Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks: Which one has quality coffee?

Since coffee has always been my go-to morning drink, I have been to different coffee houses looking for quality drinks. I realized that many coffee lovers are sometimes torn between choosing the cheapest coffee house and picking one that offers quality drinks.

I created this post to inform you about the differences between some of the popular coffee houses, namely Starbucks and Dutch Bros. By the end of it, you will also learn which of the two companies you should get your drinks from. Read on!

What are the differences between Dutch Bros Vs. Starbucks?


Dutch Bros



You can use the drive-through option or the walk-up window to get your drink. It has fewer sit-down options

Has comfortable seats, warm lighting, art on the walls, and a quiet environment

You can sit at a Starbucks store for hours as you enjoy the cool environment.


538 stores in 12 states. This covers the western United states

33,833 stores in 84 countries. The coffee house operates globally.


Limited menu. It offers fewer drinks and baked items

Extensive menu. Has a wide range of drinks and a reasonable number of baked items

Price range

It offers affordable products that range between $3.75 and $7.25

Most of the products are a bit expensive. For instance, specialty drinks cost around $5.95.

Beverage sizes

Three sizes available that is medium, large, and small

Five sizes available, including trenta, venti, grande, tall, and short

Environmental consciousness

It has not made any environmental sustainability efforts

This company is famous for its environmental sustainability initiatives

Dutch Bros Vs. Starbucks – How they compare

Dutch Bros


Since Dutch Bros is a drive-through company, it does not encourage so much interaction. Most customers that visit this company use the walk-up window to access their drinks. Though some Dutch Bros stores offer the sit-down option, it does not offer enough room for a large number of customers.

On the other hand, Starbucks offers a classic coffee shop environment and encourages more interaction. Starbucks stores are usually quieter and more sophisticated. This is the coffee house where you can go to order and drink and sit for hours on your laptop while working. The lighting, comfortable seating area, and art on the walls make Starbucks stores quite welcoming.

Starbucks, therefore, wins in this category since it has a better ambience and its stores are quite captivating.


Starbucks is an international company that has 33,833 stores in 84 countries. Since most Starbucks stores are strategically located, they make it convenient for coffee lovers to order drinks anytime. On the other hand, Dutch Bros has 538 stores in 12 states. It mostly serves coffee lovers in the Western United States.

Therefore, Starbucks wins since it covers a wider area than Dutch Bros.


Though both companies offer coffee and tea, their menus are quite different. Dutch Bros has a limited menu. This coffee house offers cold brew coffee, energy drinks, hot cocoa, lemonades, sodas, smoothies, milkshakes, and tea. Dutch Bros does not market its espresso drinks with names such as cappuccinos and lattes. Apart from the drinks, this coffee house also has some snacks that you can buy with your drink.

One of the things that make Starbucks get an edge over such coffee houses is its countless products. This company has the main menu and a secret menu with numerous drinks that you can explore. Starbucks provides customers with brewed coffee in different roasts, teas, lattes, espresso drinks, macchiatos, Americano, cappuccinos, and mochas. You can also get fruit juices, hot cocoa, milk, smoothies, and apple cider from Starbucks.

The menu is so extensive that it can get confusing at first. Most new customers, however, get used to it after some time. Apart from the drinks, Starbucks also offers more baked items than Dutch Bros. This coffee house even has healthier options compared to Dutch Bros. You can even buy whole bean coffee from Starbucks if you prefer making your coffee drinks at home.

Therefore, Starbucks wins in this category since it offers a more extensive menu than Dutch Bros.

Price Range

This is one of the reasons why people choose Dutch Bros over Starbucks. Dutch Bros and Starbucks have different cultures and target different kinds of customers. Since Dutch Bros targets a younger crowd, it sets affordable prices on its products. On the other hand, Starbucks mostly targets middle or upper-class people and therefore has more expensive items.

