated application. You must then downloaded the latest version of the Starbucks mobile app.

Can I load the Starbucks store credit on the mobile app?

No, the Starbucks store credit can only be used in selected stores. It can never be reloaded for additional value or on the Starbucks app.

Can I edit a Starbucks mobile order after placing itNo, you cannot modify your order after you have confirmed it but you can edit before confirmation.

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