3 best Starbucks coffee for headaches (Migraine-friendly Starbucks drinks, Starbucks drinks without coffee, tea leaves, or caffeine + More)

There are many reasons why you are dealing with a headache, and it is miserable and annoying. When it happens, it is always helpful to know the best Starbucks coffee for headaches.

Headaches are a common part of life, and I know that well as I live in one of America’s busiest cities: New York. Life here is always moving fast and it is easy to forget to take care of myself, and my body rebels by showing up with a headache – which is annoying to deal with.

You may be familiar with the struggle if you are reading this, but the good news is that there are Starbucks drinks you can take to alleviate the headache that is bothering you at that moment. Read on to find out more.

What causes headaches and migraines?

There is no specific cause for headaches and migraines, despite the years of research that have gone into finding out the cause. However, the theory behind it is that the pain may be due to changes in serotonin levels, a hormone that controls blood vessels and plays numerous other roles in the body.

When its levels are high, blood vessels constrict, while the vessels dilate if the levels are low; headaches develop due to this swelling. Migraines can also be due to fatigue, hormonal changes, menopause, illnesses, dehydration, or pregnancy.

Chances of developing frequent headaches and migraine problems can also increase due to certain risk factors, which are age, gender, and family history.

Can Starbucks drinks cure a headache?

Starbucks drinks without coffee

If your daily routine consists of drinking caffeinated drinks from Starbucks, you may experience some “caffeine headaches” when you fail to take your coffee or tea that day.

This is a common issue, and it is due to dilation of the blood vessels in your brain when you stop taking caffeine, which increases blood flow and a headache develops. If you take caffeine, doctors recommend that you boost your water intake to balance out the dehydrating effects of caffeine.

Therefore, not all Starbucks drinks will be good for you when you have a headache. Different drinks will have differing caffeine levels, although Starbucks offers certain drinks that are low in caffeine to help deal with headaches.

How we chose the best Starbucks coffee for headaches

Headaches are irritating to deal with, and you may quickly search for a Starbucks fix – but you should remember that it does not always need to be coffee. Certain drinks work better than others, so there are considerations I always have when looking for headache-dealing drinks:

  • Hydration – Dehydration is a common culprit for headaches and migraines, so choosing an electrolyte-containing drink is a helpful start.
  • Minerals and vitamins – Always rehydrate using a beverage that is packed with nutrients, especially minerals and vitamins.

When dealing with headaches, I learned quickly that I first needed to know the type of headache I was dealing with – whether it was due to stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, caffeine cravings, or other causes. My advice is to encourage you to take the time to know your triggers as well, as this will help you know what to do or whether you need medical assistance.

The key to using caffeine as a headache reliever is to consume it in moderation, as it will be less likely to lead to caffeine withdrawal issues. Avoid eliminating caffeine cold turkey from your daily intake if you are used to it because you will experience withdrawal headaches.

3 Starbucks coffee drinks for headaches

The unfortunate part of headaches is that you cannot use most coffee drinks to soothe them – including frappuccinos, espressos, and so on. Most headache-relieving drinks are non-caffeinated or tea options, as the key to fighting a headache is to limit your caffeine intake – the ideal is less than 400mg of daily caffeine, equating to about four coffee cups depending on the brewing time and its strength.

With this in mind, here are three coffee drinks you can order from Starbucks that will have a headache-relieving effect, especially if your headache stems from caffeine withdrawals:

Iced shaken espresso

Starbucks drinks without coffee, tea leaves

If you require some form of caffeine when dealing with a headache, you can try the Starbucks iced shaken espresso, which mainly consists of rich, full-body Starbucks espressos. The barista will dilute the caffeine by adding ice to chill it, sweeten it, and enhance it using milk, then shake it to mix the ingredients.

The taste will make you feel better, and it is also a convenient drink you can have at any time of the day. It also contains caffeine to give an energy boost.

Decaf coffee

Migraine-friendly Starbucks drinks,

If your headache is due to caffeine deprivation, which happens even to the best of us, consider taking Starbucks decaf coffee for a light boost without the side effects of high caffeine consumption. Understandably, high caffeine levels in your regular coffee can also trigger a headache or migraine, so the decaf is the perfect compromise if you want a lighter version.

If you want to dilute the caffeine further in this drink, get the iced decaf coffee as well – the ice will rehydrate you, as well as reduce your caffeine consumption.

Iced decaf Americano

 Starbucks coffee for headaches

Americano is among the simplest coffee drinks to order from Starbucks, as it only consists of water and espresso shots. If you are dealing with a headache, get the decaf version, and ensure it is iced as this will give a similar result to any iced decaf coffee.

Informative section

What is in a Starbucks medicine ball?

This mixture contains hot water, Peach Tranquility herbal tea, Jade Citrus Mint Green tea, steamed lemonade, and honey for sweetness.

Can Starbucks give you headaches?

Only if you consume high amounts of caffeine daily. The chances increase if you take at least three servings of Starbucks drinks high in caffeine.

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