Does Starbucks sell gift cards? (Can I purchase a physical Starbucks gift card online? + More Information)

Giving gift cards is one of the most common ways companies use to entice more customers to buy from their companies. So, you must be wondering does Starbucks also sell gift cards? Read to find out.

I love receiving gift cards whether it is my birthday, anniversary, work appreciation or not. This is one of my love languages. Gift cards are a symbol of love, appreciation and mindfulness that the sender shows to the receiver. For example, employers give gift cards to employees to show appreciation for a job well done; maybe they have hit and surpassed the target or it could be to celebrate a certain holiday in the year. An employee feels valued and appreciated in this way.

There are many people who love coffee and to be precise coffee from Starbucks. Starbucks sells gift cards which is a great way to gift such coffee lovers. The gift cards come in different themes and designs. They are customized to fit whichever type of industry, event, season or gender that the receiver might be associated with. They are generally very diverse. They are sold in bulk as well. The gift cards are sold by other outlets both in physical and on online stores.

Does Starbucks sell Gift Cards in-store?

If you are planning to gift someone and you are wondering where you are going to access gift cards you can access them in various platforms online and physical stores. There are various places where one can access the gift cards sold by Starbucks. They have them in their different shop outlets. Apart from that, big stores like Target and Safeway have them. Local drugstores and a number of grocery shops have them as well.

Can I purchase a physical Starbucks gift card online?

Can I purchase a physical Starbucks gift card online?

Yes. You can get the physical Starbucks from different online platforms such as Amazon. However, Starbucks itself does not sell the physical gift card online. They only do the e-Gifting whereby the digital gift version is sold. The digital gift cards can be sent via email or text. IPhone users can now enjoy this service as well as it is now possible to send the gift card through the messaging app.

Does Starbucks sell gift cards in drive thru?

Yes. The drive thru is another outlet where one can get to choose the design of the gift card they want and purchase. It actually does not take a long time as one would think. So next time you go to a Starbucks drive thru you can actually buy one while getting your coffee.


How do I send someone a Starbucks gift card online?

For the e-Gifting, one can send it via text or email. This is done on their eGift page, choose the type of gift card that is customized to your preference then fill in the amount, write the recipient’s contact details, check out and proceed to pay for the service. The eGift card will be sent immediately to the recipient.

Can you send yourself a Starbucks gift card?

Yes because why not. When entering the details of recipient you can fill in yours. Apart from gifting other people you can do it to yourself, I believe people do this all the time.

Do you have to activate Starbucks gift card?

As a recipient one should register the card on their website or mobile app so as to get points each time you use it. Just like other gift cards, you can check the balance of the card and get to reload it.

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