What peach juice does Starbucks use? (Does Starbucks still have peach juice? + More information)

You probably had a Starbucks peach drink on a hot summer afternoon and wondered, “What peach juice does Starbucks use?” Read on to find out everything you need to know about peach juice in Starbucks.

The peach juice that Starbucks uses is peach flavoured juice. After the discontinuation of the peach syrup, I was curious as to whether peach juice will still be on the menu. Starbucks does still offer peach juice. The introduction of peach juice was a result of the company trying to take a different approach to flavour their iced teas.

What brand of peach syrup did Starbucks use?

The peach syrup used by Starbucks was the Starbucks Fontana Peach syrup. Starbucks used this syrup to add a flavour of fresh peaches to their beverages.

Does Starbucks still have peach juice?

Does Starbucks still have peach juice?
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Yes. Starbucks has peach juice. Starbucks still offers peach juice on their menu and there are several drinks that you can order that are blended with the peach juice.

Why did Starbucks discontinue peach juice?

The peach juice was not discontinued by Starbucks. The peach-flavoured syrup was the item that was discontinued. As reported by the company’s spokesperson, Sanja Gould, this was a result of Starbucks taking a new approach to flavouring iced teas. Fruit teas that can be mixed with your tea instead of the sugared syrups were introduced.


How do you order a peach drink at Starbucks?

Generally, a peach drink is a fruit and botanical blend, consisting of ripe peach flavour notes, moderately sweetened by liquid cane sugar and mixed with the premium Teavana white tea and lemonade.

To make your order, begin by ordering a Venti Mango Dragon Fruit refresher without water or any inclusions. Next, request for it to be made with half peach juice, two pumps of vanilla syrup and a splash of coconut milk. You can now enjoy your drink.

Alternatively, you can order the secret peach drink by starting with a base of Black Iced Tea Lemonade, half sweet, then 3 pumps of liquid cane sugar, request for the Iced Green Tea to be added to the mix and top it all off with a splash of soy milk.

What is the peach refresher at Starbucks?

A refresher at Starbucks is a slightly caffeinated iced beverage made from the green coffee extract and real juice. The peach refresher is a bubbly drink made from sweet peach and tart passion fruit juices blended with coconut water.

What peach drinks does Starbucks have?

The following are some of the peach drinks that Starbucks offer for those who cannot get enough of peach;

  • Iced Peach Green Tea
  • Peach Tranquility
  • Le Peach Frappuccino
  • Peach Apple Lemonade
  • Teavana Sparkling Peach Nectarine Green Tea


Although Starbucks is known for syrup sweetened drinks, you can get a more healthy drink flavoured with real juice. The Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion Lemonade and Iced Peach Green Tea are great options.

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