For instance, a specialty coffee drink at Dutch Bros costs $3.75 in small sizes and $5.25 in a large cup. The most expensive beverage at Dutch Bros is a smoothie that costs $7.25. On the other hand, specialty drinks at Starbucks cost $5.95. You can expect to pay more if you choose to customize some of the Starbucks drinks.

Dutch Bros wins in this category since it has more affordable items than Starbucks.

Beverage Sizes

Starbucks offers its drinks in sizes like trenta, venti, grande, tall and short. On the other hand, Dutch Bros offers large, medium, and small drinks.

Starbucks wins since it offers more cup sizes that you can pick from.

Environmental Consciousness

Starbucks is keen on the ethical sourcing of its menu items. It also partners with different companies to help minimize gas emissions that negatively affect the climate and reduce water consumption through dishwashers in most of its stores. Though Dutch Bros states that it is committed to reducing the environmental impact on the community, it has not yet shown any environmental sustainability efforts.

Starbucks, therefore, wins in this category since it is more environmentally conscious than Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros Overview

Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks

Dutch Bros was established in 1992 in Oregon by Travis Boersma and Dane. These two brothers wanted to start a coffee cart where they could sell espresso beverages. They named the business Dutch Bros in honor of their grandparents. After establishing this business, the brothers added four more carts two years later. By 1996, the company was sourcing coffee beans and roasting them.

By 2009, this company had 135 coffee stands in different states and was generating millions of gross revenue annually. Today, Dutch Bros has 538 stores in 12 states. It mostly serves customers in the western part of the United States. This company specializes in selling whole bean coffee drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, bottled beverages, made-to-order drinks, and merchandise.

Dutch Bros also sells some baked goods that you can order with your drink. By 2021, Dutch Bros had 19,000 employees and generated revenue of about $497.9 million. This company mostly operates as a chain. Since most of its stores are drive-thru stands, the company gives you the chance to get coffee more conveniently. This company is quite passionate about charity work since it donates a percentage of its sales to the community.

Starbucks Overview

Dutch Bros vs. Starbucks coffee

Starbucks is an international company that has been operating since 1971. Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker, and Jerry Baldwin opened the first Starbucks store in Seattle. By 1980, Starbucks had four states in the region. When Howard Schultz joined the company, he started working with Starbucks employees to help them develop sales skills and even created brochures to help customers learn more about Starbucks products.

By 2000, Starbucks had expanded on the west coast of the US, and sales continued increasing to billions. Today, Starbucks is among the last coffee houses in the world. It has 33,833 stores in 84 countries.

Starbucks specializes in selling coffee beverages and tea. It also sells smoothies and baked items that you can order for breakfast or lunch. You can also get some merchandise from this coffee house. One thing that makes it stand out is its rewards program, which enables customers to get free drinks when they earn certain stars.

Final Verdict: So, Which is Better? – Dutch Bros Vs. Starbucks

Starbucks is better than Dutch Bros. Though this coffee house offers more expensive drinks, it uses high-quality ingredients to make its drinks. The Starbucks beverages are not only delicious but also up to standard. Starbucks also has an edge since it gives you numerous customization options, is more environmentally conscious, and it has numerous stores in different countries.

It also provides a more welcoming ambience and has an extensive menu. The fact that this coffee house has more cup sizes makes it more captivating. Though Dutch Bros has good customer service, it has a long way to go.


How is Dutch brothers different from Starbucks?

Dutch Bros has more affordable drinks but a limited menu compared to Starbucks. The drinks at Dutch Bros are not as delicious as that of Starbucks since they are a little watery.

Is Starbucks coffee stronger than Dutch Bros coffee?

Yes. Starbucks coffee is stronger than that of Dutch Bros. It has a full-bodied flavor and an appealing aroma.

Which coffee is healthier between Starbucks coffee and Dutch Bros?

Starbucks coffee is healthier than that of Dutch Bros. You can find numerous Starbucks coffee drinks with fewer calories than the ones available at Dutch Bros.

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