What Does the Starbucks Irish Cream Taste Like? (Did Starbucks Discontinue Irish Cream? + More Information)

If you are always asking yourself what does the Irish cream at Starbucks taste like? Read on to find out.

When Starbucks first rolled out the Irish cream cold brew, I wasn’t too sure about it. The drink was an unexpected addition to the holiday menu. But wow, the Starbucks Irish cream is too good to pass off. To top it all off, Starbucks uses Irish cream which has a smooth velvety, and buttery taste.

Now, you are probably wondering what the Irish cream at Starbucks tastes like. Don’t fret! I’ll describe it as best as I know-how.

Imagine this:

Cold brew coffee, creamy and nutty liqueur without the alcohol made of chocolate goodness with notes of vanilla and creme with a mint finish. The Starbucks Irish cream has a smooth velvety, and buttery taste with notes of vanilla and chocolate that makes it an exciting drink.

I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to this nice and frothy combination. Topped off with sweet cream and cocoa powder, the Irish cream gives you a creamy nutty flavor that is subtly sweet.

If you are still curious about the Irish cream at Starbucks, then read on to find more about it.

What is the Irish cream at Starbucks?

Predominately, the Irish cream is made from Irish whiskey mixed with milk– yes you read that right. Starbucks makes their famous Irish cream with cold brew coffee and Irish cream syrup. Then, heavy cream or milk is added for a creamy consistency. This combination has notes of vanilla flavors. Lastly, it is topped off with cocoa powder.

Pair the Irish cream syrup with cold brew coffee and all you have to do is: close your eyes, take a long sip, and let yourself be transported to another dimension.

Is Starbucks bringing back Irish cream?

Unfortunately, Starbucks discontinued the Irish cream. All coffee drinks made from Irish cream are seasonal and Starbucks has no intention of keeping it on the menu.

Lucky for you, Starbucks has announced that it is bringing back the popular Irish cream just in time for the holidays. The beverage will be available in stores across US and Canada for a limited time while the Irish cream supplies last. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye out for the drink on St, Patrick’s day.

Is the Irish cream syrup available at Starbucks?

Yes! Starbucks has Irish cream syrup. The Irish cream syrup is made from pure cane sugar, citric acid, and preservatives like sodium benzoate to ensure long-lasting freshness. The Irish cream syrup has a subtly sweet taste with a nice and frothy consistency. Unfortunately, the Starbucks Irish cream syrup has a limited supply and is only available while the stocks last in stores.

Has Starbucks discontinued the Irish cream?

Did Starbucks Discontinue Irish Cream?

Sadly, Starbucks has discontinued the Irish cream syrup. This means the Irish cream coffee drinks are also off the menu. Starbucks has also discontinued its iconic Irish cream cold brew which was my favorite. In reality, the Irish cream was a limited-edition menu item. So, it makes sense that Starbucks doesn’t want to keep it on the menu.

Is Starbucks Irish cream seasonal?

Yes. Raise your hands if you are always waiting for the holiday season so that you can order yourself an Irish cream from Starbucks? Starbucks Irish Cream is seasonal. This fan-favorite is only available during the holiday season while stocks last. So, you better hurry and grab yourself an Irish cream before Starbucks runs out of supplies.

What is in the Irish cream coffee at Starbucks?

The Starbucks Irish cream coffee is made from cold brew coffee mixed with Irish cream syrup. This combination is then topped off with ice and a frothy vanilla-flavored sweet cream cold foam to give notes of vanilla flavor. The drink is finally topped off with a dusting of cocoa powder which completes the look.

Surprisingly, the Irish cream coffee doesn’t have an overwhelming sweet taste as the vanilla and cocoa flavors complement each other very well. The Irish cream coffee has a nutty and creamy consistency that gives the impression of buttery fluid.

FAQ Section

Is Irish cream seasonal at Starbucks?

Sadly, the Starbucks Irish cream is not available all year round. The Irish cream at Starbucks is seasonal and only available during the holiday season with a limited supply while stocks last. So, if you are on the lookout for the Irish cream at Starbucks, we suggest you wait until December rolls out. Even though you will have to wait until the holidays to get the Irish cream from Starbucks, it is worth the wait and value for your money.

In case you miss the Irish cream at Starbucks, you can always make your own at home with Irish cream syrup, heavy cream, vanilla flavor, cocoa, and powdered sugar.

What is Starbucks Irish cream flavor?

The Starbucks Irish cream flavor is foamy and frothy and pairs well with the Irish cream syrup with hints of vanilla and chocolate. The vanilla and chocolate flavors complement each other very well to give you a nice frothy drink that is not overwhelmingly sweet. When you sip the Starbucks Irish cream, you will taste the cocoa notes in the iced coffee to give you traditional holiday flavors.

Does Starbucks Irish cream taste good?

Yes, it does. Starbucks Irish cream tastes heavenly. Chocolate, vanilla, and caffeine? Sign me up! The Irish cream tastes like a caffeinated cocoa drink that is not overwhelmingly sweet. The notes of cocoa and vanilla give it a festive touch. The coffee taste is subtle which makes it the perfect drink for someone who doesn’t like the taste of coffee but needs a caffeine boost.

What does Irish cream syrup taste like?

The Irish cream syrup has a creamy, nutty taste with notes of chocolate and vanilla flavors. The syrup is made from cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, and preservatives with a hint of mint flavor which makes it refreshing when added to iced coffee. The Irish cream syrup has a subtle sweetness that does not overwhelm the palate. The nutty and creamy consistency of the Irish cream syrup makes it the perfect addition to both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

Combine the Irish cream syrup with iced coffee or cold brew cream and you have yourself the perfect festive beverage.

Does Irish cream taste like vanilla?

Generally, the Irish cream is sweet with notes of vanilla and chocolate flavors. When you take a sip of the Irish cream, you will taste the notes of cocoa and hints of vanilla. Drinking the Starbucks Irish cream over ice has a nutty, creamy, and sweet taste with hints of vanilla flavor that is somewhat reminiscent of coffee creamer.


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