5 Alternatives to Starbucks gift card (Gifts For Starbucks Employees That Are Not just Starbucks gift cards)

When gifting the Starbucks employees, the Starbucks card comes in handy. The card allows an individual to consume whatever they want at Starbucks, depending on the gift card’s value. But is the Starbucks gift card the only gift you can give to Starbucks employees? What if you have given it too many times and is now becoming monotonous? In this post, you will learn several alternatives for the Starbucks gift card.

5 Alternatives to Starbucks gift card

Starbucks gift cards are excellent gifts but are not the only gifts for Starbucks employees. But what are the alternatives? There are 5 awesome gifts you can give to Starbucks employees and are perfect alternatives to Starbucks gift cards; they include flowers, a tie or scarf, a bottle of fine wine, an outing certificate, or a book.


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Flowers are excellent gifts for any occasion and reason. They are highly regarded and hence highly appreciated. Although female employees can enjoy flowers more than males, they can be presented to any gender. The gifts are memorable because most individuals must take photos holding the flowers. Additionally, pictures of flower bouquets attract a lot of attention on social media, leading to more satisfaction.

Flowers are an excellent alternative to Starbucks cards because they have the same cost range. If you ask any employee the last time they received flowers as a gift, you will likely find that they never have or it was a long time ago. Since they are a rare gift, they are perfect for employees.

It is essential to determine whether an employee can appreciate flowers before buying them. You can do that through their friends or find out from them over a cup of coffee or lunch.

A tie or scarf

You can gift gents a tie and a scarf for ladies. When you decide to offer clothes as a gift, the first headache is knowing their size without letting them know that you are planning to gift them. Sometimes it is difficult because fitting clothes is the ultimate way to know the correct size. However, a tie and a scarf have no sizes, making them excellent clothing gifts.

Each gentleman has a couple of formal clothes and needs a tie for specific occasions. Therefore, a tie or a scarf is a perfect gift that will be remembered for years because it takes a long time to wear out.

Bottle of fine wine

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Immediately after my university graduation, my first company to work for was rewarding the employee of the month. Somehow, I happened to be the employee of the month in my second month of employment. I was gifted a bottle of fine wine. I was thrilled and have kept the wine for three years after. The wine bottle was not only a gift but a message to relax and enjoy working.

Some employees are never relaxed at the workplace. A never-ending tension can negatively affect their productivity. Therefore, a bottle of wine is a perfect gift and a message that they can enjoy being in their place of work.

Outing certificates

Starbucks employees work extremely hard and deserve an excellent break. You can ensure they utilize such a break by gifting them an outing certificate. An outing certificate to watch a movie or go bowling would be perfect. Such a gift would make the employees happy and increase their productivity. A break that is out of the norms is a good way to re-energize and return to work full of vigor.

It is crucial to find out what places or games the employee you are gifting love. For instance, giving a person who loves bowling a chance to do it would be a perfect gift.

A book

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A book is one item that rarely crosses our minds when we think about gifts. But books are some of my most treasured gifts and those I have kept for a long time. My father showed me a book he was given in 1955; he has preserved it and still remembers who gifted him. If you are a manager or a senior administrator, a book will be a treasured gift for your employee. They may pass it on to their children.

Find a book that is both interesting and impactful in the employees’ lives, and they will treasure it forever.


You do not have to gift your employees a Starbucks gift card yearly. It becomes monotonous, and they will be less excited to receive the same gift because they expect it. A memorable gift is appreciated not only at the moment but for many years. Surprising your employees with a unique gift make it enjoyable to give and receive.

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