Here’s How To Order Hot Tea At Starbucks (Best way to order A Hot Tea at Starbucks + FAQ’S)

Are you a tea lover? If yes, Starbucks gives you the chance to explore different kinds of tea. Find out the best way to order a hot tea at Starbucks.

Before Starbucks introduced a store around our neighborhood, we did not have a comfy store where my friends and I could enjoy a cup of hot tea. Things changed when a Starbucks store was established in our community. We spend most of our evenings there.

Finding a good store that prepares delicious tea is often a challenge for many people. If you can relate, Starbucks can help. I created this post to help you figure out the types of hot tea it offers. By the end of this post, you will learn the best way to order them. Enjoy!

Best way to order A Hot Tea at Starbucks

Tea is a rejuvenating drink that many people across the globe enjoy taking. You should learn how to order it at Starbucks if you are among them. Start with the following.

  • Specify the size: This Company offers hot tea in different sizes, including venti, grande, tall and short. Tell the barista the specific cup size you want to buy first for them to pick the right cup.
  • Pick the milk you prefer: As default, Starbucks includes 2% milk in its hot tea. Alternatively, you can order hot tea with whole or nonfat milk. It also offers other milk options that you can pick from, including coconut, almond, and soy.
  • Specify the sachets you want– You can, for instance, order hot tea with one or two sachets based on your preference. If you need two sachets, you can tell the person serving you to put one sachet in the cup and give you the extra one.
  • Decide what you would like to add to the tea-For instance, if you want to top the hot tea with some cream, you can ask the barista to leave some space for that on your cup. You can also add sweetener to the hot tea, such as cane sugar, honey, or brown sugar.
  • Choose a syrup: If you want the hot tea to be more delicious, you can also ask for a few pumps of syrup for your hot tea. Some of the syrups you can order for this drink include white mocha, hazelnut, caramel, or vanilla. These come at an extra cost.

Here are some of the famous hot tea drinks that you can order from Starbucks

Honey citrus mint tea

Order Hot Tea At Starbucks

Do you have a sore throat or flu? If yes, you should consider taking this Starbucks hot tea.

This is a popular type of hot tea that some people refer to as medicine ball due to its soothing properties. Many Starbucks customers also enjoy the delicious taste of this hot tea.

It is made by brewing peach tranquility and jade citrus mint green tea together. If you order this hot tea, you can ask for steamed lemonade, then tell the barista to sweeten it with some honey blend syrup. Since this hot tea contains about 16 mg of caffeine, taking it for breakfast can make you more alert throughout the day.

Teavana Royal English

If you like black hot tea, you can also try this Starbucks drink. This is a classic hot tea that is woody and malty. You can order this hot tea with some milk and a little sugar. Teavana Royal English contains around 40 mg of caffeine. Its flavor contains light flavor undertones. You can also enjoy this hot tea with some lemon. Feel free to order this hot tea in your preferred cup size.

Jade citrus mint

Hot Tea At Starbucks

The best way to order a hot tea at Starbucks is to order a sugarless one. This drink is healthy since it comes unsweetened. Jade citrus mint combines the bright notes of lemongrass, spearmint, and verbena with the flavors of green tea.

To order it, you need to ask a Starbucks barista for hot water and then request them to add the jade citrus mint tea bag. It contains around 40 mg of caffeine. Though the hot tea has no sugar, many people that have tried it find it quite refreshing. Starbucks has been using this hot tea to create most iced green tea beverages.

Peach tranquility

Though this hot tea is sweet, it does not contain any sugar. You can enjoy this hot tea at any time, including in the evenings, since it does not contain any caffeine. This is a hot brewed tea with lemon verbena chamomile blossoms, rose hips, candied pineapple, and peach. It is, therefore, a fruity drink that most Starbucks customers enjoy. To order this hot tea, simply tell the barista its name and order it with no sweetener.

Mint majesty

 way to order A Hot Tea at Starbucks

Are you looking for herbal hot tea from Starbucks? If yes, consider Mint Majesty. This is a refreshing hot tea drink that you can easily order. Since it is made with lemon verbena, it has a nice mint flavor. It is also made using spearmint and peppermint.

Like the previous drink, mint majesty does not have any caffeine. You can order this hot tea with no sugar. Most customers that have tasted this hot tea reveal that it is restorative and quite soothing.

Chai latte

Starbucks also accommodates caffeine lovers by offering hot tea called chai latte. This is quite popular among Starbucks customers. It has around 95 mg of caffeine. This black tea is infused with some spices like clove and cinnamon. As you order a chai latte, you can tell the barista to prepare your drink without any water if you prefer a stronger drink. Starbucks adds 2% milk when making this hot tea.

Vanilla chai latte

If you enjoyed the previous drink and are looking for something a bit different, you can order the vanilla chai latte. Order the vanilla chai latte, then tell the barista to flavor the drink with ginger juice, honey, and sugar. This is the best way to order a hot tea at Starbucks.

Informative section

What is a good hot tea from Starbucks?

A good hot tea from this company is one that has a nice flavor and is healthy. Choose hot tea that is easy to modify and comes with fewer calories.

Does Starbucks have warm tea?

Yes. If you prefer warm tea rather than hot tea, you can get one from Starbucks. Making some drinks warm allows Starbucks to accommodate even children who enjoy tea.

How much is a cup of hot tea at Starbucks?

The price depends on the type of hot tea and cup size you choose. It often ranges between $2 and $6.

What tea do they have at Starbucks?

They have different forms of tea, such as black tea, green tea, herbal tea, tea mixes, and tea lattes.

How do you order a hot tea on the Starbucks app?

Open the app, then identify the official name of the hot tea you would like to order.

Specify the cup size you prefer and modify it according to your preference. For instance, you can specify the syrup you would like in the drink and then place the order.

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