8 Starbucks Alternatives in Paris (Affordable cafés in Paris that aren’t Starbucks)

I have always been a great fan of Starbucks for quite some time now. I used to get anything from drinks to food name it all. If you get drinks and food items from this company you know how expensive that can be. Well, you may want to find alternative affordable Cafes in Paris to address this. I decided to develop this article so that you may find Starbucks alternative cafes in Paris and what each café sells.

8 Starbucks Alternatives in Paris

You are more likely to find Starbucks alternative Cafés in Paris where you can get your drinks and food items if you are on a budget. Some of these affordable Cafés in Paris are, Le Petit Vendome, Le Comptoir General, Breizh Café, Berthillon, Miznon, La Fontaine de Belleville, KB Café Shop, and Boot Cafe

If you are still interested in finding out more about what these Cafés in Paris have to offer, it will be best if you stick to this article since we will discuss each Café intensively.

Le Petit Vendome

LE PETIT VENDOME, Paris - Gaillon - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews &  Reservations - Tripadvisor

You will get to treat yourself to affordable yet delicious food and drinks from Le Petit Vendome. It is an amazing typical café for your meet-ups and dining. Have you tasted this brand’s sandwiches? If not, strive to get one. Le Petit Vendome is well known for serving the best sandwiches in the entire town.

You can get to enjoy this company’s delicacies from Monday to Sunday, and it opens its doors from 9 until midnight.

Le Comptoir General

Le Comptoir General

Do you love West African and Caribbean cuisines? If yes, this is the Café for you. Additionally, if you are a coffee enthusiast, you can get decaf espresso as well as the company’s own brand of fair-trade beans. You will not get bored and disappointed with this café in Paris. Their brunch which is composed of their main dish together with fresh fruit that is served with coffee or tea will leave you singing this company’s name.

Breizh Café

Breizh Café

You will always find Breizh Café a perfect delighting place for you to get your food and drinks. if you are someone who likes to eat and enjoy good food you can always order Breizh Café eggs, ham, and cheese. This brand offers high-quality ingredients for its foods and drinks. You should consider trying some of Breizh Café’s flavorful delicacies to satisfy your cravings.


Starbucks Alternatives in Paris

If you love the taste of good ice cream Berthillon’s ice cream is one that you cannot afford to miss. This brand offers over 30 flavors of ice cream and you can always enjoy it with your family and friends. Other than just serving you great ice cream, they also serve breakfast and homemade pastries that are very delicious.



If you are in Paris, you cannot overcome the temptation to visit Miznon Café. This brand has stores in different locations around Paris. Find one around you, and enjoy the experience. Miznon has a specialty in pita sandwiches, a portion of Israeli food, and a touch of French cuisine.

If you are a solo dinner don’t worry you will still enjoy the Miznon cuisine. The brand is open Sunday to Thursday from noon until 11:30 pm and on Friday it opens from noon to 4 pm. You can always make reservations to spice up your day

La Fontaine de Belleville

Affordable cafés in Paris that aren’t Starbucks

Well, you will find yourself planted in this Café while in Paris because of its coffee. This brand is one of the city’s top coffee roasters. You will be in a position to find coffee around the clock. La Fontaine de Belleville’s menu is blissful and simple. You will find ham-and-cheese baguette sandwiches, meat platters as well as green bean salad among others. What are you waiting for? Make a date with them and enjoy.

KB Café Shop

This is another Starbucks alternative coffee shop that you should consider visiting. This café is amazing because of amazing right reasons. It is a deep brand in coffee scenes in Paris because it began roasting its beans some years back. You will find their cup of coffee so special because of its high-quality taste, and you will find yourself going for more.

Boot Café

Boot café will surprise you with its great flavorful drink that you will find delicious with every sip. Its set-in former cobbler’s workshop and this coffee house are never loud nor rowdy. Many a time you will always find a line snaking its way to this shop front for go-to coffee drinks. Additionally, you will find an international cohort of millennials who are fans of this company’s coffee. You will enjoy flat whites that have been expertly prepared with shots of espresso and hot chocolates.


Although Starbucks is a household name when it comes to coffee, it still faces competition from other Cafés in Paris. Just so you know, you can get amazing drinks and foods from other brands in Paris that will suit your needs. just find one that is great and within your budget.

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