Can You Change Your Starbucks Card or App Information? (How to Change Your Name, Image and Country on Your Starbucks Card or App)

As a faithful Starbucks customer, two things that work well for me are the Starbucks app and card. The fact that I do not have to drive to the store to order a coffee makes my life a whole lot easier. The truth is that the Starbucks app allows users lots of freedom, especially when they are traveling and also using various modes of payment. There are, however, many people trying to change up their user information, especially on the Starbucks card, and have no idea whether or not they can do it on the app. So, is it at all possible?

Yes, you can change up your Starbucks card details through your mobile app pretty quickly and easily. The app allows you to make major changes, saving you the pain of going to Starbucks physically.

This article breaks down several ways you can use the app to change various forms of information regarding your card through the Starbucks app.

How to change your Starbucks name on the Starbucks app

Change Your Name, Image and Country on Your Starbucks Card or App

If you are looking to change your Starbucks username through the app, follow these simple steps;

  1. Go to your phone menu and open the Starbucks app
  2. Once open, proceed to find the small profile icon located at the top of the app. Click on it.
  3. Navigate to a field labeled Personal Info and click on it.
  4. The app will display your username and allow you to key in a new one. Go on and type in your new preferred username.
  5. When you confirm the new name, proceed to hit Save.

Some customers complain that the app will not allow them to change their username on the app. One of the main problems that cause this issue is that the Starbucks application may not be updated. If you have not updated your application recently, go to your phone settings, click on Apps, find the Starbucks app and update it. If an update is not available, go on to Play Store and download an updated version that will allow you to change your Starbucks username on your phone.

Can I change my Starbucks Card Design?

Seeing as it is possible to change a username on the app, many people wonder whether they can change their Starbucks card design on the app. The app does not allow users to change the design of their Starbucks card, but it provides room for you to register a new gift card in-store. With the new gift card, you can transfer your balance and reward points and use it just as you did the old one. Here is how to change your card and create a new one.

How to change your Starbucks card on the app

Changing Your Name, Image and Country on Your Starbucks Card or App

Step 1: On your phone menu, open the Starbucks app then proceed to sign in.

Step 2: Once signed in, click on the menu icon located in the top left corner of your screen. Navigate to a field labeled Starbucks Card and proceed to click on it. You need to make certain that you are viewing the Starbucks Card. If you are not sure, click on it once.

Step 3: When you have made certain that you have selected Starbucks Card, select Starbucks Card On App. Go on and click on the card you would like to change.

Step 4: Key in your new Starbucks card number, and type its PIN in case it is applicable. Go on and click on Save to save changes.

Can I change the image on my Starbucks Card?

When it comes to the Starbucks card design, every card issued comes with its own unique image. It is not possible to change this image, so it is advisable to pick one that you like as you are going to have it for as long as you have the card.

How can I change my country or location in the Starbucks App?

How to Change Your Name, Image and Country on Your Starbucks Card or App

Seeing as Starbucks stores are available in many locations within and outside of the United States, it is possible to change your information from your mobile device from wherever you are, just as long as you have an internet connection and are in a region that has the Starbucks chain of stores. Here is how to change your location on the app.

Step 1: On the Starbucks app menu, go to settings and click on Add payment method.

Step 2: Once selected, go on to click on Credit/Debit Card. You will then be prompted to include your billing address. Proceed to add it in the field provided.

Step 3: When you have keyed in the billing address, go on and click on the box labeled Use as Mailing Address. Proceed to save your new card.

When this information is successfully included, your country information or card location will have been automatically updated.

You can also change the location using this alternative:

Step 1: Go to your mobile device’s menu and click on Settings

Step 2: When open, scroll to the bottom of the list and select Location

Step 3: On the Location field, go on and click on Country then proceed to select the country you now reside in. The change will automatically be updated on your app, but you will need to update the mailing address in the app.

In case, however, you notice that the location does not auto-update on the app, you may have to clear your cache. To do this, go to the Settings menu and tap on Clear Shop Cache. Confirm your request by clicking on Clear. After this, you will have no trouble updating your device’s location via your mobile gadget’s settings.

Can I add a new card to my Starbucks app?

It is possible to add another card to your Starbucks app so that you have the option of using more than one. Here are the steps to follow;

Step 1: On your mobile device’s menu, open the Starbucks app.

Step 2: On the top left corner of the screen, tap on the Menu icon and navigate to a field labeled Pay. Proceed to click on it.

Step 3: You will see several available options. Navigate to Pay and click on it, then scroll down to the bottom and select Add Another Card.

Step 4: Proceed to add all the information about the new card, then click on Save to add the new card to your Starbucks app.

Deleting or removing a Starbucks Card through the Starbucks app

In the same way that the app allows you to add another card, it can also allow you to remove a card you no longer use or need. Follow the steps below to remove a card from your app.

Step 1: Open the Starbucks app on your phone’s menu.

Step 2: Go on and tap on the field labeled Card, then proceed to select Remove Card.

Step 3: The app will prompt you to add your account’s password. Go on and key it in, then proceed to click on Save to successfully remove a card from your Starbucks app.

How to change your rewards details on the Starbucks app

Can You Change Your Starbucks Card or App Information?

If you are using iOS, follow the steps indicated below;

Step 1: On your phone, go to Menu, then proceed to select Settings

Step 2: Under Settings, go on and click on Accounts and Security

Step 4: Proceed to change the reward details you wish to alter on your phone’s Starbucks app.

If you are using an Android device, use the method indicated below;

Step 1: Go to your mobile phone’s menu and click on Settings

Step 2: Once open, proceed to select Accounts and Security, then find the Starbucks app

Step 3: Go on and key in the new reward details that you would like to add on your Starbucks app.

It is important to note, at this point, that changing your reward details is possible, but you cannot be able to change your date of birth on the app once you have registered as a Starbucks app and card user.


One of the best decisions Starbucks ever made was to develop an app that allows you to make a good number of changes on your phone without having to visit any Starbucks outlet, as well as a member card that allows you access to many Starbucks features and rewards. The good thing is, this application is available to both Android and iOS users, and the fact that it is easy to use only adds to the list of its advantages. With the app, you can change regions and even countries and still maintain access to the same benefits you were used to. If you still do not have a Starbucks card or app, make arrangements to get yourself one as soon as yesterday!


Can I change my email address on the Starbucks App?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is sign in to the app using your username and password. You can update your email address through the settings.

Can I use Starbucks app and pay with cash?

Yes, you can. It is possible to make orders on the Starbucks app and still pay with cash.

Can I use the Starbucks app in an airport?

Yes, you can. Your Starbucks app will work even in airport outlets as long as you update your location if you have changed countries or regions.

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