9 Best Tim Hortons Cold Drinks to Try (Top Ranked Tim Hortons Cold Drinks You Should Order + More Information)

Nothing hits the spot on those hot summer days quite like a cold refreshing drink. This article will guide you on the best Tim Hortons cold drinks to try out.

Tim Hortons is popular for serving some good hot coffee, but did you know their cold beverages can be just as good? After trying out tons of their cold drinks, my best friend and I have made Tim Hortons our second home. Since it’s not in our nature to keep good information to ourselves, we curated this post to provide a great list of delicious cold drinks you can enjoy from Tim Hortons on blisteringly hot summer days and warm nights. After reading this post, you won’t have an excuse for skipping them next time you’re in a Tim Hortons.

What Are the Sizes of Tim Hortons Cold Drinks?

The cup sizes for Tim Hortons drinks are as follows: Medium (14 oz), Large (20 oz), and Extra Large (24 oz). It is essential to know that these are the cup sizes for American-based Tim Hortons. The cup names are the same in Canada, but the sizes are slightly smaller. I guess Americans do love everything bigger.

How Many Varieties of Cold Drinks Are at Tim Hortons?

If you’ve never been to Tim Hortons, you may be curious to know what kind of cold drinks you can get there. Check out their cold drink options below:



Iced Coffees

Cold Brew

Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

Iced Coffee

Mocha Iced Coffee

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Iced Cappuccino

Iced Cappuccino Light

Iced French Vanilla

Iced Teas

Sweet Ice Tea Quencher

Unsweetened Ice Tea


Sherbet Lemon Cooler

Real Fruit Smoothie

Mixed Berry Smoothie


Tims Shake Chocolate

Tims Shake Vanilla

Tims Shake Strawberry


Lemonade Refresher

Orange Juice

Apple Juice

How We Choose the Best Tim Hortons Cold Drinks

To ensure we chose the best cold drinks from Tim Hortons, we tested numerous options and analyzed their taste and availability. Using this criterion, we came up with the perfect list. You can trust that this compilation will have something for you as we researched widely and tried them all out.

First and foremost, the most important factor was taste. We wanted a list of drinks with high-quality ingredients that are well-blended and balanced. None of the listed drinks are bland.

We also considered the drinks’ prices. We wanted yummy and good-quality drinks, but they weren’t outrageously priced. These drinks can be enjoyed every so often without breaking the bank.

Finally, we chose drinks that can be ordered all year round. Seasonal or promotional ones cannot become cult drinks.

9 Best Tim Hortons Cold Drinks to Try

Finally, to the part, you’re probably most excited about. Here’s our list! These drinks have been carefully selected, and we guarantee you will love them. They are ranked, by the way.





Iced Cappuccino

Tim Hortons Coffee Base, Cream, Sugar, Ice


Roasted Hazelnut Cold Brew

Tim Hortons Original Blend Cold Brew Coffee, Hazelnut Syrup, Foam


Maple Iced Macchiato

Espresso shot/s, Cold Milk, Maple Syrup


Lemonade Refresher

Lemon Sugar Syrup, Water, Ice


Frozen Hot Chocolate

Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate Blend, Milk, Whipped Cream, Dark Chocolate Shavings


Sweet Ice Tea

Green Tea, Ice, Sugar


Vanilla Dream Cold Brew

Tim Hortons Original Blend Cold Brew Coffee, Vanilla Syrup, Foam


Iced Espresso Matcha

Green Tea, Matcha Powder, Tim Hortons Coffee Base, Milk, Ice


Nitro Cold Brew

Tim Hortons Original Blend Cold Brew Coffee, Nitrous Oxide, Foam

Iced Cappuccino

Best Tim Hortons Cold Drinks to Try
Tim Horton’s cold drink, the Iced Cappuccino. Source: Tim Horton’s

Undoubtedly the most popular Tim Horton’s cold drink, the Iced Cappuccino, is the best drink you can grab from there, in our opinion. It is fondly referred to as an ‘Ice Capp’ by customers around the globe. It is an iced espresso drink made of Tim Horton’s signature coffee base added to delicious cream.

The Ice Capp is excellent, but you can ask for chocolate milk instead of the cream or request additional syrups to switch it up. I particularly love my Ice Capp with a vanilla shot. You can substitute the cream for 2% milk for a lighter Ice Capp.

Roasted Hazelnut Cold Brew

The Roasted Hazelnut Cold Brew comes close to the Ice Capp because this drink’s hazelnut flavor is unmatched. It is strong and sweet and perfectly balances the smooth cold brew. Add extra espresso foam, and it’s heavenly. Try this one out even if you aren’t the biggest fan of nutty notes. You won’t regret it!

