Alpha Coffee Vs. Black Rifle Coffee: Which One Should You Get?

I’ve been on the hunt for the best coffee franchise in America, and let me tell you, it’s not easy. There are so many factors to consider, but that’s a challenge I’m willing to accept. Today, I picked two popular coffee houses from Utah State to compare and contrast. I visited both establishments, spent some time there, and enjoyed their coffee. You can therefore trust that my findings are well-informed. Find out what I think below.

What Are the Differences Between Black Rifle Coffee Vs. Alpha Coffee?


Black Rifle Coffee

Alpha Coffee


Black Rifle Coffee décor is military inspired

Alpha Coffee is modern and minimalistic in design


Black Rifle Coffee has approximately 18 locations spread across America

Alpha Coffee has 3 locations in Utah


Black Rifle has a basic selection of coffee drinks

Alpha Coffee offers a wide range of drink items

Price Range

Black Rifle Coffee is slightly less expensive than Alpha Coffee

Alpha Coffee is marginally more expensive

Beverage Sizes

Black Rifle Coffee offers coffee drinks in 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz sizes

Alpha Coffee comes in either 12 oz, 16 oz, or 24 oz sizes

Environmental Consciousness

Black Rifle Coffee has not expressed its position when it comes to being environmentally-conscious

Alpha Coffee does not have any known policies in place to conserve the environment.

Black Rifle Coffee Vs. Alpha Coffee – How They Compare

Alpha Coffee Vs. Black Rifle Coffee
Alpha Coffee company. Image source: Alpha Coffee


The ambiance of a coffee shop is one of the things that will determine if you’ll return or never come back. It can essentially make or break a coffee shop. Black Rifle Coffee and Alpha Coffee have strikingly different décor, artwork, furniture, and overall vibe. Alpha Coffee’s locations have a modern feel with no striking art pieces on display. It is simple and minimalistic. The color scheme is neutral, with lots of cream and black. In general, the Alpha Coffee shops look like ordinary cafes. Nothing sets them apart. While the interior design is basic, it is still cozy, and the ambiance is good.

On the other hand, Black Rifle Coffee has a unique interior décor style. Their establishments have military artwork and rustic décor. They are manly and industrial, which makes you feel like you’re on a military base. A lot of wood and metallic furnishing is used, with the color scheme being primarily brown and black. The ambiance is cool because we think it captures the essence of Black Rifle Coffee perfectly.

Black Rifle Coffee wins in this category for bringing out the company’s history and purpose, even through its interior design. The ambiance is unique and memorable.


Black Rifle Coffee and Alpha Coffee are based in Utah State, making them competitors in the same area. What sets them apart is the fact that Black Rifle Coffee has expanded beyond state borders. Black Rifle Coffee has 18 locations and is found in over 1,700 retail stores across the country. Their 18 physical coffee shops are in Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

On the other hand, Alpha Coffee has 3 locations in Utah; one in Big Cottonwood Canyon, another in Downtown Salt Lake City, and the last in Legacy West Jordan. They also sell their coffee products in around 126 Sportsman’s Warehouse shops all over the country.

That being said, it is clear that Black Rifle Coffee is the winner in this category as it has more locations than Alpha Coffee and therefore has a wider reach.


The menu selection is arguably one of the most essential factors patrons think of when choosing a place to eat or grab a coffee. Black Rifle Coffee has the standard menu items you would expect at any coffee shop. They offer lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos, iced coffee, and others. Also, Black Rifle isn’t experimental with the flavors they offer. They only have vanilla, caramel, and mocha.

Alpha Coffee, in addition to basic coffee beverages, also gives customers options for alternative milk, matcha, frappes, nitro coffee, and even specialty drinks like Highlander coffee. They also have a wide variety of additives, including breve, coconut oil, and high-protein creamer.

Alpha Coffee wins here because they have a broader selection of menu items.

