Starbucks pink drink vs. strawberry acai: are they really different?

Starbucks’ pink drink and strawberry acai refresher have a slight difference, but they share most of their ingredients. I have often seen people order a strawberry acai expecting to be handed a pink drink. The color is similar, but the taste is where the difference comes from. I also fell victim to this confusion once, and it inspired me to come up with this post. By the end of it, you will find out if these two drinks are different, so keep up.

What are the differences between Starbucks’ pink drink vs. Strawberry acai?


Pink Drink

Strawberry acai


Coconut milk, strawberry acai base( green coffee extract, sugar, white grape juice)

Water, strawberry acai base(green coffee extract, sugar, white grape juice)

Taste profile

Tropical creamy taste

Light, fruity taste

Caffeine/Nutritional Value

Caffeine-45mg per Grande, 140 calories,2.g fat, 25g of sugar, 28g of carbs

Caffeine-45mg per Grande, 90 calories, 20g of sugar,23g of carbs, o fat




Starbucks Pink drink vs. Strawberry acai-How they Compare

Starbucks pink drink

What it’s made of (ingredients)

The pink drink is made with strawberry acai base, coconut milk, and ice. The strawberry acai base has white grape juice, water, sugar, citric acid, natural green tea extract, and vegetable juice.

The Starbucks strawberry acai refresher has a strawberry acai base, water, and ice. This refresher does not contain coconut milk, and that is what makes it different from the pink drink. It is made only with water.

This category’s winner is the pink drink due to the coconut milk addition that changes texture.

Taste Profile

The pink drink is an infusion of coconut creaminess and passion accents. The coconut flavor introduces a tropical sensation to this drink.

The strawberry acai refresher is a moderately sweet drink that contains real strawberries. Its highlights are the low caffeine and the fruity taste that makes a great thirst-quencher for a hot day.

This category goes to the pink drink due to the coconut milk that changes its taste profile and differentiates it from the strawberry acai.

Caffeine/Nutritional Value

The Starbucks pink drink is mildly caffeinated. A Grande cup gives you 140 calories, 1g protein, 2.5g fat, 65mg of sodium, 25g of sugar, 28g of carbs, and a total 0f 45mg of caffeine.

The strawberry acai refresher contains 90 calories in a Grande serving. This drink has no fat and cholesterol and no proteins. It comes with 23g of carbs, 20g of sugar, and 45mg of caffeine.

In this category, the strawberry acai refresher wins due to its low calories and no fat.

Availability/ Accessibility

The Starbucks pink drink is available all year round. It joined the permanent menu in 2017 after its popularity skyrocketed.

The strawberry acai refresher is available all year round, and it’s the most popular refresher at Starbucks. You will rarely return empty-handed after ordering this refresher due to a shortage. It is easily accessible at the store o online via the Starbucks app.

In this category, we get a draw. Both sister drinks can be accessed at any time of the year at Starbucks or ordered online via the app.

Starbucks Pink drink vs. Strawberry acai: A comparison Overview

Starbucks pink drink-overview

Starbucks pink drink vs. strawberry acai

The pink drink is the sister drink of the strawberry acai. The coconut milk infusion introduces a tropical taste and makes it creamy. I liked how the coconut stood out and accentuated the flavor of this drink. The caffeine content was low but gave a good boost for a hot day. The only bad thing was the high caloric content that went to 140 for a Grande.

What I liked

  • I liked the coconut taste in the drink.
  • I liked the low caffeine boost, which was enough for a refresher

What I didn’t like

  • There were too many calories in this drink

Who it’s best suited for

  • This drink is great for someone who doesn’t mind a high caloric content

Starbucks Strawberry acai-Overview

Starbucks pink drink vs. strawberry acai: are they really different?

This is a go-to drink for any lover of strawberries, and its lightness is perfect for a hot summer afternoon refreshment. I liked the fruitiness that came a little lighter than ordinary fruit juice. This made me feel fully quenched and refreshed. I found it a little unsweet, considering I’m a sweet tooth. What I liked

  • I liked the lightness of the refresher that quenched thirst easily
  • I liked its low caffeine

What I didn’t like

  • I didn’t like that it was fairly sweet. A little more sweetness would have gone a long way.

Who it’s best suited for

  • This drink is perfect for those who like fairly sweet refreshers.

Final Verdict: So, which is better? Starbucks Strawberry acai or pink drink?

The pink drink carries the day in this comparison due to the touch of coconut milk in it. This milk is not only delicious but also nutritious. This drink is popular due to its refreshing ability and sweetness all in one cup.


Which one has a better flavor between strawberry acai and pink drink?

The pink drink has a better flavor due to the coconut mill addition.

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