Here’s How To Order A Hazelnut Iced Coffee At Starbucks (Best way to order A Hazelnut Iced Coffee at Starbucks + FAQ’S)

If you enjoy coffee, you should try out a hazelnut iced coffee drink. Starbucks offers different hazelnut coffees. Discover the best way to order a hazelnut iced coffee at Starbucks.

The first time I ordered iced coffee from Starbucks, I felt intimidated. I was standing next to a customer who was ordering a similar drink. When I heard him order, he sounded like he was speaking in code. Though I had mastered my order, it suddenly disappeared after hearing him order his drink.

Making the right choice can be confusing, considering the numerous forms of iced coffee drinks on the Starbucks menu. I created this post to help you order a hazelnut iced coffee drink easily. By the end of this post, you will understand how to place your order.

Best way to order A Hazelnut Iced Coffee at Starbucks

Best way to order A Hazelnut Iced Coffee at Starbucks
Hazelnut Iced Coffee from Starbucks. Source: Pinterest

Hazelnut is a fruit from the hazel tree, which has been in use for numerous years. Starbucks incorporates this fruit in its iced coffee drinks to create unique and sweet beverages that everyone can enjoy.

It flavors this drink using natural or synthetic oils from beans and nuts. In creating hazelnut iced coffee, Starbucks uses old or low-quality coffee beans. Taking a hazelnut iced coffee can help you enjoy the caffeine kick and the nutty taste of this fruit. You can pick from the various types of Hazelnut Iced Coffee drinks available at this store.

As you place your order, you should first understand the main components of your drink. These are often coffee, ice cubes, milk, and hazelnut. Starbucks allows you to modify this drink differently according to your preference. For instance, you can modify it by asking for syrup. Different syrups, such as hazelnut syrup, vanilla, or cinnamon dolce, can sweeten hazelnut iced coffee.

Some customers also choose to sweeten the iced coffee drink with sugar or stevia. Feel free to ask the barista to sprinkle some form of powder such as Nutmeg on your drink. Take your time to decide the correct cup size you would like to choose as you order this drink. Once you make up your mind, the Starbucks barista can pick the right cup before they begin preparing your iced coffee.

If, for instance, you order the hazelnut iced coffee drink, you may need to order some of the ingredients in more quantities as compared to ordering it in a small cup. Most Starbucks customers choose large cup sizes to try and compensate for the less coffee in the drink due to the extra ice that baristas add. However, if you are trying to lower your calorie intake, you can order a hazelnut iced coffee drink in a small cup. Here is how to order hazelnut iced coffee at Starbucks.

Hazelnut mocha coconut milk macchiato

Best way to order A Hazelnut Iced Coffee at Starbucks
Hazelnut mocha coconut milk macchiato. Source: Starbucks

Do you need an iced coffee drink that can keep your body cool on a hot day? If yes, you can order this Starbucks drink. This is a great beverage for fans of chocolate and coffee. Starbucks prepares this beverage using coffee, ice, and steamed coconut milk.

You can tell the barista to add hazelnut syrup to your drink as you order this drink. The steamed coconut milk and hazelnut syrup are from Sumatra. Feel free to request a delicious topping and finish like mocha drizzle and espresso shots. If you wish to sweeten this drink, you can ask the barista for stevia.

It is also a healthy drink since it contains only 180 calories. You can still enjoy this iced coffee drink if you are vegan since it does not contain any animal-derived products. Starbucks serves two versions of this coffee drink, including the iced and hot versions. You can order the iced coffee in a grande size. You can even learn how to prepare this hazelnut iced coffee drink from the comfort of your home. Some people find this option a bit cheaper.

Hazelnut Malt Frappuccino

This delightful drink can be a great substitute for the regular cup of coffee you take every morning. The drink can spice up your day and keep you more energized. The best way to order a hazelnut iced coffee at Starbucks is to order it with a scoop of vanilla bean powder.

Ask the Starbucks barista for a tall cup of vanilla bean Frappuccino, then request two pumps of hazelnut syrup. If, for instance, you are ordering the ice coffee drink in the tall cup, you can ask for two pumps of hazelnut syrup. On the other hand, you need to order four pumps of this syrup for the venti cup.

