Can You Microwave a Starbucks Plastic Cup/Tumbler? Are All Starbucks Tumblers/Cups BPA-Free? All You Need to Know

The one thing that am not trying to do is destroy my Starbucks cup, so I have this clear plastic cup from Starbucks that I had ordered with a frappuccino one eventful morning. It has turned out to be my go-to cup whenever am at home and am really tempted to use it to warm some of the drinks that I take while at home. Is it possible to use it in the microwave without getting it destroyed let’s find out below.

No, you cannot microwave the plastic cups/tumblers from Starbucks as they are designed to only hold cold drinks. Generally, plastic cups are not to be used in the microwave, some of the kitchen cups are however safe to microwave. The above is the reason why you have to know how to identify a microwave-safe cup.

If you have a plastic cup in your hand, more so the Starbucks Plastic cup/tumbler you can just turn it and check the bottom part, for the microwave symbol. If you notice three wavy lines under your plastic cup then it means that it is microwave safe, it may be in the form of a brand or a braille symbol. And which also means that the cup is oven safe. The absence of that symbol should inform you that your plastic cup should not be inserted in the microwave.

Is the Starbucks cold cup reusable or BPA-free?

microwaving a Starbucks Plastic Cup

The Starbucks cold cup is reusable, it is characteristic sturdy sporting an updated siren logo. Starbucks has released a BPA-free version cup that allows individuals to enjoy their favorite iced or blended beverages. The construction of these cups is what makes them reusable as they feature a double wall that ensures the iced tea or coffee remains cool.

What’s more, is that the cups are made complete with a reusable ridged straw whose construction makes it rather difficult to lose. The reusable Starbucks cups come in handy for individuals who want to purchase their coffee in-store. Important to note is that the restaurant does not allow the re-usable cups to be used in the drive-through.

BPA is a material that is normally used to harden kitchen utensils including the plastic cups. Notable is that by using the BPA plastics, individuals get exposed to its accompanying risks. Thus cups that are not BPA-free are not safe for use in the microwave.

What’s more is that recycled plastic has numbers ranging from 1 to 7, and of the seven numbers, number 5 turns out to be the safest. While 3, 6, and 7 are extremely dangerous to use; while 1, 2, and 4 are considered safe for use.

Are all Starbucks tumblers/cups BPA-free?

A simple way to find out if the Starbucks cups/tumblers are BPA-free is by checking for the number 5 numeral. Which is considered the safest as it is the polypropylene type of plastic thus BPA free. Some of the Starbucks tumblers or cups do not have any wording at the bottom part. So, no not all Starbucks tumblers/cups are BPA-free. While others do have the #7 which falls under the category of other, or better yet plastic that is not BPA free.

Why Starbucks cups are not easily recycled?

 Is Starbucks Plastic Cup Microwave safe

Plastic is not bio-degradable and that is why there was an uproar when companies like Starbucks started manufacturing straws to go with their cold cups but which instead ended up in the landfills. Starbuck was, however, swift in handling this problem as they immediately introduced cold cups with lids that obliterated the need for a straw.

The Starbucks cups are a big deal and not for its clients alone but also for the company. But one thing that we have been keen on noticing is that the famous chain of restaurants hasn’t been able to shake off the impending problem with the single-use coffee cup. The problem being that it is lined with plastic and which makes it difficult to recycle.

Reasons Why It Is Difficult To Recycle the Paper Cups

Have you ever wondered why the current paper cups are so sturdy but always have that hard paper feel. What is even more surprising is that these cups don’t melt, warp or leak and even better is that they don’t compromise on the taste of your drink. You must have seen a lot of this type of Starbucks cups in bins or you must have been served with one.

Now the reason why these cups are so many is because they are cheap to mass-produce, they are also very light in weight and can be stacked in huge numbers for transportation. Starbucks paper cups can be recycled but the problem is the plastic lining. Now for the cups to be recycled the paper must first be separated from the plastic lining, and this is the process that recyclers find a little cumbersome.

