How Do I Reload My Starbucks Card? (Can You Purchase on the Starbucks App Without Reloading?)

Being a Starbucks lover, I enjoy the convenience of paying for my orders through my Starbucks Card and gaining points along the way, which helps me get extra rewards for being a great customer.

However, those cards can’t function without some money on them – and that is why I write this article, to help you know the ways you can top up your card. It is a very easy process, and I enjoy its convenience as much as I love paying for my coffee quickly and seamlessly.

You can reload your Starbucks Card in several ways, including visiting the card page on the website, visiting participating Starbucks locations and reloading the card in person, and using the Starbucks app on your Android or iOS phone.

If you are also wondering whether you can purchase your orders through the Starbucks app without loading it, the answer is no. Instead, you will need to make the purchase in-store. Additionally, you will not gain any stars, unlike an active Starbucks Card account.

How can I make purchases on the Starbucks app without reloading?

Reloading My Starbucks Card

Ordering through the Starbucks app will require your account to have some money through your card that links to your account. That means you cannot make purchases with an empty account – instead, you will need to make an in-store purchase and your purchases will not gain stars (which you can redeem later for rewards).

Instead of letting your account run dry because you forgot to reload it, you can adjust the settings to auto-reload your card once it reaches certain amounts, which will allow you to spend indefinitely without money running out.

To set up the auto-reloading system, you can do so in the following ways:

  • If you use the website – log into your Starbucks account, and choose the ‘Manage’ menu. It will show you the cards you use on your account, so you can activate the auto-reload option.
  • If you use the app – log into your Starbucks account, and click on the face icon that is in the corner on the upper right of the home screen. Click on the ‘Starbucks card and payment’ menu, and then choose the card you want to auto-reload. Turn on to activate the service.

If you want to check your Starbucks Card balance, you can do so through the website. On the website’s homepage, you will scroll to its bottom or where you see the ‘Check Balance’ menu. Click on it, and it will bring a series of fields where you enter your card information.

In the first field, type in your card number, while the security code should be in the second field. Select the ‘Check Balance’ button, and it will give you your card balance. Keep in mind that any changes you make to your account will take up to 24 hours to apply, although you can change your auto-reload preferences at any time.

Why do I have to reload my Starbucks card?

This is because you will need money on your Starbucks Card to purchase your drinks and food through the Starbucks app. The company institutes this policy to encourage frequent buyers to join the program, instead of paying for purchases using cash in-store.

Reloading the card is usually in the currency of your country, also known as the base currency. When using the same card to make purchases in a different country, the app will convert the transaction total from the currency of the new country to the base currency your app uses, and deduct the equivalent money from your account. It is worth noting that Starbucks Cards do not accumulate currency conversion fees or other payments when making these transactions.

Additionally, though the Starbucks Card balance uses your base currency, the balance your receipt shows is in the local currency that the store location uses.

Why can’t I reload my Starbucks Card?

Starbucks Card reloading

This usually indicates a problem with your credit card information or billing details. If this occurs, you can solve the issue by checking both of them, and calling Starbucks customer service if the issue does not resolve within 24 hours.

  • Check the information on your billing – make sure that your address and name match the information your bank or financial institution has on its records. Therefore, if you changed your name or moved recently, you need to change this in your billing information.
  • Check the information on your credit card – you will need to ensure the credit card assigned to you has a valid expiration date, and its security code is correct, as well as entering the correct security code on your payment information details.

If you ensure these parts are correct and the problem persists, you can contact your financial institution for advice, or the Starbucks customer service at 1-800-STARBUC for further help.

Can I cancel the auto-reload feature on my Starbucks card? – How do I stop Starbucks reloading?

Can You Purchase on the Starbucks App Without Reloading

As I mentioned in this article, any changes you make on your Starbucks card will take up to 24 hours to apply – and that includes canceling the auto-reload feature.

If you want to cancel it, you will need to visit the Starbucks website and log into your account to manage it. alternatively, you should call the customer service team at 1-800-STARBUC to disable the feature. Once you load any money on the card, you cannot reverse the transaction, so be mindful of this even as you choose to cancel the service.

Final thoughts

Starbucks cards are great to have because they make your purchases smoother and more convenient even when you are in a hurry – you additionally get stars that you can redeem later. Reloading the card is just as easy as using it to buy your favorite drinks, thanks to the steps they have implemented in their system.


Can you use a Target gift card for Starbucks payments?

Not all of them do; this will only apply to Starbucks locations within Target stores. Additionally, they will also allow you to use them when purchasing items you would not get in most Starbucks stores, including alcoholic drinks.

How do I stop Starbucks from reloading?

You will need to call 1-800-STARBUC or visit the website to cancel the auto-reload service.

Can you pay an exact amount on the Starbucks app?

Yes, you can, although this will only apply to customers based in Canada and the US.

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