How to Order Cuban coffee at Starbucks ( What is Cuban coffee at Starbucks?)

Do you ever crave Cuban coffee, but the thought of a complicated ordering process always discourages you? Well, you are in luck, as this article will tell you how to order Cuban coffee at Starbucks.

To order Cuban coffee in Starbucks, you must go to a physical store or drive-thru. Ask the barista for a “short black” with sugar. Alternatively, you can ask the barista to make you a cade cubano or a Cubano con leche.

When I first moved from my motherland, Cuba, to L.A., I struggled with craving my native Cuban coffee. However, ordering it was challenging since I didn’t know how to use an app, the customization options, or even the available cup sizes. Luckily, a colleague at work enlightened me on the process, and after ordering several times, I finally got the hang of it, and now I know how to order my Cuban coffee with no problem. If you are struggling with a similar plight, and have no idea how to order cafe cubano in Starbucks, keep reading. This article has all the information you need.

What is the Cuban coffee at Starbucks?

Cuban coffee, also known as cafe cubano, is a unique coffee from Cuba. It is a potent blend of dark roast coffee beans and sugar. The coffee is made by brewing dark roast coffee beans with sugar, giving it a distinct flavor.

After brewing the coffee, it is served with condensed milk (sweetened) and a shot of espresso. The uniqueness of Cuban coffee comes from brewing the coffee beans in sweetened milk, unlike regular coffee brewed using water. The method of brewing the coffee beans in sweetened milk gives Cafe Cubano a sweet and creamy taste.😝

Ingredients of Cuban coffee at Starbucks

What is Cuban coffee at Starbucks?
Ingredients of Cuban coffee. Image source: Starbucks

The ingredients needed to make Cuban coffee in Starbucks include:

  • Dark roast coffee beans – dark roast coffee beans give the drink a naturally bitter taste, infused with an earthy flavor that gives Cuban coffee its authenticity.
  • Sugar- the sugar is used to make espuma( a sugar paste) that is used to brew coffee. It sweetens the somewhat bitter Cuban espresso.
  • Sweetened condensed milk- sweetened condensed milk gives the drink a creamy and velvety flavor. Also, the condensed milk tones down the bitterness of the Cuban espresso.

Starbucks Cuban coffee is a little bit different from authentic Cuban coffee. It is made with a slightly lighter roast and has a sweeter taste. However, it is essential to note that Starbucks does not use authentic Cuban coffee or espumuita( sweet paste) utilized to make the original Cuban coffee. Therefore, there might be a slight difference in taste between the two. However, I always find it to be home away from home in a cup.😝

What is the size of Cuban coffee at Starbucks?

Starbucks has five sizes of drinks. The smallest, demi, contains 3 ounces of fluid, the Short includes 8 ounces of fluid, the tall 12 ounces of fluid, the Grande holds 16 ounces, while the venti and Trenta hold 20 and 30 ounces of fluid, respectively. However, the standard measure for Cuban coffee served in Styrofoam cups usually holds up to 4 ounces. Since Cuban coffee is typically intense, the most ordered size for Cuban coffee is demi and short. However, you can order any size you prefer, depending on your budget and cravings! Hurry and grab yourself a taste of this sweet delight while stocks last!

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How do you order Cuban coffee at Starbucks?

If you are a Starbucks regular, you know that Cuban coffee is not something you can find on the Starbucks menu. However, there is no need to panic as there are still ways you can get your Cuban coffee at Starbucks.

There are different varieties of Cuban coffee, so knowing the specific one you want makes it easier for you to order it. The following are the four types of Cuban coffees and how to order each at Starbucks.

Cafe con leche

How to Order Cuban coffee at Starbucks
Cafe con leche. Image source: Starbucks

Cafe con leche comprises a 1:1 proportional ratio of scalded milk and coffee. Because it is not found on the Starbucks menu, you cannot just say its name and make an order. No, you have to be smart about it!

  • Ask the barista for two shots of espresso( insist it is from a darker roast for more flavor),
  • Ask for a similar amount of hot scalded milk to be poured into the espresso.
  • If you are a sweet tooth like me, you can ask for extra sugar.


What is Cuban coffee at Starbucks?
Cortadito. Image source: Starbucks

If you crave a cortadito, then worry not, as ordering it is easy; even a toddler can do it! To order it:

  • Ask the barista for two ristretto shots.
  • Request the same amount of hot steamed milk to be added.
  • For a more authentic presentation, you can ask to be served in a 6 ounces fluid cup. You’ll feel more Cuban!


Ordering affection is easy and does not require too much detail.

  • Request the barista for a strong espresso with the same coffee and sugar ratio. If you are a sweet tooth, then affection will delight you!


How to Order Cuban coffee at Starbucks 
Colada. Image source: Starbucks

The chances of walking to Starbucks and getting a barista who knows what a colada is are minimal. Therefore, to make it more accessible:

  • Ask your barista for a doppio espresso.
  • Request 2-4 tablespoons of brown sugar, depending on your sweetness preference.

When ordering your drink, be specific about how you want your drink to be. If you want it hot or iced, include that in your instructions to your barista for the best Cuban coffee experience.

How do you order Cuban coffee on the Starbucks app?

Since Cuban coffee is not found on the Starbucks menu, it is impossible to order it on the Starbucks app. However, you can walk 🚶‍ in at any physical Starbucks store or drive-thru and get your Cafe Cubano anytime! If you haven’t yet tried out the Cuban coffee at Starbucks, this is your sign to do so! Hurry while stocks last!


How much is Cuban coffee at Starbucks?

A Starbucks Cuban coffee costs nine dollars.

When did Cuban coffee come out at Starbucks?

Starbucks introduced Cuban coffee in 2017.

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