What is the sunset drink at Starbucks? (What is the sunset drink at Starbucks made of? + More information)

You might have seen the Starbucks sunset drink trending on social media platforms due to its incredible taste and innovative features. This might have prompted you to ask yourself, what is the sunset drink at Starbucks?

Starbucks launched its sunset and sunrise drinks in honor of the first day of summer. The secret menu drink is exceptional and super refreshing hence why it attracted a lot of popularity. Starbucks sunset drink is a combination of raspberry and lemonade iced tea syrup in order to create a striking color-blocked drink.

I did not know of this drink until recently when my friend introduced me to it. During the summer, I am always a huge fan of Starbucks cold brew coffee due to its bold and rich coffee flavor. However, last summer, I joined my friends, who introduced me to the exceptional sunset drink. I was amazed at how this drink’s distinct layers and bright colors slowly fade into each other, recreating how the sun sets.

What is in the Starbucks sunset drink?

Starbucks sunset drink is made from a combination of high-end ingredients to achieve its deep pink color. The drink contains lemonade, ice, raspberry syrup, and Teavana Passion Tango and has toppings of sweet, velvety Passion Tango herbal tea cold foam, which contains milk.

However, there are two versions of this drink, the iced tea lemonade sunset drink, and the mango dragon fruit refresher. The lemonade version of the sunset drink contains lemonade and iced tea, while the other version contains Starbucks mango dragon fruit lemonade refreshers beverages.

The major difference between these two drinks is that the iced tea lemonade Starbucks sunset drink has fewer calories compared to the mango dragon fruit version.

How do you make a Starbucks sunset drink?

What is the sunset drink at Starbucks made of?

As mentioned above, there are two versions of the Starbucks sunset drink; the iced lemonade version and the Starbucks mango dragon fruit refresher. To make the iced tea Starbucks drink, the barista mixes peach juice, ice, raspberry syrup, and iced green tea and shakes them together. The iced green tea used to make this drink has caffeine.

The barista leaves a little space to top the drink with the pink-colored passion tango tea. If done carefully and slow, there is a nice and distinct separation between the two layers. The lemonade provides the drink with a little zing, while the peach juice provides a nice fruity flavor and sweetness when shaken well with lemonade and green tea.

Additionally, the raspberry syrup is an optional additive in this drink, as you can skip it if you want a low-calorie drink that is now overly sweet. Lastly, the pink color passion tango tea added as a topping to this drink gives it its hibiscus flavor.

What does Starbucks sunset drink taste like?

The iced tea lemonade version of this refresher has a fruity taste with hints of mints, thanks to its delightful mix of ingredients and flavors. You can regulate the sweetness of this drink by choosing not to add raspberry syrup to it. It is, therefore, a great iced option for the summer due to its refreshing taste that is not overly sweet.

On the other hand, the mango dragon fruit version of this fruit will give you a mixed flavor of peach, mango, and a dash of strawberries. The colors and appearance of the layers of this drink reflect and complement its magnificent taste.

However, since iced tea is unsweetened, it might not be the best option for a sweet tooth. The iced tea has more natural sugars.

How do you order the sunset drink at Starbucks?

What is the sunset drink at Starbucks?

The lemonade version of the sunset drink is not on Starbucks’ official menu. However, the mango dragon fruit refresher is present and you can order it via your phone or physically, and have it customized to your preference.

However, with the lemonade version, you must be specific with details when ordering this drink to help the baristas customize it perfectly to suit your preferences. For example, when ordering the iced tea version of this drink, which is simply raspberry syrup shaken with iced peach green tea lemonade and topped with passion tango tea, you have to follow the following steps;

  • Order the foundation of the drink first; the iced peach green tea lemonade. This lemonade comes in different sizes, and thus you must be specific with the size you want when ordering.
  • If you are ordering physically, the next step is to customize your drink. You first order raspberry syrup and add it to the lemonade. And then ask for the toppings, which is the passion tango tea.

It is important to note that you cannot order this drink via the Starbucks’ mobile app, as it will be hard for you to customize the drink perfectly. Additionally, there is no additional charge for customizing this drink.

What is the nutritional value of the Starbucks sunset drink?

The different variations of Starbucks sunset drinks have different nutritional values depending on the ingredients and additives used. The iced tea version of this refresher, the Starbucks mango dragon fruit refresher, will give you 90 calories in a grande, while the same size lemonade version will give you 150 calories if the raspberry syrup is added.

Additionally, the original version of this drink has 21 grams of carbs, making it 4% calories and 7% carbs of the daily value. This version also has 30 grams of sugar, which is pretty decent as it accounts for 30% of the daily value. Unless you add raspberry syrup, the lemonade version of this refresher is sugar-free hence a great option for low-sugar days.

Final thoughts

The Starbucks secret menu sunset drink is undoubtedly an exceptional drink both in appearance and taste. You can customize the drink to meet your taste preferences as well as the nutritional value you want to gain from it. The sunset drink is among the low-calorie refreshers Starbucks offers and thus might be the best option if you are an enthusiast of healthy living. All in all, this drink is delicious and amazing; hence I highly recommend it to anyone.

FAQ Section

How much is the sunset drink from Starbucks?

Though the price of this drink will vary depending on the Starbucks location you visit, the average price of a grande-size sunset drink will cost you $5.75, including taxes.

Is the sunset drink at Starbucks healthy?

The Starbucks sunset drink is not completely healthy as the lemonade version of this drink contains 36 grams of sugar despite having a low-calorie content; of 150 calories. On the other hand, the mango dragon fruit version has 21 grams of sugar and 90 calories, making it a healthier option.

Does Starbucks sunset drink have caffeine?

Yes, both the iced tea lemonade version and the mango dragon fruit version of Starbucks sunset drink contain caffeine since the green tea that is part of its ingredients has 25mg of caffeine in a grande. Green tea has significantly low levels of caffeine since it is unroasted.

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