Are all Starbucks coffee drinks available as decaf? (Ways to Order Starbucks Decaf Coffee Drinks + more information)

No. Though most Starbucks coffee drinks are available as decaf, some are not, such as cold brew coffee.

Whether you are sensitive to caffeine or dislike the taste of this substance, you can still drink Starbucks by ordering decaffeinated versions of drinks. I have been avoiding caffeine, especially in the evenings, since it keeps me up at night. Since I love Starbucks, I started looking for decaf coffee drinks that I could enjoy. I came up with this post to inform you which Starbucks coffee drinks are available as decaf and how to order them. Enjoy!

What are Decaf Starbucks coffee drinks?

Ways to Order Starbucks Decaf Coffee Drinks

Though Starbucks is famous for its coffee drinks, it also sells drinks available as decaf. Decaf coffee drinks refer to those that have minimal caffeine. Such drinks don’t have the same energizing effect as regular Starbucks coffee drinks.

Caffeine is a stimulant that has different effects on some people. Taking such a decaf Starbucks coffee drink may not make you feel more alert or cause any stomach irritation. Though most Starbucks coffee drinks have high caffeine content, most are available as decaf.

Any Mocha, espresso shot, Americano, cappuccino, macchiato, flat white, or latte is available in decaf. Some of the Starbucks drinks not available in decaf include cold brew coffee. Note that decaf is different from caffeine-free drinks. The two differ in that decaf drinks have most caffeine removed while caffeine-free drinks do not have any caffeine.

Which Starbucks coffee drinks are available as decaf?

Some new Starbucks customers often find the menu a bit overwhelming. If you are looking for Starbucks coffee drinks available as decaf, you can consider ordering the following.

Decaf iced Americano

Do you enjoy the bold flavor of this coffee drink but want it in less caffeine content? You can order the decaffeinated version. This is a combination of filtered water and espresso shots. A decaf iced Americano drink can keep you cool when it is served over ice. You can also order this drink with vanilla cream cold foam. This decaf coffee drink has between 18 and 45 mg of caffeine.

Decaf white chocolate Mocha

If you need a decaf coffee drink that is not bitter, you should consider this. This is made up of decaffeinated coffee, whipped cream, and white chocolate. While some Starbucks stores make it with steamed milk, others use almond milk or soy in its making.

Like the previous drink, this decaf coffee drink also comes in a bold flavor and has less caffeine content. You can ask a Starbucks barista to use whipped cream in its making. If you are trying to cut down on the calories, feel free to order it without such ingredients. Though Starbucks baristas add four white chocolate syrup pumps to this drink, some customers request three or two.

Decaf Caramel Macchiato

Though this coffee drink does not have a lot of caffeine, it has high sugar content that can lead to an energy boost. This decaf coffee drink is made with espresso, vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, and steamed milk. The caramel layer found on the top part of the drink quickly drops to the bottom. If you like it less sugary, you can ask the barista to add fewer pumps of syrup.

Decaf frappuccino

Starbucks offers different types of frappuccinos, such as cream and coffee frappuccinos. You can also skip out on high caffeine content by ordering a decaf frappuccino. This contains steamed milk and comes in different flavors. When you order the decaf frappuccino, a Starbucks barista can replace the regular coffee frappuccino syrup with decaf espresso shots.

Are there iced decaf drinks in Starbucks?

Are all Starbucks coffee drinks available as decaf?

Besides offering hot decaf drinks, Starbucks also has iced decaf drinks that you can try out. Some of them include:

Decaf iced shaken espresso

This is often made with different types of milk, including oat milk and almond milk. It also contains classic syrup, ice, and espresso.

Decaf iced latte

You may like this iced decaf drink if you enjoy foam and steamed milk. Besides these ingredients, it is also made with a shot of espresso and comes in a soft flavor. Consider the outside temperature before ordering a decaf iced latte.

Ways to Order Starbucks Decaf Coffee Drinks?

Starbucks gives customers a chance to order decaf coffee drinks differently. For instance, you can order through the Starbucks app. Start by installing the app, then open it. Explore the menu and identify the decaf coffee drink you want to try, then customize your order.

Once you place the order, the company will inform you when the order will be ready. Ordering through the app gives you the chance to earn some rewards. Alternatively, you can order the decaf coffee drink through the company’s website. If you lack extra space in your device for more apps, you should consider this option.

Starbucks displays its menu on its official menu to help you identify the desired drink. Once you place the order, you can collect the decaf drink at the nearest store. Some customers also order such drinks through Uber Eats. This app is easy to use since it allows you to identify the nearest store and order a decaf coffee drink at home. After placing the order through the app, a barista can deliver the drink to your home.


Since Starbucks tries to accommodate all its customers, it sells coffee drinks with and without caffeine. Though most Starbucks coffee drinks are available as decaf, a few are not. Compare the options available before placing your order.


How much caffeine is in a decaf iced coffee from Starbucks?

Though decaffeination removes most of the caffeine in this drink, it still contains about 1.56 ml of the element per fl oz.

Do Starbucks iced teas have caffeine?

Yes. Most Starbucks iced teas have caffeine in different amounts. Some of the iced teas from this company with lots of caffeine include iced matcha and ice and ice chai latte.

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