Do Starbucks pods fit Tassimo (Do Starbucks coffee pods work in Tassimo? + Everything you need to know)

Coffee pods have been a lifesaver for people with a busy schedule or those always on the run but still want to enjoy a good cup of coffee. They are not only a faster way of making coffee but are also convenient in limiting waste. You don’t need to make an entire coffee pot only for it to go stale.

The was a time when a Tassimo coffee brewer and your selection of Starbucks coffee pods equaled the best cup of coffee, all in the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. As of several years ago, Starbucks stopped producing compatible coffee pods for Tassimo coffee machines. That means that your Starbucks pods won’t be able to fit in your Tassimo machine.

So, what do you do with your Tassimo coffee maker and probably a week’s or month’s purchase of Starbucks coffee pods? Not to worry, you aren’t at a completely total loss. Luckily for you, there are still compatible pods for the Tassimo machine and compatible machines for the Starbucks pods. In this article, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about them.

Do Starbucks Coffee Pods Work In Tassimo?

Do Starbucks coffee pods work in Tassimo?
Starbucks Coffee Pods. Source: Starbucks

Several years ago, Starbucks did produce pods that worked with a Tassimo coffee maker. Today. However, this is no longer possible. The Starbucks coffee pods that exist today can not fit into a Tassimo, so forget about even being able to use them. The reason is that the current designs of the pods are a different size and design from what you need for a Tassimo machine.

Starbucks has coffee pods that carry ground coffee in them which you use to make your quick cup of coffee. Pods used with Tassimo on the other hand are called discs or more specifically T-discs. They contain a barcode that the machine reads to know which kind of brewing system to use.

What Coffee Machines Are Compatible With Starbucks Pods?

 Like I said, just because the two are not compatible doesn’t mean that you should waste your hard-earned money and throw out your Starbucks coffee pods. While they may not be compatible with Tassimo, they are compatible with a few other coffee machines. The perfect example is the Starbucks Verismo coffee machine that allows you to use a variety of Starbucks coffee blended pods.

Outside of Starbucks, you can also use their pods with many Nespresso coffee machine models. Although some Nespresso compatible Starbucks pods may not be available in certain regions, they are slowly being introduced. For example in the UK, these pods were recently launched. You can also use the Dolce Gusto coffee machine models with Starbucks coffee pods. Some Keurig models are also compatible with the Starbucks K-cups, but only the K-cups because of their design and size that’s similar to original Keurig K-cups.

What Pods Are Compatible With Tassimo Coffee Machines?

Do Starbucks pods fit Tassimo
TASSIMO VIVY Coffee Machine. Source: TASSIMO

Tassimo only uses T DISC pods. They are made by and exclusively compatible with Tassimo machines. That means you can not use these discs with other brands like Nespresso. That is because they are designed differently compared to other pods. Instead of carrying coffee grounds or tea, the discs come with a unique barcode that can only be read by Tassimo machines, That means that other brands can’t replicate these discs.

The barcodes contain instructions on the type of drink you want the machine to make for you. So, Tassimo has partnered with 15 different coffee brands to offer you over 80 varieties of drinks. You can choose from regular coffee to espresso, to an Americano or latte, and even tea.

When it comes to the best Tassimo pods to try out, many people will have different answers. But according to the company recommendation, some of the best ones to try are Costa, Kenco Americano Grande, Baileys Latte Macchiato among many others. Recommendations for the best Espresso T DISCS are Jacobs Espresso and L’OR.


So, if you own a Tassimo coffee machine, you don’t have to feel disheartened about losing it. They may be an exclusive brand but you get the significant variety and coffee that can’t be replicated anywhere. The same goes for your Starbucks pods. Instead of throwing them away, simply find a compatible machine that’s within your budget and enjoy the best of both worlds.


Do Starbucks coffee pods fit Tassimo?

No, Starbucks coffee pods do not fit in Tassimo machines. That’s because Starbucks no longer designs pods for Tassimo.

Can Tassimo pods be used in any other coffee machine?

The Tassimo T DISCs are exclusively made for Tassimo machines, you can’t use them with any other brand, nor can other pods be used with Tassimo machines.

Can Starbucks pods be used more than once?

Technically yes you can but it is not recommended. There is a possibility that they could explode and damage your machine in the process.

Can all coffee pods be put in the recycling bin?

No, not all coffee pods are made of recyclable material. Only put coffee pods made of recyclable material in the recycle bins.

What’s the shelf life of Tassimo pods?

If left unopened most T DISCs can last for 9-12 months. If opened then they can only last up to 6 weeks. Always make sure you check the best before date while purchasing.

Can Tassimo T DISCs be used with Starbucks Verismo Machines?

No, the pods used for Starbucks Verismo machines have a different shape and design and therefore the T DISCs would not be able to fit.

How do I order my Starbucks coffee pods?

The pods are available online on there is a wide variety to choose from. Alternatively, you could also buy the pods from Starbucks-affiliated stores.

Are Tassimo and Nespresso pods the same?

No. The two are rivals because they have the same brewing methods but Tassimo relies on T DISCs while Nespresso relies on capsules.

Is a Dolce Gusto pod compatible with Tassimo?

No, Dolce Gusto pods differ in size and design from the Tassimo discs, therefore, cannot be compatible with them.

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