Can You Make Distilled Water with a Coffee Maker? (can a coffee maker distill water + more information)

Many home appliances are multipurpose, and it’s tempting to know what else you can do with an appliance like the coffee maker. So, can you make distilled water with a coffee maker?

No, you can’t. Unfortunately, the coffee maker is made to make your coffee, and water distilling is not in its job description. I am an explorer, and I like to get to make discoveries, but my attempt to distill water with my coffee maker took a nosedive. If you have been wondering whether you can purify your water with this machine, I have written this post to give you all the answers that you need. You will learn if a coffee maker can boil water or not, so read on.

Reasons why you can’t use a coffee maker to distill water

There are two main reasons why you should resist the temptation to distill water using the coffee maker. Let’s look at them.

Damaging the Keurig brewer

As water is distilled, it leaves behind its impurities. These impurities will damage the brewer from the leached minerals making it work inefficiently.

It’s not designed for boiling and condensation

The brewer is not built to handle the boiling and condensation part of the distillation process since it lacks the cold surface to cool off the steam and doesn’t bring the water to boiling point.

Why do coffee makers not heat water to boiling point?

can a coffee maker distill water

The main reason why coffee makers are not designed to boil water is to retain the authentic taste of the coffee. At low temperatures, the coffee is extracted slowly, allowing it to have a unique and distinct taste with a rich flavor.

Boiling water results in bitter-tasting coffee due to the rapid extraction of the drink. The water is also a disaster to a coffee maker as it can easily damage the inner components and shorten the machine’s lifespan.

Can you use distilled water in your coffee maker?

Water is an essential component in coffee brewing. However, distilled water is not the best, since it loses most of the good minerals together with the impurities, which results in flat-tasting and undesirable coffee.

Distilled water tends to speed up the corrosion of the internal parts for some coffee maker brands such as Keurig. Drinking coffee brewed with distilled water might also lead to health problems due to the possible depletion of valuable minerals in your body.


Will distilling water damage my coffee maker?

Yes, distilled water is known to damage the heating element due to increased corrosion. This might not happen immediately, but you will notice a hitch over time.

Can you just boil water using a coffee maker?

No, most machines are designed to heat water to below boiling point to avoid damaging them and to uphold the integrity and quality of the coffee.

Can I purify water using a coffee maker?

No. Even though some coffee makers come with filters, it is not possible to purify the water since it doesn’t reach boiling point.

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