Maple Iced Macchiato

Best Tim Hortons Cold Drinks to Try
Tim Hortons Maple Iced Macchiato. Source: Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee company, so something maple-flavored has to be on this list. The Maple Iced Macchiato is tasty, sweet, and reminds me of a latte. This drink’s caffeine content is mild, and the foam is a perfect finishing touch. Be sure to ask for extra foam! Milk in a Maple Iced Macchiato can also be switched out for vegan alternatives such as almond, oat, or coconut.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Another good cold drink you can grab at Tim Hortons is the Frozen Hot Chocolate. It’s delightful. The Frozen Hot Chocolate is creamy, rich, and chocolate-ty with delicious whipped cream on top. Kids and adults go crazy for this drink.

I love to have it on hot evenings because it reminds me of a regular hot chocolate, but it tastes like a Tims shake simultaneously. Order warmed peanut butter on the side and stirred it in for an even better frozen hot chocolate. It will taste just like a Snickers bar!

Lemonade Refresher

Top Ranked Tim Hortons Cold Drinks You Should Order
Tim Hortons Lemonade Refresher. Source: Tim Hortons

This is the most classic American drink that one can have on a hot summer day. It’s refreshing, tangy, and sweet. We must admit that Tim Hortons nailed it with their lemonade recipe. The Lemonade Refresher is very popular among customers and is enjoyed by all age groups, including kids.

To add an extra fruity layer to this drink, you can add passionfruit or peach syrup. It takes the lemonade a notch higher. Some also enjoy the Lemonade Refresher with a tea bag.

Sweet Ice Tea

Tim Hortons’ version of iced tea is Sweet Ice Tea, an excellent alternative for customers who may not like coffee. We also appreciate the drink’s affordability while not compromising on taste and quality. It is also low-calorie and can come in an unsweetened version which is perfect for people on sugar-free diets. Health-conscious folk will absolutely like this one. Note that this drink is made from green tea and not black tea.

Vanilla Dream Cold Brew

Vanilla is always a well-received flavor in cold coffee drinks, and the Vanilla Dream Cold Brew brings a strong vanilla flavor that can satisfy any craving. Just as its name suggests, this drink is dreamy in texture due to the cold foam on top. It feels like you are sipping on a vanilla cloud. This drink is mighty sweet, though, so try to reserve it for days you want to treat yourself.

Iced Espresso Matcha

At first glance, this drink did not sound all that appealing. Green tea, coffee, and matcha all in one Tim Hortons cup? Seems like an odd combination. But to be honest, we were pleasantly surprised! The coffee, tea, and matcha all seem to work together great. It is high in caffeine and low in sugar but has a creamy texture and looks very Instagrammable. Try it out if you’re feeling adventurous.

Nitro Cold Brew

The nitro cold brews are the new cool kid on the block regarding cold coffees, so we had to try out the Tim Hortons version. Luckily, it did not disappoint. The Tim Hortons Nitro Cold Brew is slowly steeped for over 15 hours to produce a super-smooth taste. After that, nitrogen is infused to create microbubbles that give the drink an extra frothy light texture. Tim Hortons Nitro Cold Brew is well made and gives the perfect caffeine kick. Plus, it’s just a cool science-experiment-type drink. We love it!

Informative Section

What is the most ordered cold drink at Tim Hortons?

The most ordered cold drink at Tim Hortons is, without a doubt, the Iced Cappuccino (Iced Capp). The Iced Capp comes in the Iced Capp Light and Iced Capp Supreme versions. A close second is the Iced Vanilla Latte.

What is the cheapest cold drink at Tim Hortons?

The cheapest cold drink at Tim Hortons is the Iced Sweet Tea which is $2.48+.

Do all cold drinks at Tim Hortons have ice?

No. Not all Tim Hortons cold drinks have ice. Some are just served chilled. You can also request that no ice be added to your drink.

Can I get a cold drink at Tim Hortons in a small cup?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot get cold drinks, or any drinks for that matter, in a small cup as they are currently unavailable in the USA. Small cups are in Canada, though.

Are there non-caffeinated cold drinks at Tim Hortons?

Most certainly! They have a wide selection of Tims shakes (milkshakes), juices, smoothies, and frozen hot chocolate. They also sell plain or chocolate milk, soda, and spring water. They are all kid friendly and suitable for people that do not like caffeine.


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