What Milk Alternatives does Starbucks UK have? ( Starbucks UK milk/Dairy Alternatives that are Plant-based or Vegan)

It was all jubilation for vegans and non-dairy milk takers after Starbucks UK stopped charging extra for its plant-based milk options in January 2022. I have always wondered why they put the surcharge while it is a person’s option to either take dairy or non-dairy milk. Well, if this issue has been a problem for you at Starbucks, you can finally put it to rest. Here, I am going to show you what milk options you can order at Starbucks UK if you are off dairy milk for whatever reason.

What milk alternatives does Starbucks UK have?

Starbucks UK has been serving non-dairy plant-based milk options for vegans and people who have dairy milk allergies or those who opt for non-dairy milk for whatever reason. The UK coffee chain has five types of plant-based milk alternatives namely oat, almond, soy, coconut, and its Nut blend.

You might want to quit dairy milk or are a vegan who wants to know the Starbucks options. Keep reading to know what you can order in your favorite drink.

Oat Milk

Dairy Alternatives that are Plant-based

Starbucks UK has been on a mission to serve a variety of drinks with oat milk. Its new oat latte is the perfect indication that Starbuck is not holding back. Starbucks UK offers a strawberry and vanilla oat latte, iced brown sugar oat shaken espresso, and honey oat milk latte. This option will fill up a great gap that had previously been and the fact that it comes with no extra charges is music to the ears of many oat milk lovers.

Soy Milk

Starbucks UK uses the Alpro soya milk. The soy milk is crafted to pair with the signature Starbucks espresso for a unique tasting latte. You will now order with confidence a soy latte or a matcha green tea latte with soy milk. As the Starbucks UK store said, you spoke and they listened and brought you what you desired. It is now your turn to order any drink with the soy milk option.

Almond milk

The year 2017 saw one of Starbucks’ greatest vegan additions to its menu, almond milk. This milk has the lowest sugar count among all the plant-based milk options. A cup of Starbucks’ almond milk will give you 60 calories only and 3g of sugar. The best part is that it is available in all UK Starbucks stores and at no extra cost. Whether it is your favorite latte or tea beverage, the almond milk option is right there.

Coconut milk

Starbucks UK milk

Everybody loves coconut in either drinks or food items and that’s why it features in the Starbucks non-dairy option menu. You can order a Caffe latte with coconut milk option. A caramel macchiato is also a great choice with coconut and if you are feeling like having a refresher, ask for the pink coconut Starbucks refresher. This option is great with both coffee and non-coffee drinks and it is available in all Starbucks UK stores.

Nut blend

This is Starbucks’ blend made of sweet hazelnuts, buttery cashew nuts, light rice, and chocolaty notes to give a delicate silky texture. This blend of nuts is perfect for any espresso drink. This time, Starbucks got this one right. Vegans and non-vegans alike are all over this milk option. You should try it sometime.


Starbucks has got your back all you vegans and non-dairy milk lovers. It’s now your time to shine with all your favorite Starbucks non-dairy drink options. These five plant-based kinds of milk are available at all Starbucks stores in the UK at normal rates. Grab one today!

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