9 Starbucks alternatives in Houston (Best Starbucks Alternatives for Coffee in Houston)

Whenever I want to relax or get some work done in Houston, I always prefer the local coffee shops to Starbucks. Whether you want a dine-in experience, takeaway, or a serene workplace, you can count on some great places in this vibrant Texas City. I have often come across people who are seeking Starbucks alternatives in Houston. This post will give you some of the best coffee places in Houston. You will discover great coffee shops with equally great drinks.

9 Starbucks Alternatives in Houston

Houston has some great places you can sit and sip away a great cup of coffee. I have found great alternatives to Starbucks such as Boomtown, Antidote, Paper Co., AHH Coffee, Inversion Coffee house, Campesino Coffee House, Blacksmith, Agora, and Mercantile Montrose. Let’s look at these alternatives in details.

Boomtown coffee

Boomtown Coffee - Houston Specialty Coffee Roaster and Coffee Shop -  Houston, TX

You can count on this coffee house for some great in-house roasts. There are two locations, and they are equally great. The understory location will give you a wonderful coffee experience that is roasted in the coffee house with the highest standards. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the remodeling that has incorporated stunning new local art and a white interior. If you are looking for a relaxed vibe, this coffee house is your best bet.


Antidote coffee shop

Your first impression when you walk into antidote is the 1970s-inspired interior. The vintage seating area and the well-thought patio furniture will usher you into the 70s in style. If you are looking for a quiet place to get some work done, this coffee house is your go-to, and the espresso is out of this world. This place is opened at 6:30 AM and closes at 10 PM daily, so you’ll have plenty of time to hang around. The café offers you some light bites, and if you are a boozer, you will enjoy your beer and some wine.

Paper Co.

Top Starbucks alternatives in Houston

This coffee house is an excellent downtown hangout for coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will be ushered into a loft-like ,open space with a calming, modern ambiance. Your internet is also taken care of by their free Wi-Fi. The coffee place has in-house roasts that will give you a decent caffeine boost as you get down to work. Your eyes will be treated to a gallery of modern local art. Paper Co. has dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services too. Some of the best coffee drinks here are nitro cold brew, espresso, latte, macchiato, and mochas, among others.

AHH coffee

AHH coffee

When you place your order for any espresso drink, you will barely notice any difference with Starbucks. The quality of their coffee is top, and the aroma is just as you would expect at Starbucks. The strength and flavor of the espresso are an equal match to Starbucks. You’ll find this café strategically located on Rusk Street, and the aroma of locally roasted coffee beans is what you’ll need to walk in.

Inversion Coffee house

Best Starbucks Alternatives for Coffee in Houston

This place has all the pleasantries of Starbucks with a little touch of art and a local, calming vibe. People have described this café as artistic, creative in coffee, and appealing to the local community. I love the art on all the modern walls that create an artistic, modern space that automatically calms your nerves on a hot day. This place is ideal for students who want to study outside their usual environment and freelance workers. You will barely get distracted in this place and you can enjoy your cup of coffee or tea and a light bite in peace.

Campesino Coffee

Campesino Coffee

This café is modern and carries a Latin-American vibe, which makes sense as most coffee comes from this region. That aside, you will be treated to Latin-American drinks, sandwiches, and coffee, of course. I love the stylish interior of this store that creates an inviting ambiance. You can dine-in, takeaway, or have items delivered to you at the comfort of your home or office. This house roasts some of the best Columbian coffee beans to give you a Starbucks experience, perhaps even better. Campesino boast of connecting directly with farmers with no middlemen, which is exactly what Starbucks does.


Starbucks alternatives in Houston

This place will demonstrate coffee-making skills as you have never seen before. You will see artistic baristas who take pride in their roasts and make masterpieces out of them. This is a cozy place that gives you a relaxed atmosphere, and all you want to do is look outside and get lost in your drink. Most of its décor is wood, which makes it take a modern style with an artistic twist. The espresso latte here is to die for. You will almost forget about Starbuck when you take a sip of the Blacksmith latte and have a taste of any of their sandwiches.


agora coffee shop

Agora is a classic downtown coffee shop in Houston. The old-school vibe and modern twists and art are what coffee is all about. You will love the comfort of the sofas offered by this coffee house downstairs. The Second floor has a scenic view of the city complete with small tables and big windows. The Greek Theme of this shop tones down everything, and all you are left with is a cool ambiance with minimal noise. You will find all the items a coffee shop should have. You can grab a large muffin or a pastry and don it with a lovely cup of espresso drink or tea.

Mercantile Montrose

Mercantile Monrose welcomes you to a spacious, low-key atmosphere with soft background music to soothe you all day, every day. You can study or work here and not even notice you are in a coffee shop, save for the rich espresso aroma.


Houston will leave you spoilt with choices when it comes to coffee. If you visit any of the above shops, you might never step foot in a Starbucks again. If you are looking for a workspace, study space, or just a hangout, the above shops have all you need to relax. So, the next time you are in Houston, check them out and see what we mean.

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