Can You Bring Starbucks Coffee on a Plane? (Rules about Bringing Starbucks Coffee on a Plane + All you need to know)

If you are addicted to coffee and have to travel, you probably wonder if you have to give up your favorite drink on the plane.

You can bring Starbucks coffee on a plane after security. If you want to bring coffee from a Starbucks store in your area, ensure that it is less than 3.4 ounces. Finding great-tasting coffee on a plane is a challenge for many. Since I consumed burnt coffee on a plane, I stopped taking coffee on planes and started buying them at Starbucks after security.

I created this post to inform you whether you can bring Starbucks coffee on a plane. By the end of the post, you will also learn the rules that apply. Read on!

Can You Bring Starbucks Coffee on a Plane?

Before boarding a plane, you have to go through certain security checks. The TSA agents at the airport go through your luggage to ensure that you are not a security threat. Though you can bring coffee on a plane, you should consider buying this drink after security.

If you come across a Starbucks store past the security checkpoint, consider buying your coffee from there before boarding the plane. Feel free to carry a travel mug and fill it up with your favorite Starbucks coffee after going through security. The rule that is set concerning this is that the mug has to be empty at the security checkpoint.

Some passengers even bring an empty thermos with them and then fill it with Starbucks coffee past the checkpoint. This can help you keep the coffee warm for longer. You would, however, be violating the rules if you added alcohol to the drink.

Consider ordering espresso from a Starbucks store past the security checkpoint if you are carrying a lot of luggage. This is easier to consume than regular coffee since you can take a shot of espresso at the Starbucks store before boarding your flight.

If you buy Starbucks coffee before going through security checks, you have to comply with certain rules to be allowed to proceed. Since most planes also have coffee, you can also consider buying the drink on the plane. The problem with this is that you may spend more buying coffee on a plane than you would at a Starbucks store.

Rules about Bringing Starbucks Liquid Coffee on a Plane

Bringing Starbucks Coffee on a Plane

Every airport has specific rules that passengers have to follow before they can board a plane. One of the rules you should be familiar with is that liquids above 3.4 ounces are not permitted through security.

The TSA set this rule to prevent anyone from using liquids above this size to create harmful substances. If you want to buy Starbucks before you go through the security checks, you should ensure that it is in a small container. You then have to place it in a quart-sized bag. Ensure that the bag is also clear.

Most passengers who are used to taking coffee find the rules limiting since 3.4 ounces is about half a cup of the drink. According to airline regulations, passengers are not allowed to carry open alcoholic drinks on the plane. Adding alcohol to coffee as you board a plane could put you in trouble.

Can You Bring Ground Coffee On A Plane?

Apart from liquid coffee, you can also bring ground coffee on a plane. The TSA considers ground coffee as powder. You can bring ground coffee on carry-on baggage. If you wish to carry a lot of ground coffee on a plane, consider buying it from a Starbucks store past the security points. As long as your luggage has been inspected, you can bring with you as much ground coffee as you wish to the plane.

Rules about Starbucks Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee on a Plane

Bringing Starbucks Coffee on a Plane

According to the Transport Security Administration, you can bring ground coffee and Starbucks coffee beans on a plane. If you buy these before you go through the security check, you can place such products in carry-on baggage. If the ground coffee is not pre-packaged, you can place it in a container that has a secure lid or in a reasonable bag.

Ensure that the ground coffee you bring with you is less than 12 ounces to avoid breaking the set rules. The TSA sets regulations on such powdered substances and may not permit you past the security check with over 12 ounces of ground coffee. If you have more ground coffee, you may be subjected to additional screening. If the TSA agents are not certain of the safety of this substance, you may not be allowed past the security point.

Are you traveling back home with ground coffee from a different country? If yes, you have to declare all foods you bring to the US. Failing to declare such food items in the US Customs and Border Protection can lead to penalties.

Custom and Border Protection is keen on the origin of coffee beans and sets certain rules on such agricultural products. You should also beware of the random screenings that the CBP conducts on arriving passengers.

Passengers can also carry Starbucks coffee beans and ground coffee from the US to foreign countries. Once you get to the foreign country, you will have to go through screening one more time. Note that the rules on such substances sometimes vary depending on the country. In most countries, the ground coffee must be in the original packaging and not opened. Ensure you do some research before the date of travel to learn more about the rules of such agricultural products during international travel.


If you travel very early on a plane, you may need some coffee to keep you alert. The TSA sets certain regulations on such liquids. You can bring Starbucks coffee with you as long as it is less than 3.4 ounces during screening.

Alternatively, you can buy coffee past the security checkpoint at a Starbucks store. Ensure you don’t add any alcoholic content to the drink as you board the plane. The TSA also allows passengers to carry Starbucks coffee beans and ground coffee as long as they follow the set regulations.

FAQ section

Is it legal to carry hot Starbucks coffee to a plane?

Yes. This is legal as long you buy it after security. If you buy it before going through screening, you should ensure that it is less than 3.4 ounces.

Can you board a plane with any Starbucks coffee?

Yes. As long as the coffee is pure and does not have unauthorized substances such as alcohol, you can board a plane with it.

Can I take a cup of Starbucks coffee through airport security?

Yes, you can as long as it is not above 3.4 ounces. Alternatively, you can bring an empty cup or mug with you and then fill it with Starbucks coffee past airport security.

Are any Starbucks foods allowed on planes?

Yes. Though you can buy food from Starbucks in the airport past security and take it on a plane, solid food items are not allowed in carry-on bags. Ensure you place such foods in a checked bag.

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