Does Starbucks Have Coffee Jelly? (What Starbucks Drink has Coffee Jelly?+ More Information)

If you thought that coffee jelly is a modern-day discovery, you thought wrong. It is an ancient dessert that is made from coffee and gelatin called agar. Does Starbucks have coffee jelly? Let’s find out.

Yes, Starbucks stores have coffee jelly in plenty. This dessert is as ancient as time. In the 1800s, the British cookbooks were all about coffee jelly, until the Japanese took notice of this delicacy and adopted it. It is now as common as a cup of water in Japanese restaurants and cafés. I love the coffee flavor and I would give any excuse to have coffee. In this case, I was lucky to bump into this coffee dessert at Starbucks and when I tasted it, all I could say was a bunch of wows. I do not know much about other coffee jellies, but all I can tell you is that Starbucks has got this one right. Let us break down all the information about the Starbucks coffee jelly.

What is Coffee Jelly at Starbucks?

Coffee jelly at Starbucks is a three-in-one treat comprised of vanilla custard sauce, whipped cream, frozen coffee, and coffee jelly in all its glory. Starbucks did not just introduce coffee jelly; it started making Frappuccino from this magical dessert too. At Starbucks, you can order a coffee jelly Frappuccino and take it away on a summer day. Starbucks took the ancient dessert and gave it a modern twist to attract the modern-day coffee drinker. If you want the dessert, you will get a layered indulgence that will make your day.

What is a Starbucks Coffee Jelly Frappe?

What Starbucks Drink has Coffee Jelly?It is a blended beverage that includes coffee jelly as a bottom layer ingredient. At this point, I believe that we all know what coffee jelly is. Starbucks is known to innovate and improve recipes that make it to the top of the chain. In this case, Starbucks took coffee jelly, a Japanese delicacy, and turned it into a blended beverage. The coffee jelly is made from a Starbucks roast of espresso. It is layered at the bottom of the cup and topped with ice blended coffee and thick whip cream to complete your summer dream.

What Starbucks Drink Has Coffee Jelly?

It is the caramel coffee jelly Frappuccino. The ingredients in its name can already spell to you exactly what you are getting yourself into. With all the ingredients blended, it is possible to wonder whether it is a dessert or a Frappuccino. Well, the Starbucks coffee jelly is somewhere in between. How then do you consume it? You can eat it with a spoon like other desserts or simply have it mixed up to a consistency that can be drunk using a straw. The bottom line is to feel the marvelous taste of this Japanese flavor.

How to order a Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

Coffee Jelly

Luckily, the item is found right in the menu so you do not have to describe it to the barista from scratch. Unlike some drinks, it is not a secret menu item. If you order at the counter or online, you are going to get a drink with coffee jelly at the bottom, creamy caramel Frappuccino with milk, coffee, and ice, topped with heavy whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Final Thoughts

The Japanese will no longer have all the fun; it’s time for others to get a taste of Japan’s finest dessert. If you have always wanted to have coffee jelly Frappuccino, grab it in summer and treat your mouth to an unforgettable delicacy.


How much is Starbucks Jelly?

The Starbucks coffee jelly Frappe tall is $5. 62.

Is coffee jelly sweet?

Yes, it is. The dessert however is not overly sweet.

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