Four best espresso machines with grinder built in (top espresso machines with in build grinder reviews + more information)

Espresso machines with built-in grinders are the best machine options as they are multi-functional and save you the additional cost of separately buying a grinder. This article reviews the best espresso machines with grinder built-in.

A great espresso machine with a high-quality grinder will determine your coffee quality. This is because how you brew and prepare your espresso determines the taste, texture, and acidity of your drink. When I became a pro at making my beverages at home, I decided to upgrade my espresso machine to one with a grinder.

After intense research, I settled on the Gaggia Accademia espresso machine due to its high-end features and the ability to brew and steam my espresso simultaneously. However, settling on this machine was not an easy decision as there are many espresso machines with in-built grinders on the market. One needs some guidance to decide based on their needs and preferences. This article reviews and gives an in-depth analysis of the best espresso machines with built-in grinders.

How to use an espresso machine with a grinder built-in

Using an espresso machine that has a grinder built in it is easy, especially if the machine is automatic. The first thing you should do is turn on the espresso maker and let it preheat. Measure the size of beans you want to ground and place them on the grinder. While grinding your beans, tap the sides of the porta-filter lightly with your hands to ensure that the bed is even and flat. Once you have ensured that they are flat and of the right consistency, pull your first shot, and you will have made your espresso.

How we choose the best espresso machine with a grinder built-in

The main criteria we used to choose the espresso machines in this article are affordability, user-friendliness, quality, and the type of grinder. To begin with affordability, most espresso machines with in-built grinders are expensive; hence we tried looking for some relatively affordable options.

Furthermore, we chose machines that can serve someone just starting their brewing journey but need a machine integrated with a grinder. Though machines with built-in grinders are a bit technical to use, newbies can learn these machines fast.

Additionally, great grinders are burr grinders and not blade grinders. Blade grinders produce large chunks of coffee that do not have a great consistency. On the other hand, burr grinders are great if you want your coffee to be finely ground. Above all, quality was a significant consideration as we went with machines that are durable and have high-end features.

Four best espresso machines with grinder built-in

Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

espresso machines with in build grinder reviews 
Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine. Image source: Gaggia

The Gaggia espresso machine is a powerful machine and is super-automatic. This machine is built with a ceramic burr grinder with eight grind settings. It achieves a consistent grind while grinding coffee as it rotates around the burrs. It is also equipped with a bypass doser that gives you flexibility as it can grind pre-ground coffee.

This machine is also easy to operate and comes with seven programmable drinks that you can make by simply dialing on the machine. Additionally, these drinks can be customized; you can adjust their strength, temperature, and how long you would love to brew them before or during the brewing process.

Another stand-out feature of the Gaggia Accademia is the adjustable telescope which can fit your travel mugs. This machine also has a dual boiler. That is a great feature that few espresso machines have. This means you will save time as you can steam and brew your espresso simultaneously.

The Gaggia 1003380 Accademia espresso machine has a plus feature that allows you to adjust flow speed with a knob. You can use this feature to determine the texture of your espresso or even if you want a strong or lighter flavor.

Though this machine is excellent for those looking for a fully-automatic espresso machine that can brew several beverages, it also comes with both automatic and manual milk frothing. This means that you can let it froth the milk for you, or you can do the work by yourself. Furthermore, this machine cleans itself. However, it blasts steam a lot, and you must wipe it down after making your espresso. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

Caphalon Espresso machine with coffee grinder

Four best espresso machines with grinder built in
Caphalon Espresso machine with coffee grinder. Image source: Caphalon

This espresso machine made it to this list because of its diverse nature; you can either purchase it with an in-built coffee grinder or purchase the machine and the coffee grinder separately. The grinder that comes with this machine has 30 grind settings. This is quite diverse and gives you a wide scope to dial and extract the best coffee with the perfect texture.

Additionally, this espresso machine is beginner friendly and comes with both non-pressurized single and double-wall filter baskets. This gives those with fewer skills in brewing more leeway with the sizes of the grinds. However, if you are experienced, you would opt for a single-wall basket.

The caphalon espresso machine with a coffee grinder is also equipped with a thermo-clock technology that heats water faster. This saves time as you will get your espresso faster. It also has a volumetric shot control that allows you to choose between double and single shots by simply turning a dial. Since this machine is more automatic, less work and effort will be required from you to operate it. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-automatic espresso and coffee machine

Four best espresso machines with grinder built in 
De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-automatic espresso and coffee machine. Image source: De’Longhi

This super-automatic machine has a conical burr grinder that is easy to control and has 13 settings. However, among the 13 settings, the finest two settings do not work great with this machine; hence, you will not use them much.

The greatest feature about this machine that made it qualify for this list is its affordability. It functions well for its price. However, it is loud and can be an issue if you want to make your coffee early in the morning or very late at night.

Additionally, this machine is an excellent option for those who love decaf coffee as it comes with an option of pre-ground coffee. However, you cannot also brew and steam your espresso simultaneously with this machine though it has a dual thermos-block boiler. You can only do these actions one after the other due to the reheat feature in this machine.

This espresso machine is also great for a big household, allowing you to brew several cups of coffee. Finally, it has a Panarello milk frother that can be adjusted manually and where you can regulate your frothing and steaming levels. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

Espresso works

best espresso machines with grinder built in
Espresso works. Image source: Espresso

This machine came last because it is slightly different and unique from the other machines named above. Though its grinder is not built in, when you purchase this machine, it comes with a plug-in electric coffee grinder. The grinder of this machine has a chamber with a maximum line that you are supposed to pour your beans into when grinding. The line prevents the beans from overflowing.

However, the only downside about this machine is that its grinder is a blade and not a burr. As stated earlier, blade grinders are not the best options for grinders as they produce large chunks of coffee that are inconsistent. Furthermore, though this machine is pretty straightforward to use, and even newbies can opt for it, it is not super-automatic; hence you have to dial the start and finish buttons every time you are pouring your espresso.

A stand-out feature of this espresso machine is its ability to brew six drinks; macchiato, espresso, cappuccino, café latte, Americano, and flat white. It also gives you the option of a double shot mode that allows you to brew two cups of beverage at once. You can check the price for this espresso machine here.

Informative section

Are there espresso machines with grinder built in for home?

Yes, you can get some great espresso machines with an in-built grinder for your household, as some are designed to be used at home.

Is espresso machine with grinder built-in beginner friendly?

Automatic espresso machines with inbuilt grinder are beginner friendly as they are easy to use, and all you have to do is to dial. However, if the machine is manual, it will be a bit technical for beginners. Most beginner-friendly espresso machines are without grinders; you can purchase a grinder as you progress.

How many blades are suitable for a grinder in an espresso machine?

If you are using an espresso machine with blade grinders, they should be enough to produce small, consistent particles. There is no exact number of appropriate blades. However, you should opt for an espresso machine with burr grinders instead of blade grinders, as blade grinders produce large coffee chunks that are not consistent. You can use blade grinders for a beverage that does not require a fine grind.

Are the best espresso machines with grinder built in the high end?

Yes, most espresso machines with in-built grinders are on the high end and pricier than those without.

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