How does the Starbucks app work? (How do you use the Starbucks app? +More information)

Ordering of items from Starbucks has been made easier and more convenient for clients by the creation of the Starbucks app, but how does the Starbucks app work? Read on to find out.

The move by Starbucks to create an app for convenient and faster ordering was genuinely brilliant. The Starbuck app gives you the ability to select your order from the menu available and further lets you customize your order as you may desire. Once you have chosen your item, you pay and select the location for pickup. Besides just making the entire ordering process convenient, you can win a free item by downloading the Starbucks app. I have loved how I am able to place my order and have it ready by the time I drive through the store. Some people have had difficulties using this app and usually have to head to the stores in person, but I feel it’s relatively easy to navigate through, so I came up with this article to help explain how the Starbucks app works.

What does the Starbucks app do?

The Starbucks app gives customers a convenient way of ordering ` the items they need and allows contact-less purchases. These were especially relevant when the Covid-19 containment measures took a toll on the whole world. The Starbucks app is the most accessible place for accessing all the information you may need, including the closest store to you, the check hours as well as the menu for knowing what to order. Furthermore, the Starbucks app gives multiple rewards to customers upon its use. You should download it and see what reward you will receive.

How do you use the Starbucks app?

 Starbucks app information

First, you have to download the Starbucks app from the app store or the app relevant to your phone, as the play store is for android phones. Once you have the app installed, open it, and it will direct you straight to the home page. You have to sign up on the home page if you don’t have an account already. Signing up involves keying on all your details, and scanning of the physical gift card to link the card to your account. At this stage, just read and accept the terms of use, and your account is ready for ordering. The home page has a lot of icons, including “inbox” on the left corner, which shows you messages from Starbucks, “stores” button that allows you to select and choose the nearby Starbucks store as your default. There is a “history” button that shows past transactions and a settings button that entails your information and provisions like changing the various settings you may want.

To order, select the order tab at the bottom bar and browse the menu or the features that shows you the new available products and recommendations. There is a small search button in red which you can use to type the name of the product you are looking for. The app develops a recent page and favorites page that serves as a shortcut for finding your products faster. If you want to customize your order, you click the customize button shown in the center of the screen, select all your desired options, click done customizing, and add it to your order. Make sure you have included everything you need in your order, then proceed to check it out. Choose your pickup location and the option you want, either drive through, curbside or from the store. Once you have paid for the order, you can choose to have it delivered to your doorstep without going to the store by using Uber Eats.

How do you pay with the Starbucks app?

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Usually, you can pre-load money into your Starbucks account, so it becomes faster to pay up. Once you have checked the order, the app takes you to a screen where you choose your preferred payment method. You see the total amount and then press the order button. You can use a prepaid card, your debit or credit card, which earns you stars. To use your stars to pay, you can click on use below the stars and they will be redeemed and utilized in your purchase.

Do I need a Starbucks card to use the app?

No, in as much as the Starbucks card makes it easy for you to collect stars and rewards as a member, you can alternatively link your credit/debit card or even PayPal to your Starbuck app and use a link method. This means that you don’t have to have a Starbucks card to use the app.

How does the Starbucks app work with rewards?

e Starbucks appStarbucks, like many other restaurants, has a loyalty program ranging from the stars and the more significant rewards. Repeated consumerism earns you starts that accumulate and can be redeemed eventually for various rewards. After downloading the app, immediately you sign up for the Starbucks Rewards Program, complete your first transaction, and Starbucks will bless you with a reward of 150 stars that translates to a free drink. When you scan your member barcode in the app, then pay with cash, credit/debit, you earn 1 star per 1 dollar that you spend. When you load funds and pay with your digital Starbucks card, you earn two stars per any 1 dollar that you spend. The two stars per 1 dollar spent is also earned when you scan your physical registered Starbucks card in the app. The stars expire after six months, so you should try to accumulate them and use them before they expire. The best way to collect more starts is to pay in cash rather than credit.

Apart from this reward you get immediately after the onboarding process, being a life Reward member qualifies you for other fun things like free brewed coffee, tea refills, and birthday treats. However, you must have made one or more star-earning transactions to be legible for a birthday treat.

One important thing to note in matters rewards is that not all Starbucks stores are capable of honoring tiered rewards. So, when you want to claim a reward, be sure to look for a store that can.

FAQ Section

Is the Starbucks app easy to use?

Yes, the Starbucks app is relatively easy to use and navigate through. All information you need is available, and one command prompts the other in such a systematic way that you can do the entire process by following the directions that the app gives you.

Does the Starbucks app tell you when your order is ready?

Yes, it does. The Starbuck app sends you a push notification when your order is ready at the store.

Do you get a free drink when you download the Starbucks app?

No, you only receive the free drink, usually in the form of 150 stars, when you complete your first transaction after downloading the app.

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