How to Order a Regular coffee at Starbucks (How To Order Coffee At Starbucks With Cream And Sugar + FAQ’S)

Are you looking for a coffee store that sells high-quality coffee? If yes, Starbucks will not disappoint. Find out how to order coffee at Starbucks with cream and sugar.

Since I spend my days staring at a computer, I look for ways to unwind from time to time. A regular Starbucks coffee gives me the caffeine boost I need. If you enjoy this drink, you probably lack time to make your coffee drinks at work.

Starbucks can make your days easier since it offers coffee drinks that you can enjoy. I created this post to help you discover the regular coffee you can order from Starbucks. You will learn how to order them with cream and sugar by the end of the post.

How To Order Coffee At Starbucks With Cream And Sugar

You can easily order coffee with cream and sugar from this store if you understand its terms. To place your order, pay attention to the following.

  • Pick a cup size: Starbucks serves its coffee in different sizes, such as tall, venti, and grande. The price of coffee drinks differs according to the cup size you pick.
  • Select a liquid base: Starbucks makes some of the regular coffee drinks with water and others with milk as the base. If, for instance, you need the base of your drink to be milk, you can specify the type of milk you want it to come with. Some of the options available at most stores include 2% milk, non-fat, coconut, or soy milk.
  • Think about the temperature: As you order a regular coffee, you can choose the drink iced or hot. Specifying this can also guide the barista on the kind of cup they should use to prepare your drink.
  • Choose other customization: You can personalize regular coffee by adding or removing some of the ingredients. For instance, you can ask the barista to make your drink with heavy cream. Apart from sweetening the coffee with sugar, you can also choose to add more flavor to your drink by requesting some pumps of syrup. A barista can guide you on the flavors available.
  • Consider the amount of caffeine– The regular coffee drinks at Starbucks come with different amounts of caffeine. If, for instance, you don’t want so much caffeine, you can order a half-caffeinated drink. You can order your drink with extra coffee shots if you want more caffeine.

With that in mind, let us look at how to order coffee at Starbucks with cream and sugar.

Brewed coffee

Order a Regular coffee at Starbucks

Starbucks prepares this basic coffee with different flavors. Since this coffee brand brews coffee all day, you can try different blends and roasts if you have time. This is an affordable drink that is easy to order.

You can ask the barista to add cream and sugar to your drink as you place your order. Such ingredients alter the consistency and taste of your drink. They also increase the number of calories in the drink.


This is one of the regular types of coffee that Starbucks offers. It makes the beverage with hot steamed milk and espresso. As you order this coffee, you can tell the barista to add a double or single shot of espresso. The steamed milk gives it a creamy and rich texture that many customers enjoy.

You can order this coffee either hot or iced. Though Starbuck prepares this coffee with 2% dairy milk, you can also order it in other milk options, including plant-based if you are vegan. To sweeten this drink, you can add sugar or a pump of syrup. Feel free to ask for whipped cream to make this coffee creamer. Some customers even choose to add crunchy toppings such as cinnamon dolce on the whipped cream.


How To Order Coffee At Starbucks With Cream And Sugar

If you want to try a popular coffee drink from Starbucks, you should try an Americano. Many people enjoy the strong espresso taste of this coffee. Starbucks makes this drink with hot water and espresso.

As you order this drink, you can tell the barista to add sugar and cream to make it more delicious. The shots of espresso used in this drink can determine how strong it gets. For instance, if you ask for a double shot of espresso in this coffee drink, it will have 60 mg of caffeine.


This is a sweet and icy type of coffee that you can also order from Starbucks. It is made with a creme base or coffee and blended with ice. Though Starbucks makes most of its Frappuccino with whole milk, you can order your drink with heavy whipping cream. The Frappuccino drink often comes with sugar. Feel free to order this coffee beverage with a topping of chocolate drizzle and some whipped cream.

Informative section

What is the best regular coffee at Starbucks?

People have different opinions. While some feel that americano is the best regular coffee, others feel that latte coffee drinks are better.

How to order coffee at Starbucks with cream and sugar

Specify the name of the coffee drink you would like to order, then choose the cup size. Choose a milk option and ask for cream. You can then sweeten the drink with some sugar.

What is a regular black coffee called at Starbucks?

Starbucks calls this Pike Place roast coffee.

How do you order plain coffee?

Choose the cup size and then tell the barista to serve you either hot or iced coffee. Do not order any additions to your coffee.

What is a normal coffee called?

Normal coffee is called Arabica coffee. It is made from arabica coffee beans.

How do you order a Coffee At Starbucks With Cream And Sugar on the Starbucks app?

Once you open the app, focus on the bottom part of the screen that contains the order icon. Click on it and then choose the coffee type you would like to order. Customize it by asking for cream and sugar before completing the order.

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