Most Popular Starbucks Drinks Ranked (What are the most popular drinks at Starbucks and why + More information)

This article will help you know what are the most popular Starbucks drinks and why they are popular and what the composition of the drinks is.

When I first started visiting Starbucks, I used to have only one type of drink as I didn’t know how to choose any other drink without going through the menu. I used to have problems when it came to choosing some drinks in the drive-through as I didn’t know some of these popular drinks and it was frustrating seeing everyone else get some fancy popular drinks without much of a hustle. I made it a mission to learn about these drinks so that I could also enjoy variety like a Starbucks pro. My research on the most popular drinks at Starbucks opened a whole world of possibilities and in this article, I will share with you the most popular Starbucks drinks ranked and why they are popular so that you can also enjoy them like a Gram star.

6 Most popular Starbucks drinks ranked

For coffee drinkers

Pumpkin spice latte

Most Popular Starbucks Drinks Ranked
Starbucks white chocolate mocha, fall drink. Source: Starbucks

The pumpkin spice latte or simply PSL is a seasonal fall drink sold in Starbucks from August. This popular drink has an espresso base and is very sweet. It is made using espresso shots, 2% milk, pumpkin sauce, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, clover, nutmeg, and vanilla whipped cream. The pumpkin sauce gives the drink a yellow color with traces of espresso brown and white vanilla cream sprinkled with pumpkin spice. It’s a refreshing hot drink for cold days but is also available as an iced pumpkin spice latte for hot days. The drink is popular due to its pumpkin flavor that is associated with holidays and memorable times and was made quite famous by the use of social media. There are also many variations to the signature pumpkin spice latte leading to a line of pumpkin-flavored drinks.

Nitro cold brew with sweet cream

A nitro cold brew is a type of coffee brewed very differently from other types. Cold-brew is done by steeping coffee in cold water for 20 hours. The coffee is then stored in airtight bottles or kegs and stored cold. To make it a nitro drink, there is a nitrogen cylinder connected to the keg. The nitrogen and the coffee mix in the keg and when served it will fizz and form what Starbucks calls a nitro cascade. This is a layer of froth on top of the glass that the nitro cold brew is in.

Several variations of this drink are possible by using nitro cold brew as a base and customizing using syrups, spices, and other toppings. The most popular drink is sweet vanilla cream nitro cold brew which is a mix of Starbucks nitro cold brew, vanilla syrup, and whipping cream. Note that nitro cold brew is not served with ice or straw and is only available in Tall and Grande options to have the best nitro cascade and the velvety taste of the drink.


What are the most popular drinks at Starbucks and why
Starbucks chilled Frappuccino, coffee based drink. Source: Pinterest

This is a registered Starbucks trademark for its line of iced coffee-based drinks. They consist of a coffee base, creams blended with ice then topped up with whipped cream and spices. The most popular Frappuccino is vanilla bean crème Frappuccino made from espresso shots blended with vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, and topped with vanilla cream.

For non-coffee drinkers

Matcha green tea latte

Matcha is finely ground green tea leaves from Japan. This tea is mixed with water, unlike other tea that is steeped when brewing. The mixture will be green in color and have a thick consistency. Matcha green tea latte is made using this Matcha mixture and steamed milk. It has earthy, fresh tea, and bitter taste but can be sweetened to your liking. The cup is served with ice to make an iced Matcha green tea latte.

Hot chocolate

Most Popular Starbucks Drinks Ranked
Starbucks hot chocolate with steamed milk. Source: Starbucks

This is another simple but very popular drink served at Starbucks. It is a very comforting hot drink for cold weather. It is made using chocolate, steamed milk, and sweetened using sweet creams. It is one of the first items on a Starbucks menu since its inception and has continued to be loved by many.

Refreshers and coffee free Frappuccino

Starbucks offers a lot of fruity refreshers mostly served cold. The most popular refresher is the acai refresher. It is a light pink colored drink with a strawberry flavor. It has also been a base for some of the most popular secret menus like the pink drink, TikTok drink, and many more.

Informative section

How are popular Starbucks drinks ranked?

The most popular drinks at Starbucks can be ranked in different ways like coffee-based and non-coffee drinks, hot brews and cold brews, hot and iced drinks and so much more. Under coffee, you may also rank the drinks as caffeinated and decaf which means the caffeine has been reduced by about 70%.

How do you order the popular drinks at Starbucks?

To know how to order these drinks correctly you need to use the Starbucks etiquette that dictates that:

  • Start with your drink temperature i.e. hot or cold/iced for the barista to choose what cup to start making your drink with.
  • Choose the drink size. Starbucks has short, Tall, Grande, Venti cold/Venti hot, and Trenta sizes.
  • Then choose the drink customization like sugarless vanilla syrup.
  • Choose your drink type i.e. latte, Mocha, tea, etc.
  • Add any special instructions on add-ins like ‘with 2 pumps of vanilla syrup and 2 pumps of caramel syrup’. The choice you make will make your drink unique. This step is important, especially for secret menu items.

What is the most popular Starbucks drink in the world?

The most popular drink at Starbucks is brewed coffee. You will find 2 pots of freshly brewed coffee in every Starbucks store in the world at any time and that has been the standard for a while now.

What was the number 1 Starbucks drink this year?

the number 1 Starbucks drink is the vanilla latte. It is a very classic drink made using espresso shots, milk of your choice, and vanilla syrup. There are several recipe variations but the signature vanilla latte is the most popular

What is the most popular TikTok Starbucks drink?

The most popular TikTok Starbucks drink is the TikTok drink. The name came from the following the drink gathered on the social media platform. You can have this drink by asking a Starbucks barista for an iced Venti acai refresher with 3 scoops of strawberries, and 3 scoops of blackberries blended with a matching size scoop of ice.

What is the most popular drink in Starbucks for teens?

For teens, Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino is the most popular. It is a yummy mixture of ice, milk, caramel syrup, and a splash of Starbucks coffee blended and topped with caramel sauce, whipped cream, and dusted with caramel sugar. This drink is also available in decaf.


Many popular drinks are very interesting and the best way to find your favorite is by looking at the ingredients and trying the drinks. The best thing is that the drinks are very customizable meaning you can reduce the sweetness and also the caffeine levels to your liking.

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