How much is a large drink at Dutch Bros (how much does a large drink at Dutch Bros cost + more information)?

How much is a large drink at Dutch Bros? Read this article to learn all the prices of their enjoyable large drinks.

A Large drink costs between $3 to $7.25 at Dutch Bros.

This coffee house has been my favorite coffee chain for more than five years, which is why I always have my drink orders in large sizes. My wife and I find them very filling, allowing us to enjoy their tastes without worrying that it will end too fast. Lucky for us, we also find their prices very affordable. Many people might be unsure of the company’s pricing, which is why this article will reveal the complete price list of Dutch Bros’ large drinks.

How many fluid ounces are in a large at Dutch Bros?

how much does a large drink at Dutch Bros cost 
Dutch Bros drink. Image source: Dutch bros

Dutch Bros has hot and iced drinks on their menu throughout the year. This is why its large drinks come in two sizes. Hot large drinks are 20 fl Oz, while large cold drinks are 32 fl Oz. Apart from their fancy cups, I love how their baristas fill the cup to the brim and make you savor every bit of their drinks without regret.

How much is a large drink at Dutch Bros?

Below are the latest updated prices for large drinks at Dutch Bros.

Dutch Classics


Hot or Iced

White chocolate mocha$4.50
Chai Tea$4.50
Double Torture$4.50
White Angel$5.25
Golden Eagle$5.25
Golden Eagle Mocha$4.75


Smoothie flavors: wild berry, blueberry pomegranate, peach, green apple, strawberry, mango

ItemPrice (32 fl Oz)
Dutch Freeze$6.50
Dutch Frost$6.50
Real Fruit Smoothies$7.25
Blue Rebel Energy Drink


Iced or blended

ItemPrice (32 fl Oz)
Blue Rebel$6.50
Infused Teas and Sodas
Dutch Tea$3.00
Dutch Soda$3.00
Private Reserve
Dutch Cocoa$3.00
Dutch Soda$3.00

FAQ Section

Can you get hot drinks in a large at Dutch Bros?

Yes. On their menu, there are also hot drinks in large cup sizes. They are delicious and highly recommended for people who avoid cold drinks for health or personal reasons. You can always trust Dutch Bros to have something for everyone.

What is the cheapest large drink at Dutch Bros?

The most affordable large drink at Dutch Bros is all the items under the Private Reserve and the Infused Teas and Sodas menu. They all go for $3.00.

What is the most loved large drink at Dutch Bros, and is it healthy?

The people’s most preferred drink at Dutch Bros is the Annihilator. You would want to try it out too. It is delicious, sweet, and addictive. However, it is not at all healthy. The calorie count for a large cup is 550 cal. It also has high sugar levels of 52 g. Dietitians insist on the need to remain healthy even while enjoying yourself. This is why a medium or small-sized Annihilator would be better. As much as they are smaller sizes, they already have high sugar and fat levels.

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