5 Starbucks Whipped Cream Alternatives (Starbucks Whipped Cream Alternatives You Can make at home)

I used to order most of my Starbucks drinks with whipped cream since I found it irresistible. Though many Starbucks customers enjoy this product, some are concerned about its high-calorie content. I created this post to help you discover whipped cream alternatives. You will also learn how to make them at home.

5 Starbucks Whipped Cream Alternatives

If you are allergic to whipped cream but want an alternative that you can add to your drinks, you can find substitutes. Some Starbucks whipped cream alternatives you can make at home include butter and milk, vanilla extract and coconut milk, olive oil and soy milk, white egg and banana, and soy milk and tofu. Here is how to make these alternatives at home.

Butter and milk

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Instead of always using whipped cream on drinks, you can still make them more delicious by using butter and milk. Though this is not a dairy-free alternative to whipped cream, it goes well with most recipes, including coffee, and is a bit healthier than whipped cream.

To make it at home, pick a bowl and combine ¾ cup of milk and ¼ cup of unsalted butter. You can use either low-fat milk, almond milk, or soy milk. Use a handheld mixer or electric mixer to mix these two ingredients well until you get a thick consistency. You should then thicken this mixture using a tablespoon of flour to add more consistency.

Vanilla extract and coconut milk

If you need a healthy alternative to Starbucks whipped cream, you should consider this one. This is a rich and creamy alternative that you can add to your favorite drinks. Get a metal bowl and well-chilled coconut milk. You can chill the milk overnight.

Spoon the coconut cream into the bowl, then whisk it for a couple of minutes using an electric beater until you achieve a smooth texture. You should then add a teaspoon of sugar and vanilla extract and continue whisking until you achieve a thick consistency. You can then freeze this for a couple of minutes before adding it to your beverage. Coconut milk and vanilla extract are also suitable for people who are allergic to dairy products or nuts.

Olive oil and soy milk

Starbucks Whipped Cream Alternatives You Can make at home

This is another dairy-free alternative you can use in beverages in place of Starbucks whipped cream. Both of these products have numerous health benefits and are organic. Since olive oil can add fats to the milk, it can give it a creamy flavor. Combine a ⅓ cup of olive oil and ⅔ cup of soy milk in a bowl. Use a handheld mixer to mix these ingredients thoroughly until you achieve a thick consistency, then add to your drink.

Whit egg and banana

White egg and banana are also a great alternative to Starbucks whipped cream since they can provide the body with different nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and minerals. To make this at home, use two ripe bananas and two eggs without the yolk.

Mix these ingredients using a spoon or fork, then sweeten the mixture with honey or sugar. You can then add a teaspoon of vanilla essence.

Soy milk and tofu

Starbucks Whipped Cream Alternatives

This mixture can give your drink a silky smooth surface. To make it, pour both ingredients in the same amount into a blender and let them mix until you achieve the right consistency. You can also mix them using a food processor and then serve the cream on coffee.


Since whipped cream has a lot of health concerns, you can try adding some of its substitutes to drinks. We have discussed some of the whipped cream alternatives that are healthier and easy to make at home.

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