Why does Starbucks not have raspberry syrup? (Has the raspberry syrup been discontinued? + All you need to know)

The Starbucks raspberry syrup is the perfect additive as it adds exquisite flavor to your cup of coffee. However, it is impossible to find. Did Starbucks discontinue raspberry syrup?

Starbucks discontinued its original version of raspberry syrup due to controversial ingredients. However, it introduced a clearer version of the syrup later on. Though some unverified claims are going around that the syrup has been discontinued, the baristas at Starbucks claim that the chain is facing shortages of some ingredients. I am a big fan of flavored coffee, and thus, raspberry syrup was my favorite flavor to add to my coffee. However, recently, I have been unable to access the syrup at my local Starbucks location.

Did Starbucks discontinue raspberry syrup?

Starbucks raspberry syrup has endured several changes over the years. The chain discontinued the original raspberry syrup due to the controversial artificial dye alleged to be made from bugs. However, Starbucks reintroduced a clear version of the syrup later on.

Furthermore, during the pandemic, Starbucks faced a shortage of several ingredients, including raspberry syrup. However, there are claims about the discontinuing of the syrup. It is important to note that the claims are unverified.

Does Starbucks have raspberry syrup back?

Why does Starbucks not have raspberry syrup?

Currently, Starbucks has a shortage of raspberry syrup, among its other ingredients. There are, however, some unverified claims that the chain has discontinued its raspberry syrup. Starbucks discontinued its original version of the syrup and reintroduced a clear version later on.

Is the raspberry syrup at Starbucks sweetened?

Yes, sweeteners are added to the Starbucks raspberry syrup to give it an exquisite flavor. This syrup is one of the most loved syrups in coffee by a lot of Starbucks fans.

Starbucks raspberry syrup ingredients

Has the raspberry syrup been discontinued?

Starbucks raspberry syrup is a liquid ingredient that contains preservatives, sweeteners, and flavoring. Raspberry syrups are mostly made of natural flavoring, coloring, sugar, and water. Potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate is also part of the ingredients used as a preservative.

Final thoughts

Starbucks raspberry syrup is among the most loved syrups by its customers. The syrup gives your coffee a fruity and sweet flavor. However, the syrup has been unavailable in most locations due to alleged shortages.


Is there raspberry syrup at Starbucks?

Yes. However, Starbucks has been facing shortages of ingredients, including raspberry syrup; hence it might be unavailable in some stores.

How many calories does the Starbucks raspberry syrup have?

10ml of Starbucks raspberry syrup, equivalent to a single pump, contains 20 calories.

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