12 Dutch Bros rebel Drinks (Rebel drinks at Dutch Bros you don’t want to miss + more information)

If you are a Dutch Bros customer and are wondering which are the best Dutch Bros rebel drinks to have, due to their high levels of deliciousness, here is a small list for you to try out.

The Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks are delicious energy drinks made from syrups mixed with energy drinks which act as the base, bringing upon these heavenly flavors and energizing vibes. I first tested the great Dutch Bros rebel drinks a couple of weeks ago, and due to their greatness, I decided to inquire from the barista about the drinks they offer under this label.

After a long week of trying out and tasting, sampling their ingredients, and researching their reviews and views from its customers around the store, I came up with a list of the best Dutch Bros rebel drinks. So if you struggle with which drinks to settle for on the rebel menu, here is something to help you out.

How do I order healthy rebel drinks from Dutch Bros?

How to order healthy drinks from Starbucks entirely depends on your dietary wants. Since Dutch Bros offers customers an opportunity to customize their drinks, ordering a healthy is a lot easier as long you know what you are trying to cut off. You can decide to get rid of flavorings and toppings from their drinks to cut on sugar. You can as well choose to go for the sugar-free version of this drink. You can reduce its fats by not using creamy syrups made from dairy products but using those made using non-fat milk.

Can you customize Dutch Bros Rebel drinks?

Yes, one can customize their Dutch Bro rebel drink. You have to politely request your barista to make this customization for you. Tell them exactly, what you want, and what variations you would like to be made on your drink, and wait for the outcome.

For drinks like the Iced or Blended aftershock rebels, you can request your barista to add a soft top that will help not only add creaminess to the drink but also balance its sweetness. For other drinks like the blended electric berry rebel, you can customize its drizzle. You can also request changes in flavorings in your drink and get rid of toppings and sugars from your syrup.

How we choose the rebel drinks at Dutch Bros

We picked the drinks in this article based on reviews, ratings, popularity among Dutch Bros customers, easy customization, and ingredients used in making them. Since calories and nutritional values do not matter for most of their customers regarding their favorite drink, we didn’t base our ranking on that. However, we advise those trying these drinks for the first time to start with the smallest size, as they advance slowly to bigger sizes, depending on their needs and reason for drinking these energizer drinks.

Twelve best rebel drinks at Dutch Bros

Blended shark attack rebel

Rebel drinks at Dutch Bros you don’t want to miss

The blended shark attack rebel is one of the finest, smooth and refreshing beverages from Dutch Bros. the drink is coastal-oriented and combines Ocean Water with pomegranate drizzle. Ocean Water combines lime, coconut, and blue raspberry syrups. If these flavors appeal to your taste, prepare for a treat of a lifetime when you try this great rebel. Most people who have tried this rebel have ranked it as their best making it one of the top-ranked rebels made at the Dutch Bros.

Iced blue raspberry rebel

Are you a rebel enthusiast who likes your rebel made with fewer flavors? Worry not, for there is something for you. It is even more appealing if you love the blue raspberry flavor since this drink combines a rebel and blue raspberry syrup. You can add a soft top or an avalanche style for customization. This is among the best-ranked Dutch Bros drinks with only a few flavors.

Iced or Blended OG Gummy Bear Rebel

Dutch Bros rebel Drinks

If you love that burst of fruity taste in your mouth, this might be your go-getter drink. This fruit-inspired drink combines the flavors of at least four fruits in syrups. The fruit-flavored syrups include passion fruit, pomegranate, watermelon, and grapefruit. This is one of the most popular drinks for fruity taste lovers at Dutch Bros, and you can have it either blended or iced.

Iced or Blended Aftershock Rebel

This is your perfect Dutch Bros Rebel if you are a lover of berries. Four syrups are perfectly combined to give you this sweet and delicious drink. Strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and lime syrups are combined and either blended or iced to give you a perfect lime berry taste. The drink’s sweetness can be balanced with some creaminess by asking for a soft top.

Iced or Blended Electric Berry Rebel

Dutch Bros rebel Drinks

This is one of the most popular rebels at Dutch Bros and can be served as either blended or iced. The rebel is combined with blue raspberry and lime and then customized with drizzles. The customization is optional.

Iced peach rebel

If you are not a lover of toppings, then the iced peach rebel drink should be your go-to drink from the rebel menu. This drink is among Dutch Bro’s best rebel drinks with only peach syrup, making customization even easier as it is made using a few products.

Iced Palm Beach Rebel

drinks at Dutch Bros you don’t want to miss

Who wouldn’t want a moment of the Popular Dutch Bros Iced Palm Beach Rebel for their summertime? This drink is made using pomegranate and peach syrup. When ordering it, make sure to add the tropical real fruit flavor, which comes from pineapples, oranges, guava, and passion fruit, to meet the authentic summer vibes. Its sweet taste and beautiful looks automatically graduate it with the best Dutch Bros rebel drinks.

Iced freedom, rebel

If you are a fruit lover and would love your rebel drink with a touch of fruity flavors, what other best drink would you settle for if not the iced freedom Rebel? This drink is made from perfectly blending vanilla syrup with blue raspberry to give you a fine mixture; top it with raspberry drizzle for the outcome. The fruity flavor with a touch of vanilla makes it Dutch Bros’ best rebel drink.

The Shark Bite Rebel

How could I forget the delicious religious taste of grapes while ranking Dutch Bros’ best rebel drinks? This drink, the shark rebel, is a masterpiece when looking for a drink with a touch of grapes. It combines blue raspberry, coconut, lime, and pomegranate drizzle. As much as these drinks come in ice and blended versions, I prefer the Shark Rebel version. If that is not all, this drink is neither sweet nor sour. It works well with most of its customers.

The Daydream Rebel

Dutch Bros rebel Drinks

Among the new and latest addition to the rebel menu, we have the Daydream rebel, which has, over time, gained a lot of popularity on the rebel menu and become a fan favorite. This drink with a soft top is made using a cold foam combined with marshmallow cream. Not to forget the elderflower and the passion fruit rebel flavors making it taste heavenly.

Double Rainbow

Apart from having low calories in their smallest size, this drink is delicious. It has graduated as a fan-favorite drink and gained popularity over time. This drink is made using energy drinks and flavors such as strawberry, peach, and coconut syrup which could be customized if you wish.

The Vampire Slayer

Rebel drinks at Dutch Bros you don’t want to miss

The Vampire Slayer is a great masterpiece from the Dutch Bros rebel menu containing strawberry and pomegranate. This is yet another popular drink from this store, leaving customers asking for more orders as time passes. Despite containing high sugar and calorie levels, more so for the large size, this drink offers you the perfect fruity flavor.


How big is a large rebel at Dutch Bros?

The largest rebel at Dutch Bros is the 32 ounces size.

How much are Dutch Bros rebel drinks?

These drinks range from $3.5 to $6.5, depending on the size you order.

Is Dutch Bros rebel the same as a red bull?

The Dutch Bros rebel is different from the red bull since they are different products with different manufacturers and customizations. However, they are similar, as they serve the same purpose such that they are both energy drinks and are made using the same.

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