6 Starbucks alternatives in London (What are the best-tasting Starbucks alternatives in London)

Starbucks is one of the leading coffee stores in the world. But are there other alternatives with good-tasting coffee in London? My friends call me a coffee addict because I have a cup in my hand every few hours. With such a great craving for coffee, one must understand where to get the best coffee and several alternatives. My addiction to coffee has led me to discover some of the best coffee stores in London; in this post, you will learn about them.

6 Starbucks alternatives in London

Starbucks has some of the best-tasting coffees in London; however, sometimes, I am forced to seek alternative coffee stores due to my budget or other inconveniences. The 6 Starbucks alternatives in London are the Grind, Costa Coffee, Greggs, Caffe Nero, Pret a Manger, and Store Street espresso.

Costa Coffee

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Costa coffee is one of the leading coffee shops in London. The coffee shop was founded in 1971 as a wholesale shop supplying roasted coffee to coffee shops in London. It has grown to a major coffee brand with over 3,401 stores across the globe, 2,121 restaurants in the UK, and 18,413 employees. There are 655 Costa coffee locations in London alone. The coffee brand has placed a special focus on the appearance of their restaurant, providing an ambient environment for relaxation.

Costa coffee is an excellent alternative for Starbucks because of the quality of its coffee. They have some of the best-tasting coffee in London. I have often found some beverages that taste better than those at Starbucks. The variety of their hot and cold drinks will leave you spoilt for choices. Since it has many stores, you will always be near a Costa coffee in London.

Gregg’s coffee

Gregg's coffee

Gregg’s coffee is a household name in London and the entire UK. There are more than 2000 Greggs in the UK and about 31 locations in London, employing approximately 20,000 employees. Founded in 1939 by John Gregg, the coffee giant has grown over the years to become one of the leading coffee brands in the UK. Gregg’s coffee recorded a sale of $604.9 million in the first 19 weeks of 2022.

One factor contributing to the company’s growth is its coffee quality. Several customers indicated they had been loyal to Gregg’s due to their high quality and good-tasting coffee. They have also been consistent, with many customers saying that they love the coffee there because you always know what to expect and are sure not to be disappointed. Their coffee quality, taste, and consistency make them excellent alternatives to Starbucks.

Caffe Nero

Alternatives in London

Caffe Nero was founded in 1997 and focused on becoming an Italian-style coffee chain. It has more than 1,000 stores and about 5,000 employees and serves 135 million customers annually. It has 121 locations in London, making it easily accessible. Between June and November, 2021it recorded a total sale of $184.2 million. Although it has faced tremendous challenges in its growth journey, it is one of the most profitable coffee brands in the UK.

Caffe Nero is an excellent competition for Starbucks, partly because of its great-tasting beverages. For 25 years, the coffee giant has perfected the art of making tasty beverages, a significant aspect of any coffee shop. Besides quality and delicious drinks, the prices are customer-friendly, favoring individuals with great coffee appetites or addictions. The consistency in serving quality and good-tasting coffee makes them a perfect alternative for Starbucks.

The Grind

The Grind

The Grind is one of the best coffee stores in London. It was founded in 2011 at Shoreditch and has become a famous brand. The Grind focuses on creating a serene environment where you can relax while taking your coffee. You can find Grid cafes in Royal Exchange, Holborn, Clerkenwell, London Bridge, and Soho, among other places. It has more than 400 employees and annual sales of about £10m.

The Grind is an excellent alternative to Starbucks because of several reasons. First, they have some of the best-tasting coffee in London. The coffee is made from their coffee blend, created to achieve customer satisfaction. Although London is known for a tea culture, the coffee culture is now well established, and the quality of your coffee beverages attracts customers. Secondly, all the Grind cafes are designed to provide maximum customer comfort.

Pret a Manger

Starbucks alternatives in London

Pret a Manger is commonly known as Pret and first opened in London in 1986. The goal was to provide quality food and coffee to the urban dwellers. The restaurant has grown over the years and has more than 450 locations globally, with 311 locations in London and 12,000 employees, with 6000 working in the UK and mainly in London. It has an annual revenue of $988.5 million and an excellent growth potential.

Pret has good-tasting coffee and well designed and arranged restaurant that guarantees maximum comfort for customers. Whenever I need to clear my head, I sip the delicious coffee in one of Pret restaurants. The variety of food and beverages is another aspect that resonates well with customers. I have realized that consistency gives you a competitive edge, especially in selling coffee.

Store Street Espresso

Store Street Espresso

Store Street espresso has two major stores in London, and although it is not considered a big brand, it serves some of the best-tasting coffee in London. It has terrific customer service, and the cafes have been designed for maximum comfort.

It is an excellent alternative to Starbucks due to its great-tasting beverages and fair prices. Store Street espresso has tremendous growth potential and will be a good alternative and a great competitor to Starbucks and other major coffee brands.


London has evolved the coffee culture over the years and has become a great place to invest in a coffee shop. Starbucks is a major brand and provides good-tasting coffee. There are other alternatives where you can find good-tasting coffee at fairer prices. You don’t have to be stuck with Starbucks if there is any inconvenience.

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