Keurig Shuts Off When I hit Brew (Possible causes and how to fix them + more information)

It can be frustrating when you are late for work and trying to brew your coffee, but your Keurig machine keeps shutting off. While looking for solutions for this issue, you might ask, ‘why is Keurig shutting off when I hit brew?’

Several reasons can lead to your Keurig shutting while you are brewing. Some of them include faulty wiring, it’s time to descale, a faulty thermostat, or if it is overheating.
I am one of those people who practice the morning coffee ritual like a cult. I honestly can’t get through my day without coffee. This led me to purchase a Keurig machine to conveniently make coffee at home and save a few coins by not taking takeout.

However, sometimes it fails for no apparent reason while brewing. I recently realized that sometimes the reason behind the shutting is petty, and I can easily fix it. If you have this machine and have encountered this issue, don’t worry because we are in this together. Keep reading to know why the Keurig machine keeps shutting off and how to fix whatever issue.

Reasons why your Keurig shuts off when you hit brew and possible solutions

Faulty wiring

As mentioned above, faulty wiring can be a significant reason your Keurig keeps shutting when you hit brew. This issue emerges when you stay without getting your machine checked for maintenance. It is vital to service your Keurig machine because faulty wiring is very common in coffee makers. This can result from a short circuit or simply a loose connection. Faulty wiring leads to your Keurig overheating when you hit brew, and instead of brewing your coffee, it shuts off.

Keurig is overheating

Keurig Shuts Off When I hit Brew
Keurig. Image source: Keurig

Overheating is a common issue among coffee makers and could be why your Keurig keeps shutting off when you are brewing your coffee. Overheating is a sign of the machine overworking, so it shuts off to protect itself from getting damaged.

As mentioned above, faulty wiring could be one of the reasons causing your machine to overheat. Also, frequently using your machine will wear out the coils, and if you fail to replace them, it causes your Keurig to overheat.

Additionally, your Keurig can overheat if it is not in a place without enough space; hence, it does not receive enough ventilation. If you suspect this is the issue, examine the reasons for overheating and fix them.

Your Keurig needs descaling

Descaling is actually a real issue that can cause your machine not to function properly. Descaling happens when minerals from the water, like calcium, build up in your machine and reduce its performance and efficiency. If you have not been descaling your machine as recommended, it leads to overheating the machine, which is why it keeps shutting off when you hit brew. Descaling helps remove these minerals and return the machine to its original condition. You should descale your Keurig within three to six months religiously to prevent this from happening.

Faulty needle or thermostat

A thermostat is a component found in your Keurig and is responsible for regulating water temperature. On the other hand, the needle performs a vital role in your Keurig as it punctures holes in the K cup to allow water to flow through. If the needle does not function well, water will build up and disrupt the brewing process. Similarly, a faulty thermostat would also cause your Keurig to shut off.

Disruption of the brewing process

Keurig Shuts Off When I hit Brew
Brewing coffee. Image source: Keurig

Your Keurig can shut off if something happens and disrupts the brewing process. This could be because of a power blackout, or the machine itself did so.

Misaligned water magnet

Inside the water tank of your Keurig machine, there is a water magnet that has to be aligned with the opening. Misalignment of this magnet limits water from flowing well; hence your machine will be triggered to shut off.

K Cup bottom

For the Keurig machine to function well, the needle has to puncture the K Cup at the bottom and up to allow water to flow through the well. Unpunctured bottom cup results to overflow hence a flavorless water drink. This overflow triggers the machine to stop working to prevent spillage.

How to fix your Keurig machine

Keurig Shuts Off When I hit Brew
Keurig machine. Image source: Keurig

Check wiring

The first thing you would want to do is inspect your machine’s power code to be sure that it is functioning properly. You have to first unplug the machine before checking the code. If you notice any malfunction, it would be great to replace the whole cord.


Descaling your machine to remove mineral buildup. You have to purchase a descaling kit which comes with a descaling solution and a cleaning one too. After descaling your machine with these solutions, go through it again with gentle soap to ensure no residue of these solutions is left behind.

Fix the needle

Fix a broken needle. If you determine that the needle is broken hence why it cannot puncture the K-cup, get a new one and replace it.


Reset the Keurig machine. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your machine; it is just acting up. If you plug out your Keurig for a few minutes and plug it back in, and it works well, then maybe it was just acting up.

Look at the thermostat

Keurig Shuts Off When I hit Brew 
Keurig machine. Image source: Keurig

Replace the thermostat. As mentioned above, a faulty thermostat cannot regulate the water temperature in your machine; hence your coffee maker will shut off when it notices an issue. This issue is as simple as inspecting the thermostat and getting a new one.

Power boost

Your Keurig machine might need a power boost. A power surge could be why your machine is shutting off when you hit brew. This can result from a power cord problem or a faulty electrical outlet. Therefore, boosting the power of your Keurig should fix this.

Check the water magnet

Realigning the water magnet. This fix is simple to execute, as all you have to do is open your machine’s water tank and return the magnet to its correct position.

Take it to an expert

If you try out all these fixes and nothing works, you should take your Keurig to someone experienced to check it out and determine if it is totally damaged or if the issue is beyond your control. However, Keurig shutting off sometimes is pretty common and should not worry you.

FAQ Section

Does my Keurig need descaling if it shuts off when I hit brew?

Your Keurig does not need descaling every time it shuts off, but sometimes that is necessary. This is because minerals in water build up in your machine over time and reduce its efficiency. If you have not descaled your machine for long and it keeps shutting off, it may be time to descale and see if this will fix the issue.

Does my Keurig need maintenance if it won’t brew coffee?

Lack of maintenance can actually be a reason why your Keurig won’t brew your coffee. This can be a result of things like faulty wiring. Therefore, it is keen to maintain your machine to avoid such issues regularly.

How often should I clean my Keurig to prevent it from shutting off when I hit brew?

You should descale your Keurig machine every three to six months to prevent minerals like calcium from building up and reducing the efficiency and performance of your machine.

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