You should then tell the barista to sprinkle some Nutmeg powder on the iced coffee drink. 2 shakes of this powder is sufficient for a grande cup. Many Starbucks customers like this drink due to its spicy touch and nutty taste. It is a great iced coffee drink for people who like vanilla more than chocolate.

Blonde hazelnut latte

Here’s How To Order A Hazelnut Iced Coffee At Starbucks
Blonde hazelnut latte. Source: Starbucks

One of the reasons why this is among the most popular hazelnut iced coffee drinks at Starbucks is its delicious taste. Starbucks makes this drink with two shots of blonde espresso coffee and milk. If you choose to order this drink, you can ask the barista to add three pumps of hazelnut syrup to sweeten it.

Most health-conscious customers, however, like it unsweetened. Consuming it without any syrup lets you enjoy the taste of soft roasted coffee. This is a great iced coffee drink that you can take in the morning to enhance alertness. It contains 180 calories, 170 mg of caffeine, 25 grams of sugar, and 7g of fat.

Apart from taking this iced coffee when it is iced, you can still order it hot when you wish to warm your body. Since this drink comes caffeinated, you cannot get it in decaf. Despite this, Starbucks allows you to order the iced coffee drink in any cup size you prefer, including venti, grande and tall.

Hazelnut Bianco latte

Starbucks keeps expanding its hazelnut iced coffee drinks menu by introducing such unique drinks. If you have tried the drinks above and want something slightly different, try out this iced coffee drink. Since it is a latte, Starbucks prepares this drink with espresso coffee and hazelnut-praline infused milk.

Order this iced coffee drink with syrup like vanilla or cinnamon dolce. Such syrups can make your drink sweeter. Some people also add white chocolate while making this iced coffee drink. This is the best way to order a hazelnut iced coffee at Starbucks.

Hazelnut Bianco latte contains 190 calories, 135 mg of caffeine, and 36 grams of sugar. The number of calories in this hazelnut iced coffee varies based on the cup size. You can order this drink in a grande, venti, tall or short cup. Since making this iced coffee drink is easy, you can learn how to prepare it so that you never miss out on the drink if you cannot make it to a

Starbucks store.

Informative section

Does Starbucks have iced hazelnut coffee?

Yes. Starbucks offers different types of hazelnut iced coffee that you can order. Some of them include hazelnut Bianco latte and blonde hazelnut latte.

How do you order a sweet iced hazelnut coffee from Starbucks?

Since Starbucks baristas are quite accommodating, they accept different orders. You can ask one to make the iced hazelnut coffee and then add syrup like vanilla or hazelnut syrup to sweeten it. You can also sweeten the iced coffee drink with sugar or stevia.

Does Starbucks still have hazelnut?

Starbucks once experienced a massive shortage of ingredients like hazelnut syrup due to supply chain issues. It, however, resolved this fast and continued offering hazelnut iced coffee drinks. If you lack this drink in one store, you should try to order it online through the Starbucks app.

Is there actual hazelnut in Starbucks hazelnut coffee?

Yes. According to reports, Starbucks hazelnut coffee contains actual hazelnuts. You can tell this from the nutty flavor of such drinks. Starbucks does not use any artificial ingredients to make hazelnut coffee.

Is Starbucks hazelnut coffee good?

Yes. Most Starbucks hazelnut coffee drinks are good since they are delicious and contain low-calorie content. For instance, the Hazelnut mocha coconut milk macchiato has only 180 calories. The hazelnut flavoring is also good since it is vegan-friendly. Hazelnut coffee does not come with any sugar.

How do you order a Hazelnut Iced Coffee on the Starbucks app?

Go to the app, click on the order icon, and choose a specific hazelnut iced coffee drink. You can then modify it as you prefer. For instance, you can order an iced coffee with hazelnut syrup instead of classic syrup. Specify the cup size before placing your order. You can then pay for the drink and choose a nearby Starbucks store to pick it up. Ordering this drink through the app can save you time since it can prevent you from standing in line for long.

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