If the recycling facilities tried to recycle the cups intact with the plastic lining then their machines would be jammed up. And the above is why plastic cups are not recyclable in most facilities. In its defense, Starbuck’s former vice president said that society is not ready for this kind of change, because for Starbucks to introduce compostable cups. It would mean that their customers should be able to recycle the cups at the Starbucks stores, in public places, at work, and in homes.

In essence, what the Starbucks vice president meant was that the recycling concept is a system and not only the company’s initiative.

Are Starbucks Plastic Tumblers Safe?

Are All Starbucks Tumblers/Cups BPA-Free?

Starbucks has two types of tumblers, the first one is the plastic tumbler that is only safe for use with iced drinks. They also have stainless steel tumblers that remain convenient when used with both hot and cold drinks.

The Starbucks plastic tumblers are made from Bisphenol (BPA) material and which is not recommended for use with both warm and hot drinks. The reason being that the BPA particulates would be released into the liquid.

The Starbucks plastic cups are made of polypropylene combined with 5.1% of recycled material. And the impending danger that Starbucks customers expose themselves to when they use the cup with hot drinks is that they could be contaminated from the leached chemicals. What’s more, is that when the plastic cup is heated the risk of contamination skyrockets and would be about 55 times faster than the normal rate.

What Are The Modalities Of The Starbucks Re-Usable Cups?

Starbucks allows its customers to re-use their Starbucks cold cups in their restaurants and this is what happens when you pop up with the re-usable cold cup at Starbucks.

When you present your cold cup to the barista, he/she will first check on the cleanliness of the cup. The re-usable cup will then be placed inside a ceramic mug and the beverage will be made contact-free. The barista will then hand over the re-filled cold cap, and after picking it up, you can pop on the lid and enjoy your drink.

The Re-Introduction of the Personal Re-Usable Cups by Starbucks

Starbucks has been keen on its client’s demands and in reducing the single-use cup waste. Besides the chain of restaurants has been working towards reducing waste by about 50% by 2030. The introduction of personal re-usable cups also enhances hygiene because the exchange process is absolutely contactless.

The Baristas will, therefore, use a ceramic mug to transport the ceramic mug through the bar. The company has also made it clear that it will only accept clean cups, meaning that customers should not carry dirty cups to the restaurant and expect them to be cleaned.

Starbucks Sodo 8 Re-Usable Cup Program

Can You Microwave a Starbucks Plastic Cup/Tumbler?

The Starbucks beverages served in Sodo 8 will be provided in reusable cups, in a bid to eliminate the single-use cups that have been observed to accumulate in landfills. Under this program, Starbucks clients can bring their own cups or enter the Borrow-a-cup program.

Individuals who chose to participate in this program, will first order their drinks as usual, but the drink will be served from the Borrow-a-Cup. The drinks can be taken from wherever the client wishes, but once done the customer will have to return the cup to any of the kiosks located around the building and in the kitchen area.

The cup will then be professionally washed and sanitized making them ready for another use. Important to note is that the cups can be used with both hot and cold drinks. And are provided in Grande, Venti, and Tall sizes, the cups are 100% recyclable.


Is Starbucks bottle BPA free?

Yes, the Starbucks travel coffee cup is BPA-free, it is also spill-proof and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Why can’t you microwave Starbucks cups?

You cannot microwave the Starbucks cups because on the inside they are made, with a plastic lining that makes it dangerous to microwave.

Why do Starbucks cups burn in the microwave?

The Starbucks cups burn in the microwave because the plastic lining melts causing the paper part to catch fire and burn.

Can I heat up a Starbucks cup in microwave?

No, you cannot heat up Starbucks cups in a microwave because they are made with a plastic lining that will melt.

Are Starbucks tumblers microwave safe?

The Starbucks tumblers are not designed for use in microwaves but you can use them with both hot and cold drinks.

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