What does Starbucks blonde roast taste like? (Is blonde roast the strongest at Starbucks? + More information)

If you’re new to the coffee community, you’ve probably learned about the different roast types at Starbucks. So, what does Starbucks blonde roast taste like?

The Starbucks blonde roast is lightly sugary and creamy with a zesty flavour to it. The tangy, citrusy or zesty flavour is due to the higher acidic levels in the blonde roast. The type of coffee beans used to prepare the blonde roast also contributes to this flavour. I have been an avid coffee drinker since my early college years, and out of the different types of coffee I’ve had, the Starbucks blonde roast is among my favorites. To learn more about the contents of this coffee, how it’s prepared, its caffeine levels and acidic levels, keep reading.

What goes with Starbucks blonde roast?

The Starbucks blonde roast blends perfectly with almond milk and vanilla syrup. No wonder Starbucks mostly uses these ingredients as the base for most of their blonde beverages. Popular beverages like the Starbucks blonde roast espresso, blonde flat white, iced Americano and blonde cappuccino blend with the Starbucks blonde roast.

Is blonde roast the strongest at Starbucks?

Among the dark, medium and blonde roasts at Starbucks, the blonde roast is the strongest in terms of caffeine contents. Although, the dark roast is more flavorful. The blonde roast at Starbucks is prepared from the Latin America and East African coffee beans, which have higher caffeine levels.

The roasting technique also contributes to the strength of the blonde roast. Since the blonde roast is roasted for a shorter period, it retains most of its caffeine. The dark roast, on the other hand, is roasted for longer, thus “roasting out” most of its caffeine. A Starbucks venti size (20fl oz.) blonde roast has about 475mg of caffeine, a grande size (16fl oz.) has 360mg of caffeine, a tall (12fl oz.) has 270mg of caffeine and a short (8fl oz.) has 180mg of caffeine.

Is Starbucks blonde roast better than espresso?

Is blonde roast the strongest at Starbucks?

Whether the blonde roast is better than espresso depends on your preferred taste and coffee strength. But, the Starbucks blonde roast is stronger than the espresso. The blonde roast contains more caffeine than espresso per serving (shot) due to the different coffee beans used and roasting duration and technique.

A shot of espresso has approximately 75mg of caffeine, while a shot of blonde roast has about 85mg of caffeine. The blonde roast is therefore the strongest caffeine shot you can get at Starbucks with 10mg more caffeine than the espresso.

Is blonde roast less bitter?

The Starbucks blonde roast is less bitter than the medium and dark roasts. The longer the roasting time of the coffee beans, the more bitter the coffee will be. Although, this is not the only determining factor. Mistakes made during preparation, the temperature used during roasting and the grind size of the coffee beans could also affect the bitterness of your end product.

Time, coffee-to-water ratio, grade of the coffee beans and the purity of the brewing equipment could also affect the bitterness of your coffee.

Is Starbucks blonde roast less acidic?

The Starbucks blonde roast is more acidic than the dark and medium roast coffee. This is because the longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more acids they release. Therefore, the blonde roast retains most of its acids since it is toasted for a shorter period. The grade or quality of the coffee beans used and how they are processed will also affect the acidity of the coffee. Also, coffee beans grown in higher altitudes are more acidic. Acidity in this case doesn’t refer to the pH level of the roast, rather, it refers to the acidic flavour profile or taste of the coffee.


How do you order a blonde espresso from Starbucks?

According to a Starbucks Twitter post, to order a blonde espresso, you simply ask for your favourite espresso beverage and say “blonde” anywhere in there. It is that simple.

How do you order a blonde roast on the Starbucks app?

To order a blonde roast on the Starbucks app, make sure you’ve downloaded the app and filled in all the required details. After getting the app, open and tap on the menu and select hot coffee. Scroll down to the Flat Whites and choose the beverage you prefer. Select the size of your beverage and navigate to the customization section.

Under milk, choose almond milk (you can choose any kind of milk you like) and then scroll down to the “Espresso and Shots” option. Under that section, select the number of shots you’d like and under the “Espresso Roast” section and select “Blonde Espresso”. Proceed to place your order.

Feel free to also order your favourite brewed coffee or espresso but under the “Espresso Roast” section change the default espresso to blonde espresso.


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