Price Range

When it comes to prices, we can’t see much variance. Both Black Rifle Coffee and Alpha Coffee are in the same price range, only that Alpha Coffee is slightly more expensive by a few cents. For instance, a 12 oz latte in Black Rifle Coffee retails for $3.55, while in Alpha Coffee, the same drink goes for $3.95. Unless you’re a penny pincher, there isn’t a world of difference. Also, some items from both menus are the same price. Probably, Alpha Coffee is more expensive because it is not as easy to get.

Both Alpha Coffee and Black Rifle Coffee draw in this section because the prices of their drinks are more or less the same.

Beverage Sizes

We can always appreciate when a coffee house has diverse options in cup sizes. Let’s see how these two brands fare in this category…. Black Rifle Coffee has 12 oz, 16 oz, and 24 oz beverage sizes which are standard for most coffee shops. Alpha Coffee offers 12 oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz sizes. And from the menu, not all sizes are available for all drinks. For example, nitro coffee is available in only 12 oz and 16 oz cups, not 20 oz cup. Meanwhile, a flat white espresso can come in all sizes, from small to large.

Black Rifle Coffee trumps Alpha Coffee in this instance. They have standard sizes for all drinks, and their large is 24 oz, unlike Alpha Coffee’s, which is 20 oz.

Environmental Consciousness

Neither Black Rifle Coffee nor Alpha Coffee explicitly explains the measures and policies they have in place to help conserve the environment. Therefore, the two coffee companies are similar in this case. Although environmental protection strategies and initiatives can be found in the policies of the most popular coffee companies, Black Rifle Coffee and Alpha Coffee are yet to hop on the bandwagon. We hope to see this change as we must preserve our planet.

Again, the two coffee houses draw in this category since both of them are not environmentally conscious.

Black Rifle Coffee vs. Alpha Coffee – A Comparison Overview

Black Rifle Coffee Overview

Black Rifle Coffee
Black Rifle company. Image source: Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee was founded in December 2014 by former Green Beret Evan Hafer to sell his coffee and branded merchandise. The coffee franchise has branded itself as a company committed to preserving and sharing American culture. It also honors American veterans and strives to help these veterans by providing them with employment opportunities. Black Rifle Coffee also assists veterans seeking to transition into entrepreneurship. Away from its mission, Black Rifle Coffee specializes in online coffee subscription services in addition to its physical locations. They have 18 stores and sell their products in an additional 1,700 retail shops.

Alpha Coffee Overview

Alpha Coffee 
Alpha Coffee shop. Image source: Alpha Coffee

On September 11, 2010, Carl Churchill and his wife, Lori Churchill, founded Lock-n-Load Java, an online shop for coffee. In 2016, the company rebranded to Alpha Coffee and began selling its products in retail stores. The first Alpha Coffee location opened in 2017. Since then, they have opened two more, all in Utah. Additionally, you can find Alpha Coffee in 126 other third-party retail stores. This coffee company also gives back to the community by donating to deployed service members whenever their products are bought, hiring veterans, and supporting vet-owned companies. Today, Alpha Coffee prides itself in providing premium coffee that they have perfected over the years.

Final Verdict: So, Which Is Better? – Black Rifle Coffee Vs. Alpha Coffee

To sum it up, Black Rifle Coffee is better in our books. This coffee company offers nice sizes for their drinks, is more accessible/available, and is slightly cheaper than Alpha Coffee. Its menu may not be the most versatile, but Black Rifle Coffee has classic coffee drinks that most coffee drinkers will enjoy. The ambiance of their franchise shops is also appealing and unique.


Which came first, Black Rifle coffee or Alpha coffee?

Alpha Coffee came first since it was established in September 2010, while Black Riffle Coffee came up in December 2014.

Is Black Rifle coffee more popular than Alpha coffee?

With more stores and locations, it is safe to say that Black Rifle Coffee is more popular than Alpha Coffee. Black Rifle Coffee is in over 1,700 retail stores, while Alpha Coffee is found in slightly less than 150 stores. That means Black Rifle Coffee has more customers.

Which is more affordable, Black Rifle coffee or Alpha coffee?

While both Black Rifle Coffee and Alpha Coffee are in the same price bracket, Black Rifle Coffee is slightly more affordable. Alpha Coffee may be more expensive because it is not as readily available.