How to Order a Root Beer Float on the Sonic App (can you order root beer float on the sonic app?)

Do you want to avoid those horrid queues and save time when you crave your favorite Root Beer Float at Sonic? This is how to order a root beer float on the Sonic app.

To order a Root Beer Floats on the Sonic App, log in to the app to reveal the menu. Select the ‘Drinks’ section, then the Root Beer Float, your size, and any customizations like extra toppings and flavors. Select your pick-up location, time, and payment method. Finally, place your order. That’s it! So easy and convenient 😃. There’s nothing I love more than the delightful treat of a root beer float at Sonic to light up my day until I think about hanging around to wait for my order. Sometimes, I want to take my time and explore potential toppings and flavors that can take my experience to the next level. Luckily, you can order this funky delicacy on the app and save time 😁. So, next time you crave a delicious icy treat, look no further than the root beer floats on the Sonic app. Read on to discover more about the root beer float, available sizes, and so much more!


What is the root beer float on the Sonic app?

can you order root beer float on the sonic app?
Root beer float. Image source: sonicdrivein

The root beer float is a classic beverage on the Sonic menu comprising Sonic’s signature Barq’s root beer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you haven’t tried this already, this is your cue. The beverage is a unique blend of sweetness and hints of sourness that will tantalize your taste buds. The root beer is naturally sweet and combines splendidly with vanilla ice cream, making it sweet, creamy, and refreshing. The tanginess from the root beer balances beautifully with the sugar. The beverage is frothy at the top from the ice cream and the beer’s fizziness, creating a bubbly effect. It is adequately blended to give a smooth texture with every sip.

The root beer float is served cold and is perfect for a hot afternoon, some energy boost, or relaxing after a long day. You can take it as a dessert drink or a snack. If you are wondering, the beverage is non-alcoholic 😂 and does not contain caffeine. You can customize it by adding extra scoops of vanilla ice cream, flavors, syrups, or toppings like cherries to create your perfect root beer floats 😍.

What are the sizes of root beer float on the Sonic app?

can you order root beer float on the sonic app?
Sizes of root beer float. Image source: sonicdrivein

The Sonic root beer float comes in 5 sizes! They have the mini, small, medium, large, and route 44. A mini is 10 ounces, a small is 14, a medium is 20, a large is 32, and a route 44 is an astounding 44 ounces! I don’t know how thirsty you’d have to be for that one 😅. The beverage is quite sweet, so I’d recommend starting with a mini and working your way up.

How much is a root beer float on the Sonic app?

A small root beer float is around $2.49. The price varies depending on size and location. A mini root beer float is around $ 2.09, a medium is around $3.09, and a large is around $4.39. If you prefer to customize your beverage, extra charges may apply for toppings like real fruit.

FAQ Section

Can you order a root beer float for delivery?

Yes, you can. To get the beverage at your doorstep, use a third-party app that can deliver to your location, such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub.

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